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"When Darkness Turns to Light" by Janna Banana

This is something new and exciting from the PPSS, once a month or so we'll be featuring an 'Old School' or 'Classic' story that was published before Breaking Dawn.

Our very first one is "
When Darkness Turns to Light" I'm telling you all now (well those of you who aren't familiar with it. This isn't a Bella/Edward story, Jasper is her love interest in it. Now before the staunch E/B enthusiasts run for the hills I implore you to hear me out for just a second. I can tell you this coming from someone who is normally a hardcore E/B only fan in the stories I read that this actually convinced me to at least consider the possiblity of a non E/B HEA.

Give it a chance I know you'll be glad you did.

Our Guest Reviewer for this week is Tracey aka RedChevy!

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: "When Darkness Turns to Light "
Author: Janna Banana
Chapters: 52 (Complete)
Words: 172,955
Reviews: 2310
Summary: 4 years after Edward left Bella in the forest; Bella is finally moving forward, but it is someone from her past that helps her truly heal and obtain the future she was always meant to have. Bella and Jasper Fanfic.

Our Guest Reviewer RedChevy- When Darkness Turns to Light by Janna Banana is a Jasper/Bella story that even the hardcore Edward/Bella shippers could get on board with. Janna weaves a believable and well thought out story that leaves both Bella and Jasper as free agents when they meet up again by chance, several years after Edward and the Cullens leave Bella in New Moon.
The UST is set at a slow burn for several chapters while the reader is drawn into a story of friendship and discovery as Jasper and Bella slowly figure out their feelings for one another. However, when that tension gets resolved…hold onto your panties ladies! Every time Jasper purrs, I need a panty change and just imagine for a moment, having sex with someone who can let you feel what they feel? Yup, more laundry….

Of course, they can’t live happily ever after right away and just as things are looking perfect for our couple, Janna throws in a plot twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last of the 51 chapters.

In conclusion, this story made me fall head over heels in love with Jasper and embrace the idea of the Jasper/Bella ship. No matter how staunchly you believe in Edward/Bella, I encourage you to give this one a try…it may just change your mind.

Bri- <---is a diehard Bella/Edward fanatic, especially with vamp fics. I tried with all my might to read this, but even the summary had my stomach in knots (no, seriously, fer real). Even so, while *I* couldn't read it, I've heard absolutely nothing but rave reviews for this story. If you're into Bella/Jasper pairing or just want something new, then check it out. My lovely fellow pervs can give you the low down on their thoughts and reviews. Sorry I couldn't be of more service (<--hehe), but it's just not my bag, baby.

Emily- WDTTL was my first Bella and Jasper story. I was reluctant at first but once I started reading I got swept away in their story and quickly fell in love with them and Janna Banana's writing. I spent the better part of a weekend absorbed in the first 30 chapters or so as that was how long the story was when I started it. I ignored my family, my chores and just about everything so I could just read.

When I got the email that it updated I would run and read, dropping everything else. Bella and Jasper have an amazing love and I like that Jake and the pack are involved but not in the traditional way. Reading about how Jasper loves Bella makes me think that *gasp* he might be a better match for Bella than Edward!

I don't want to give away too much but this story has the best change scene that I have EVER read and I was blown away and have gone back to read it several times. I enjoy the switching POV's and I really enjoy long stories and WDTTL is novel length. Beautiful story and with plans to write a sequel I am thrilled to read more about Bella and Jasper. 5 very happily soaked panties out of 5.

Emmy - I feel oh so very pitiful. This is one of the most recc'd fictions within the pack... Yet, as much as I could see the quality & intensity of the writing, I could not move past my Edward love, to read a Bella/Jasper fiction. What I did read was beautifully written - please do try it & see if you are tougher than Emmy. & take Nina's advice re the last chapter! <3>

Beks- Dang that was long as hell, but GOOOOD. I'm not a huge fan of the Bella/Jasper coupling, but this story is done so well. The writing is excellent and the sexin is too. Stories like this make me wonder why dear Janna isn't writing for cash. Great Job! 4outta5

Hope- I was a Jasper fan before reading this. But this is the story that truly cemented my love for all things Jasper. People kept telling me I needed to read it, but I was hesitant because I couldn't really see a plausible, realistic way for Jasper and Bella to be together. I am at the heart of it all an Edward & Bella girl. But Janna's wonderfully delicious story truly converted me to being a lover of non-canon pairings.

This Jasper and this Bella are amazingly deep and rich and fully realized characters. This story isn't just some experiment to see if this pairing could work. It does work, but because Janna stays true to the characters of the book while putting her own spin on the story. Something that in my experience is hard to do and Janna does it flawlessly. Jasper and Bella meet at college, become friends bonding over a shared past.

They grow closer and closer to one another. UST grows and grows, without the help of Jasper's gift until finally you feel like you are choking on it, in a really good way. Damn, this story is intense. Srsly intense, but not in a gut churning way. In a dripping panty kind of way. The smut is so good, the slow build to it has you panting like Bella in anticipation of what is going to happen. Don't get me wrong this story is heavy, but there are moments of lightness and humor that break it up and balance it out. Truly this is a masterpiece and really required reading I think for any twific fan. 5 sopping wet panties out of 5.

Kasey - Oh my, oh my, oh my! This fic is EPIC, dear Pervings! I don't wanna prattle on and on about it, but suffice to say that Janna's When Darkness Turns To Light is my first love when it comes to Jasper/Bella pairings. Not only was it the 1st fic that turned me on to this coupling, but it was the 1st to make me fall madly and head-over-heels in love with Jasper Whitlock. Beautifully written.

Yes, at times, angsty, but overall absolutely romantic. Be prepared for some heartfail, though, but don't pass on it because Edward is not with Bella here. It is 100% worth the read and I guarantee that you too will fall in love. 5 out of 5 sopping wet panties from lil' ol' me.

Oh and FYI: If you love Paranormal Romance (smutbooks) like I do, see Janna on Twilighted. She's the authority on good reads and has pointed me towards some yumm-o stuff (many of which I've rec'ed over here).

Kathy- Janna Banana has done such a great job of weaving details into this story, I almost have a hard time reviewing.. I will do my best not to give too much away. Chapter 6 brings heart twinges at details revealed about why Jasper is back in touch with Bella and as Bella reveals tidbits of information to Jasper as well. I admit, I was crying by the end of chapter 7, but anyone that knows me also knows I cry easily and often.

Okay, just keep the box of Kleenex nearby. If you're at all like me and the idea of Edward never coming back for Bella makes you ache a little, you'll need the tissues several more times. Perhaps a stiff drink. Jake is here, having imprinted on someone, but still clearly cares deeply for Bella. There are some very touching moments sprinkled all throughout between Jasper and Bella, beginning with their friendship and building to more.

There are some other twists and complications that I'm not going to touch on because it would give too much away, but each is different and interesting. Jasper and Bella's kiss in chapter 25 is.. breath taking. Chapter 26 is bittersweet and there are a few tasty lemons sprinkled around. I found chapters 38-41 to be especially difficult (yeah, I cried again), when Jasper goes back to Alice for help. Chapters 49 and 50 are difficult to swallow if you're a die hard Edward fan. Chapter 51 is beautiful.

Miya- This is hands down my favorite fanfic of all fucking time. When my readers tell me "I love your Jasper!"- I send them here. This story is the reason I love Jasper and Bella together. I started this right after their first night at his home, I think, having stayed up the entire night to read it. I fed babies while reading, I refused to put my laptop away until I was caught up. There is smut, not a lot, but enough that when I think of hot, steamy, romantic lemons- my mind goes here.Now, I know many of you are saying "Jasper and Bella? What about Edward?" But she doesn't leave Edward for him. In this story, Edward didn't come back. The pack has been protecting Bella for years from Victoria.

Eventually, when they feel the threat is gone, Bella is allowed off the Res to go to college. Her first day of classes, she feels eyes on her and spots Jasper, and bolts. She's not ready to deal with that aspect of her past. He however, wants the chance to apologize, and thanks to some coffee and following her scent to her apartment, Jasper is given his opportunity.They are both hurting over their failed attempts at love and through a strong foundation in friendship, their mutual desire for more grows. Bella and Jasper help one another heal their broken hearts and find themselves feeling more. He's determined not to interfere with her life, yet in what has got to be the hottest UST chapter of all time, he finally gets Bella to admit she wants him.

The most humorous scene is in his car as she finds out they can have sex and he discovers that she and Edward had never even properly kissed. Him buying condoms at the gas station store makes me giggle time and time again. How the 150+ year old Southern gentleman vampire was embarrassed that the cashier would know what he was about to do... it still makes me chuckle to just think about it.I know that the author is a busy mom and I'm trying to be patient for the sequel. I still look at least three times a week at her profile, just in case I missed the alert. Yes, I'm that addicted to this and the cruel part of me can't wait for the moment Edward goes into heartfail when he finds out about Bella and Jasper. So please, even if you can't imagine reading a non ExB story, give this one a chance.

Go through their weekend away for her birthday and then decide from there if you want to commit more time to the story or not. I'm pretty sure you will.

Nina- The Pervs call me 'tragically canon', normally I laugh it off because I really am a pathetic hopeless romantic (that curses a lot and enjoys all sorts of fornication but I digress) Hope and Steph made me read this. They insisted that even though I am pathetic that I would still love it. I hate nothing more than being wrong. Seriously. I fucking hate it. I tried so hard to dislike Jasper in this, to just give me a reason to think he was a dick but nooooo Janna had to go and write him in a way that had me pulling for them.

Damnit. (recurring word throughout this review, deal with it)

Anyhoo. I am NOT a fan of Eddie gets all emo and doesn't come back stories, but this one, damnit, this one was/is different. Damnit. I think the reason (imo) that I loved WDTTL so much was because Janna didn't constantly beat it into you that Edward chose not to return, it was stated and that was it. Plus, Jasper and Alice had a falling out too that MADE SENSE. It wasn't just a fluffy, bullshit excuse. Everything has merit and is incredibly detailed in explanation but again it's not done in a way that makes you hate any character. That is my biggest peeve with stories that one person gets to be the uber douche throughout it to make it easier to accept the non-canon pairing.

Okay, stepping down from the condom-box (really would I ever stand on a soapbox? pssh no.) Anyhoodle, the UST is delicious, staggering and fucking tasty. I love me some UST. Besides UST, I love me some hot loving and let's face it Jasper and his 'gift' has to make for some yummy loving. Even if he isn't using his abilities, the boy has some abilities.

The love scenes are not overly graphic but still are so beyond hot and captivating. And, I'm in agreement with Miya. Jasper buying condoms is hilarious. Fucking priceless.

****THIS IS IMPORTANT. Even if you can't see yourself reading, fawning over and enjoying the fuck out of this story because it's not E/B. I implore you to read the final chapter. Imagine it's Edward I don't care just read it. It's exceptional. For the purposes of this review I re-read it and felt the same way all over again. Give it a chance. The days of non-canon pairings are upon us and you may as well start out with one of the best ones out there. 5/5 from me and I'm still fucking tragically canon :)

Stephie- I remember when I first started visiting the boards on Twilighted. Everywhere I looked I saw WDTTL. WTF is WDTTL? Luckily, someone else had the courage to ask since I was still a newb and scared to ask. Once I realized WDTTL stood for When Darkness Turns to Light, I went to to see what it was all about. Bella and Jasper? Nu uh. I eventually caved though, after so many people went on and on about how great it was. So I read...and I read...and I read. And I found myself falling in love with Jasper for the first time in fic history. I had never even THOUGHT to read non canon.

Because apparently I, like Nina, am tragically canon (except for some slash and threesome!). Where Janna excelled in this fic was Jasper and Bella's slow building relationship. It wasn't rushed. Both characters denied or pushed aside any possible idea of feelings until it was no longer possible. I will admit that I was willing something to happen between the two of them bc the UST was getting to me. The hardest part of this fic, for me, was knowing Edward was still in love with Bella...and always would be in true vampire fashion. Call it the canon lover in me, but an Edward that loves Bella should be with her. That being said, I still loved Jasper. His character was developed well and seemed so real. And lets not forget the last chapter. It really is great. And like Nina said, if you can't stomach non canon, at least read it and imagine Edward in Jasper's place. 4/5 panties.

Steph- I read a lot of fanfic. A LOT. One way I had of finding good stories was to look in the favorites of the authors I read and enjoyed. I had come across this story several times and every time I read the summary, I just couldn't bring myself to read it. The idea of Jasper with Bella just didn't sit well with me. But then there was a discussion about Jasper/Bella fics on, I believe it was on Hope's TA thread.

Quite a few people had read it and said that it was absolutely fabulous and just had to be read. I ended up giving in and I was sucked in from the first chapter. I couldn't believe I had waited so long to read it as it was truly an amazing story. I never thought that I would root for Bella with anyone else, but as these two developed their friendship and you could see them starting to maybe fall just a bit, I wanted it desperately. I wanted them to have love again, with each other. I was not disappointed.

This story is so beautifully written, Janna just pulls you in to their world and makes you fall in love along with them. This story is solely responsible for my love of the Bella/Jasper "ship". I actively sought out others after this, only to be disappointed as there were very few other good ones at that time. (There are more now.) It was agonizing waiting for updates, though lucky you, if you haven't read it, it's now complete. I've also heard we're supposed to get a sequel at some point and I absolutely can't wait for that.

This story, this is what a love story is all about. The love scenes? Holy hot, batman. More than once this story sent me running to my room for private time. Now, if you haven't read it, what are you waiting for? Go. Do it. 5 out 5 hopelessly in love panties from me.

Tallulah- Like Steph (my conjoined at the brain twin from whom I was separated at birth...), I heard about When Darkness Turns To Light on the Twighlighted threads (and apparently Stephie, too!!). As a newbie, I was forever asking what different acronyms meant. I remember very plainly seeing 'WDTTL' pop up and the literal gushing that followed when I inquired about it.

Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - said, "Run. Do not walk. Do not pass Go or collect $200."

Okay, they didn't say that, but it was an overwhelming mob that encouraged me to read this story. Oh, I didn't want to like it... It was early in my fanfic exploration and I was still only reading canon pairs. Jasper & Bella? Edward never came back? NO! Ohhh, baby...did Janna Banana ever change my mind. She is personally responsible for me not only falling in love with Jasper as a leading man, but also for giving me the courage to step outside my box (*snort*) and begin to try other couplings as well. JB is also to be blamed for the random loathing of two non-canon humans - Creepy Steve (Grrrr....) and Hunky Logan.

After I fell soundly head-over-heels with her Jasper, the thought of some mere human simply would not do. These characters were well-written and gave a nice, full reality to Bella's human life after Forks. I wholeheartedly agree that this story is one of the best fics out there and should be required reading. If you can get past your Edward/Bella thing, I encourage you to READ THIS STORY.

You absolutely will have no regrets. WDTTL is a story that sets the bar for others. Be prepared to have a new appreciation for Jasper - you will never read him the same way again. Ever. I don't give 5 out 5 very often, but never has a story deserved all my undies more. It's just that good. Love to Janna for such an amazing tale... *smooch*


In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked the author to share with us a bit about herself.

You want to know about me? Well, I'm a 36 year old mother of three (5, 2 and 7 weeks). I'm a law clerk for an international trade law lawyer and I run his practice from my house as he is based out of China and the Ukraine (strange combo, yes) and we've got the whole virtual office thing going on. I first came across the Twilight series in September 07 on my way to Las Vegas (a trip that I USED to make yearly but with each babe, the trips become increasingly more far apart). I was in the book store in the airport and literally bought the book because I forgot to bring mine and the cover grabbed my attention.

So, I quickly read the back and said, I'll give er a go. My life has not been the same since. I read the entire book on the flight to Vegas, searched Vegas for a book store (seriously, not a single book store on the main strip, not a one!) to grab New Moon and read it around the pool while racking up a serious bar bill (drinks around the pool are not free as they are everywhere else. Ummm, perhaps I should have sat at a slot machine and read while drinking. Multi-task?). I then grabbed Eclipse at the airport on the way home. Well, Twilight made such an impression on me that I started to read the fanfics that I found online all the while realizing that (don't freak out Edward lovers) that Edward was just too condescending for my taste and that the hotness that is Jasper deserved to be explored. So, one night, I had a dream of my version of Jasper (not the Edward Scissorhand version from the movie) kissing Bella and my story was born. I've never written a word in my life (story wise, obviously I can write people) so I started my story, found a writer on fanfic whose stories I loved (Stupid Shiny Volvo Driver - who writes the BEST Edward POV that I have ever read - check out her story, Dark Dance of Temptation) and asked her to Beta and I was off.

Looking back I can see the progress of my writing improving over the course of my story but going back and rewriting is on my neverending "things to do" list which really should be called the "things that will never get done" list. So, with the hot males of Twilight came the whole paranormal romance (smut) world that I never knew existed (and had been sadly missing out on). Now I am obsessed with all things alpha male, be it, vamps, weres, anything supernatural or really anything over "six and a half feet" as that seems to be the prerequisite to make it into one of these books.

I've now ventured into the Highlander region and have found a number of HHH's (hot, hunky highlander) that are worth recommending. My profile on the fanfic site has my recommended reading list which is ever growing. Well, that's it for me. Hope you enjoy my story and I love to hear feedback, good or bad!


Stupid Shiny Volvo Driver said...

Oh Janna Banana!!! I'm proud to say I was your first fan!! Since the other females may not know me, I'll introduce myself... Stupid Shiny Volvo Driver, (SSVD for short), Janna's beta reader and yes, her first fan!! I too WAS a strict E/B ship fan and to this day haven't read one other fanfic involving any other ship, except for Janna's. I wrote one, but it takes place in a dream, so it works for me. When she told me her idea for her first fanfic, I was very hesistant... not wanting to discourage a first-time fanfic writer, I tried to warn her that other's might not look kindly on a Jasper/Bella ship, but not to worry about them. Take all the good reviews and forget the rest. I was extremely doubtful myself and wondered if maybe I had gotten myself into something I would regret very much later. After the first two chapters, I was totally hooked!! With each new chapter I had hundreds of questions, which being the beta reader, she didn't keep me in suspense like she did all the other readers and has even shared backstory stuff with me that helped me understand Logan and "Creepy". Janna is a joy to work with and was open to hearing all my crazy suggestions, mushy gushing and 'pinking' up her chapters when needed.

It was very difficult for me to leave a review for her because I KNEW SO MUCH and couldn't tell anyone!!! When she sent me the scenes of Bella dancing with Logan and how Jasper reacted in the next chapter, Oh.My.God! I was seriously squirming in my seat!

Yes, it's very good to be the beta and believe me, when she starts sending me the chapters to her sequel, I'll be happy to rub it in! Oh yeah! I'm reading it first!!

dollsizedpistol said...

This is OT, but I have no idea who or where to ask this question... hopefully someone who can help me will read this -- where did the pictures in the top Perv Pack banner come from? The three that were up there before and the three new ones... I love them!

Ninapolitan said...


First, great name.

Second, Bri aka antiaol is the mistress of the pervy pictures found above. If you clickie her Man Meat section in the sidebar it takes you to her private (snicker) pervdom o' smutty pics.

As far as where she gets them? Those are all people she's photographed. I'm kidding. But in all seriousness, she's the pic goddess :) She also writes a great story too :)

dollsizedpistol said...

Thanks Nina! I'm off to check it out now... ooh, the Man Meat section is my favoorrrite.

sara said...

!! this was my FIRST EVER B/J FF and it is the REASON i am a b/j shipper (does anyone else see b/j and think blow job and giggle to themselves? no? just me...i'll go...over there then ------> alone)

anyway. this story is just epic beyond proportions. when i read FF i want to be so engulfed that i just CANNOT stop what i'm doing and i HAVE to finish. true story...when i was reading twilight for the first time i'd smuggle my book into the loo and just have 'long bathroom breaks' and be reading and devouring anything SM could offer me in these books.

happily i feel THE SAME about this fic. the best fics are the ones i literally cannot put down. i stay up late i call in sick to work...nothing will get int eh way of me and the fic.

yay! smut o riffic i say!


ebonyeyez1 said...

I remember I stumbled across this story, and was thrilled that I did. Another awesome Bella/Jasper pairing is Colliding Meteors by IdreamofEddy. Another one is A Lesson in Release by Lillie Cullen, as well as her sequel A Lesson in Fate. I highly recommend these stories including the one mentioned on here.

Kaci said...

I am so glad that this story finally got some props on here! I love this story and it is one of the few that I will actually continue to reread! I think I have read it like four times now. I love it and I got another friend of mine hooked on fan fic by recommending this story!

sara said...

ebonyeyez1 i totally 2nd colliding meteors. it's a bit...questionable sometimes (to me) in plot devices that leave me thinking about them far longer than i should...but it's still a great J/B story. a lesson in fate is totally messing with my head! i can't decide if i'm J/B or E/B anymore!


Anonymous said...

I have read and re-read this story many times as it is one of my all times favorites. I have heard that she is going to write a sequel and I cannot wait.

It is a beautiful story and I love Jasper and his love for Bella as I do Bella's love for Jasper.

What impressed me most about this story is that is shows and conveys and equalization to their relationship where I never felt Edward and Bella had a true equalization.

I love this story and recommend it to anyone and everyone!

my3bibs said...

I read this knowing I have a hard time reading non canon pairings. I am HARDCORE E/B. The only other pairing I read was The arrangement, and while that is not really 'pairing' I was proud of myself for going there. Ok, I admit, I am SO happy I went THERE!
Sorry, rambling.
The story was AMAZING and believable. I felt all the necesary back story was believable and the drama was just enough.
The bar scene when they FINALLY declare their feelings...OY!!

I am glad I read it.