Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whatchu know bout me... Get to know Lipsmacked just a little bit better!

<---- my actual mouth and super straight teeth

I'll start off by saying the picture of me has been limited to the mouthal region because my mother works for the government and asked me very nicely to not embarrass her or my father, but I think if someone I knew found this it would take them a hot five seconds to put two and two together. Also Nina has this weird thing with my lips. (watch out Nina, Em never gave her consent. Just a heads up.)

Beks aka Lipsmacked here, filling the minority quota for Brown folks in the PP. I'm 26. I live in Los Angeles, but I'm from New Hampshire. I miss seasons. I don't miss feet and feet of snow from October to April. I go by Lipsmacked or Lipglossed on every forum because I don't wear make-up and I never have. But I DO have a monster lip gloss collection. I have a intellectually thugalicious boyfriend named Tony, or T as the Pack refers to him, who I have been with for 8 years.
<----T's face twin... sorta
I don't know when we're getting married, so don't ask. He looks like Ice Cube in this picture, but not Ice Cube walking around or in Are We There Yet? If that makes sense.

I'm a raging bi-sexual, hence my love of slash fic, mostly of the Alice/Bella persuasion. It's no secret, don't worry. I like my men tri-racial and my ladies busty with a fat ass. I love music. I love movies. I will watch Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Willow and Coming to America over and over again. I love books. And I love to dance. I like puppies, spaghetti dinners and long walks on the beach. Death cage matches and light bondage. I'm a total Daddy's girl in more ways than one (hehehe, Jo). I'm a fan of NPRs Morning Addition and A Prairie Home Companion. I would marry James Taylor or Christopher Plummer if my time machine was working.
<--- Captain Von DoMe

The only television shows I watch are cartoons and shows about murder investigations on A&E. I love Wonder Woman and I think her and Batman need to just tie the knot already. I hate the NBA, but I love Shaq. I think Twitter is stupid. (yeah that's right, Angelface)

I've had a million jobs... librarian, 6th grade teacher, meter maid. I have life ADD. I spent some time as the lube specialist at an erotic boutique here in LA. I miss testing the nipple clamps and whips, learning more about the new lubricants on the market and selling steel butt plugs and gay porn to celebs. (I see you Rupert Everett.) Ahh.. good times. I still find myself giving people toy/sex advice, because I don't really have the phrase TMI in my lexicon and I guess I just make people feel comfy enough to open up to me. (Its the lips.) And yes Hope, vaginal fisting wins out over rimming every time.

I am an avid Jake lover. Jake. Not Taylor. I fell in love with him somewhere between the kiss in Eclipse and a Breaking Dawn release party. Don't get me wrong, I love all the Cullen boys, but I just have a soft spot for Jake. I don't think him and Bella belong together though. Not at all. If I had to chose a Cullen boy it would be Emmett. Edward and I would kill each other.

<---- my Jake

I currently work for Disney, in film and television production. Yeah I know. I read and write graphic Twi smut and I work for the Mouse. The funny part of is my co-workers are well aware of my Twi obsession. A few of them have read my smut. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

I actually started reading Twilight for my job. We were "researching" the teen market and one day my executive producer walked into the room holding a copy of Twilight and said "WHO WANTS TO READ THIS?". I had no fucking clue what it was about, but I figured, "Hey I like books. Why not." BIG MISTAKE.

Or was it....

I read the first three books in four days. We weren't shooting anything and technically I was doing research, so I sat on our production designers couch for four days and read the first three books. When I was finished she wanted to shoot me because I would shut up about them. She has since caved and read all four books and is now just as in love with Edward and Co. as I am.

Work also lead me to the world of Twi fic. My boss was closing the doors on his fanfiction site in my early days with Disney. After finding out about my Twi-problem another co-worker pointed me towards some pretty good and some pretty bad Twi fic that was about to be pulled down from their site. I liked what I saw and during a case of writer's block I suffered while working on a screenplay for work, I wrote my first two one-shots, the companion pieces In His Dreams and In Her Dreams. I was shocked that people actually read them and even more shocked that people actually liked them.

I kept writing, diving into the post BD New School and the pre-Eclipse Baby Steps . Up to that point I had a severe distaste for AH-AU stories, but one day an idea for fic popped into my head and there was NO WAY I could squeeze it into the canon time line. I had too much respect for the established relationships and something about a vamp Rose and a were-Jacob, going at it behind Emmett's back just didn't feel right. After a long walk to Cold Stone Creamery So Obvious worked itself out, my first AH-AU story and I haven't looked back since. Baby Steps was well received by the 40 people who read it, but something about this Jake I created really drew people to the So Obvious.

Since then, I have focused manly on AH-AU stories. I have five stories going right now and I need to finish one soon. (Baby Steps will be the first one done for those of you who are just aching to know.) So Obvious is my baby because it led me to these lovely ladies. I have to say my favorite story to write is Lost then Found , a Bella/Alice slash fic that takes place in the DC Universe of Wonder Woman. Trust me its not as geeky as it sounds. I wrote it as a lesbo love-fest for my PP ladies and it has led to quite a few readers opening up to their inner tribber (look it up).

I don't write for my readers. I write to keep from driving my car up on the sidewalk on my way into work. Sorry. I've seen a lot of fics that have morphed in reaction to reviews or comments on the forums. I have had people make a lot of requests for my characters and I just can't do it. I do however reply to every review. :) I don't always proofread that well before I post, but I just getting so freaking excited that the damn chapter is finished. Excuse any typos. I mean well.

I have read so many stories that I have loved, oddly enough a lot of them were written by members of the PP before there was a PP.

We have rec'd several of them, but I wouldn't feel right without mentioning:

Sacrifices by Enthralled:
After rebuilding her life when Edward does not return in New Moon, Bella is reunited with Cullens. You find out in the first few chapters that Bella married Jake, had a child with him, and was shortly after turned by Victoria as revenge for killing Laurent. This story is crazy long, but so good. I read all 53 chapters in 2 or 3 days. The story just drew me in and I couldn't put it down. It's the first multi-chapter fic I read, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Alpha's Female by Swill122:
A one shot for now, but I'm praying she continues it. Nessie and Jake, some time after BD, are together in a magical, loving D/s relationship. It's really fucking hot.

Silence by JCara: Basically all the events following New Moon, but Bella is deaf. It is a really cool story so far and I wish the writer had more time to pay attention to it.

Evading the Orbit by TrampyVampies:
An AMAZING one shot so far about Jasper hesitantly falling in love with his best friend Edward. The writing is really fucking good and the entire time I was reading I found myself wishing this author had something published that I could buy.

I hope to have time to read more and to have more time to write. For now I'll be busy getting a rise out of my man, looking for songs to bone him to, praying to God Em writes the second chapter to Me and Mrs. McCarty like she said she would and of course... chasing the best. sandwich. ever!

Thanks for letting me ramble. MWAH!!

< ---- P.S. In case you didn't know.


Emmy said...

Beks! I bloody love you... I love many of your loves - such as spaghetti suppers, Coming to America, Dancing, music, walking on the beach...
& I fecking love your humour and your stories..

& of course your music choices for the shack & your sexy ways..

Nice to know more about the beautiful Beks & ta for the recc's.. A couple I had never ever heard of! :D
Love ya.

DefinatelyStaying said...

Okay, that f'in cracked me up. If I haven't told you this lately - you rock, woman. =)

I have PPSS on RSS feed now, so hopefully I'll stop missing stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my are pure win, bb! :*

OIP Em said...

Beks my Baby! I fuckin' love you but you know that. And not just because you sent me a Barney! S.O. is what brought us together and I will be forever grateful for that!

You made me love Jake, but only your Jakes. Now you said something about a sandwich....hmmmmmm

Stephanie said...

Beks, baby, I think I love you even more now, if that's possible. You had me at the Taylor man. Sigh.

Lipsmacked said...

you ladies are so sweet to me. i am so glad i could share all of these important bits and my lips with you.

Ninapolitan said...

Oh you sexy bitch you!!! I have to say thanks for posting those lucious lips...slurp

But the rest of the post was so fantastic, I love the segway from the mouse to twiporn.

Walt would be proud


Stephie (luv) said...

fuck i'm late. stupid being away from mycomputer.
twitter is not stupid! puh lease. i am addicted (save me jebus).
you added more and it made me giggle a lot (esp rupert, but you know that already).
thanks for posting alittle somethin something bout you so we can all love you a bit more ;)
mwah bb

MsKathy said...

Beks, thanks for a peek into you! It was nice to learn some new info about ya.

Intellectually thugalicious, I like that phrase.

I'll have to check out your picks, I haven't read some of them.

Love=EDWARD said...

Damn! How'd I miss my Boo's GTK post?! Bad Kasey, bad! But honey, you worked it out over here, BB. Well fucking done!

dollsizedpistol said...

uh, who is that man? your Jake? must know

Anonymous said...

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