Sunday, April 12, 2009

4theluvofmary here to SAVE YOU the trouble of getting to know me

That ^^ was my lame attempt at being “clever.” But we’ll come to that later. It’s my turn to astound you with details of my extravagant lifestyle. So allow myself to introduce…myself. The name is Stephanie. I’m recently 25. I have been married for 4 years this May. Yes I know, that means I got married young. Thanks. I also have a wee one known to many as Mini who is 18 months. I could go on and on about just how damn cute she is, but I’ll let the picture do the talking for me.
Moving on to more “pertinent” matters.

I first discovered Twilight during the month of August 2007. I remember it well; I was 7 months preggo and bored at work since I decided I was entitled the luxury of sitting and doing pretty much nothing whenever I wanted to. ***Although, it is my belief that a pregnant woman has every right to sit on her ass whenever she so pleases since all of her time is spent GROWING A CHILD. Anyone agree with me? Mothers, raise your hands. You know you want to.*** Some coworkers were insisting I read this story about vampire love. Not just any vampire love…teenager vampire love. I’m not afraid to admit that my first thoughts were WTF? That sounds like a horrible idea for a book! Funny, right? I finally gave in, bought the book, still slightly hesitant despite the check out lady’s declaration of love towards it. Naturally I read the book in one day.

The next day I paid a visit to my dear sister and told her I had read this book called Twilight. “Oh I have the second book if you want to borrow it.” She knew about the book…I mean series..and she didn’t tell me before now?! What kind of a sister… Seriously, I was pretty disappointed that she had not been the one shoving the books in my hand in the first place. Still, I walked away with her copy of New Moon in my possession.

I read it all that night and of course was too eager to read Eclipse to wait to borrow her copy. Screw that, I’m goin to fuckin Barnes & Noble. I bought Eclipse and New Moon…ya know, so I could go back to reread and really act out my budding obsession.

But once I finished Eclipse…I was done. I had to wait with the others until 2008 for Breaking Dawn. And just what exactly was I going to do until the release? (of course if I had known just how cockblocking that book was..I may not have anticipated its release…or lack thereof…quite so much.)

My venture into fanfic was slow and tentative. It started by going to SM’s site then going to the Twilight Lexicon that was mentioned there. There I happened to look at the side bar and notice something or other about Twilight fanfic. *click* and it took me to some Lexicon affiliated fanfic site. There were endless possibilities. But since I was such a newbie over this stuff, I stuck to the stories that continued where Eclipse left off. I read a few things here and there but found myself slightly dissatisfied with what was offered. I wanted something more…substantial. So I googled “Twilight Fanfic” (insert giggles from RPatz saying “google it” here). was at the top of the list. So *click* and I was on my way to exploring the wonderful world of fanficdom. Somehow I managed to discover this little thing called an M rating…and it changed my world completely. You mean there are fanfics with SEX in it? Not only vamp sex, but human sex. The world of AH cracked itself wide open to me. I stumbled upon Jandco’s Cullen's Island. And it was…like whoa. Not only did she write extremely well, but she updated often, and I mean…there was the sex. Then there was Amethyst Jackson’s Only Human, the first fic I fangirled over. My reading list grew exponentially from there. I was getting so many updates in my box I had stopped reading actual paper books at this point.

For whatever reason, I felt this increasing need to write something myself. I don’t really know why, but I did. Maybe it was to prove to myself I could do it. Maybe it was because I had always wanted to take a stab at writing my “own” things. Either way I did it. I wrote and wrote and wrote, several chapters in fact, before working up the nerve to create an account so I could post. Then, I got so pissed at the 3 day or whatever waiting period after creating an account that I was so fucking jittery. The blessed day arrived when I could actually use my account and away I went, no looking back.

Private Tutor became my baby, one of my top priorities; ranked below Mini Mary and tied with the Hubs (I kid, I kid. I don’t avoid my family…I swear). There were times that I got frustrated with the fandom…random nonsense getting in the way. Whenever I got downhearted over some of the BS I felt was going on, I’d get some amazing review or a PM from a reader wondering when I’d update, and the pull to keep writing would suck me back into things. You have no idea what it does for the author. And I have forged a lot of good friendships over communication started from reviews or other PMs.

Life has never been the same. I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Twific. And apparently, also a giant nerd as I used one of the fucking most common quotes from the book to twist for my own personal use. *sigh*

Some things you may or may not know about me:
*I handwrite most everything. Only on rare occasion do I sit down to lappy in order to write out an entire chapter. You should see all the notebooks I have filled with PT, TAITA, and the one-shots I have written for various contests.
*Apparently I really like starting sentences with the word “and.” And (haha) my usage of “…” is unparalleled. Seriously, I don’t mean to use it but…it just pops up. If it annoys you, tell me. I promise to try and rein it in.
*I won’t caps anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. Like this post. If it were up to me, everything would be lowercase. I just can’t be bothered to press that shift button. I’m lazy, I know this.
*I am sensitive about my age, or rather, how old I look. I am 25 but have been told by more than enough people that I look 18. I ask you, do I seriously look that young? *I love music. I don’t think I can ever not include it in some way with my writings. That is all.
*I don’t like beer, unless it is of the “bitch” variety. It’s just not my thing I guess.
*I love sleep…but sleep is not my friend. I am up way too late (not by choice). This is why I am posting at almost 2am. *edited* AFTER 2am...
*I get really long winded…hence this post. I don’t think that piece of info should come as a shock to any of you.
*I hate going to the doctor’s. Seriously…you can ask a lot of people. I suffer from migraines and have been in need of a doc visit for some meds and have yet to go. For whatever reason, I think most doctors are full of shit. Now, if Edward was my doctor, I’d have no qualms about going in for regular checkups. That being said…
Let me tell you about this little story I am currently fangirling over by the title of “Save You,” written by socact (Ironically the author is in med school. I swear, no offense to you socact. I’d go pay you a visit if I needed a doc). I say it’s little but really it’s an epic fic. (and please excuse my pitiful attempts at making a banner adequate for this story)
Summary: Edward is a brilliant, troubled doctor who uses medicine to escape his past, until he meets a beautiful patient whose mysterious, debilitating disease challenges everything he knows about life and death. Can he save her? Can she save him? AH, ExB, Rated M
The story revolves around Edward, an emotionally distant doctor somewhat reminiscent of House, and Bella a pediatrician in her residency. She faints during a normal run through the streets of San Francisco. It wouldn’t seem like such a big deal, only her oxygen saturation levels are pretty abnormal (don’t ask me what that really means). Edward is asked to consult on her case, seeing how he’s basically the guy you go to when there are unexplained medical phenomena.
Edward insults, in typical AssWard fashion, and Bella actually talks back; something he is not used to since most are intimidated by him. The attraction is instant, though pushed down by both. Edward doesn’t feel the need to get close to anyone. Bella is offended at Edward’s comments towards her chosen field.
Bella’s sickness is the excuse Edward needs to keep seeing her, though admittedly he also feels very invested in her case. The reasoning behind that becomes clear in later chapters. Edward is determined to find the cause of the unfortunate things happening to Bella. The drama is strong, the emotions stronger. I cried, I will admit, at several parts of this story.
Luckily, the relationship that grows between them is enough to help me cope with the drama. I love how tentative Edward is, slowly changing and opening up, not only to Bella but colleagues and acquaintances. He finds ways to subtly admit that she is the reason behind his changing demeanor…and really the words he speaks to her make me tingle. They are very honest and just, wow. I haven’t felt that warm fuzzy feeling from reading in awhile.
Just when you think everything will be ok, news from Bella’s past calls into question Bella’s health. And that in turn, causes major heartfail. I won’t go into details. I will not spoil here! But rest assured, socact wants E/B together as much as the rest of us. Currently I am anticipating some much needed...reuniting
You have to read this beautifully written story. Because she is a med student, socact can very believably weave in the painful realities many suffer while working in the medical field. I also feel like I’ve learned so much just from her chapter titles (all named after an illness/disease/whatever). She continues to amaze me as, being a busy student, she manages to write an intricate story that updates fairly often (woot woot). Not only that, but it is amazing that she does not have more love for this fic. Remember what I said about appreciating reviews? She does too. Go show her some love.


Emmy said...

BUTTON! Ain't you pretty?! & Buttonette is as adorable as ever.. Takes after her mum! :D

Nice to read your journey to writing some of my fave stories..

Save you sounds good - but am anxious as to whether I can handle the angst - pathetic moi!
Love you Button - as you are all kinds of cool & lovely.

MsKathy said...

aw, Stephie, it was so nice to get to know you a little more than I already do!

And, this pick of yours?@! I am going to have to check it out.. it looks great.

I'm so glad to have gotten to know you, and I love everything you write. Thanks for being mah future gay bf.. you are just the coolest, and now the world knows. Will I have to fight them off?

Renee said...

Love you're getting to know Steph entry! And I'm so beyond honored that something your fanfic whore over here recommended to you is a story you chose to recommend to the PP and all of its followers. It definitely needs some more love and heck of a lot more reviews. Anyway, love you, bb! Mwah!

Lipsmacked said...

Awwww I love my Bbcakes-Angelface. GET YOUR ASS TO THE BRAIN DOCTOR. We have to go sky diving and get Mary's dowry ready for my little thug. We can't do that with your brain sploded.

Twilighter620 said...

Mini looks adorable! Seriously the outfit is somethin serious ;) She's the most stylish kiddie (or buttonette lol) I know.

stolenXsanity said...

Wow, reading this was like reading about myself in many ways. Seriously .. from discovering Twilight in August from a random rec to wanting to kick my sister for not telling me about these fuck!awesome books much sooner and foregoing regular books to read fanfic to getting comments about looking only 18 when I am in fact 28. I just accept it as a compliment on go about my merry way though. I can't help it I've got damn good genes.

Anyway, that's not the point of this .... not really anyway. Your daughter is adorable and "Save You" is simply ....... I don't even know because "awesome" just pales in comparison.

***Although, it is my belief that a pregnant woman has every right to sit on her ass whenever she so pleases since all of her time is spent GROWING A CHILD. Anyone agree with me? Mothers, raise your hands. You know you want to.***

*raises hand* ^ LOVE THAT!

Diana said...

Hey Ace!

ur baby is so cute! and i'm not a mother, but i also think growing a humam beeing inside ur belly means you can do whatever u want. i have a 9 months nephew, and he is so damn cute!

don't worry about the age thing (i suffer form the same prob, 19 but everybody thinks I'm 15...) 10 year from now we're gonna be glad!

hey, i also write everything on paper! but that's because i didn't had a lappy... and now i have one, so it's problably gonna change.
sadly english is a foreigh language for me, so i don't dare publishing anything i write...

i'm gonna read the "save you" fic, it seems really good! and start to read onde of yours to, as soon as possible.

lots of love and keep writing... you're surelly making someone's day better with your fic!


Love=EDWARD said...

Dude! Love that even Miss Mary-kins gets pimped - and on the Smut Shack, no less! I'm tellin' ya, she'll be Fan Fiction royalty once she learns how to read and write (and be a perv). She's a doll!

As for your long-arsed post...well, I expected no less. And yes (notice the use of 'and' to start my sentence - thanks, got that from you), I giggled throughout your entire GTK monologue. So you. So funny.

You're a total pimp, girlfriend! Or should I say, a total 'Mami-Chula'? ;)

antiaol said...

We're like "coming into Twilight" twins. Srsly. And, you don't look a day over 47...better? :D