Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Going Down? Why yes, yes I am.

Title: "Going Down?"
Author: gemmabobella
Chapters: one-shot
Words: 10,438
Reviews: 167
Summary: Submission for ninapolitan's cocktease contest Edward and Bella pairing. Sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction, or to be trapped in an elevator with a beautiful stranger AUAH

So, I don't think that it is any secret that I have a ginormous girl-crush on gemmabobella or "Gems" as I call her. Cause I do, have a girl-crush on her. And with good effin' reason. Have you read her stories yet? No? Then what are you doing here. Seriously, stop reading my ramblings and click the link up there and go read her stuff. I suggest you start with this story and move on to Lost & Found and Amazing Grace. But it's not only her writing and writing style that I love. She has the same level of obsession that I do with all things BSG and honestly is about the sweetest and nicest person you will ever meet.

Anyways, it's "One-Shot Wednesday" and this Wednesday is my turn. Now let me tell you picking One one-shot out of the 1000's of good ones out there is really flipping hard. Especially when I pick a deviant one-shot every week to share. But when it came to my turn, I knew what I was going to pick..."Going Down?". And I am gonna lay it all out there right now. There is NO smut in this story. There is UST (unresolved sexual tension) on an astronomical level and some hot kissing, but no down and dirty to be found. Just teasing and the promise of some shower shenanigans.

But my lovely Gems has promised to continue the story if there was enough interest. So, we need to go pester her into writing more of "Mr. Lion" and "her".

This story is...cute, yes cute is the only way to describe it. Bella and Edward live in the same apartment building, but don't know each other. The only interaction, and I am hesitant to even call it that, is riding the elevator together in the morning. They may not speak or even look at each other that much, but they do think and lust after the other...a lot. Bella calls Edward "Mr. Lion" in her head and Edward calls Bella "Her" in his. They are attracted to each other, but never ever take the step to talk to each other or do anything about it.

But here is the twist...they are talking to each other. Edward and Bella start emailing each other after Edward finds Bella's profile on a online dating website and messages her. Thus begins the flirting and cyber courtship of "E" and "B" as they are known to each other. The emails between them are super cute, funny and sweet. Well after many months E & B finally decide to meet.

As Edward and Bella are on their way to meet the person that they have never seen before but feel like they are maybe, possibly in love with something terrible or maybe not so terrible happens. First, they end up sharing the elevator and second it gets stuck. To find out what happens, you're just gonna have to read. Let's just say things heat up in the elevator in more than one way. Hehe.


Ninapolitan said...

I love Gemma, Hope and this fucking story.

That's it

Anonymous said...

You guys ..... you're making me blush all over!

Seriously, Hope, I'm girl crushing right back at you. And Nina .... I love you too!

MizBoo said...

what exactly DO we have to do to make the lovely gemmabobella give us more E & B love? I need to know what happened when they finally got that coffee... and when they actually made it either back to a room or up against the wall in a conveniently located alley!
Loved this one.. purrfect pick!

Anonymous said...

for those interested, the sequel, or part two of the one shot is currently being written. I would expect it to be updated either this weekend or early next week.

Thank you MizBoo!

Emmy said...

Yay Gems! So delighted to hear that!

I am so chuffed that Hopey picked this - I ruddy love this - as I love everything you do/write/say...