Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Emmy needs to change her knickers!

Author: Hammondgirl
Chapters: one-shot
Words: 5,547
Reviews: 147
Summary: Edward is the new guy in Bella's office. He's a complete geek, which is actually her undoing. She fantasizes about him at work constantly. An entry to the Dirty Talking Edward Contest. BxE, A/H, A/U, OOC. Rated M for a yummy geeky lemon!

Hello dear lover-ly pervlings, & fellow perv's,

Yup you are hearing from me again this week, get comfy - you know how I like to prattle..

Its my turn to pick just one slice of lemon tart with a large serving of clotted cream for you.. & I must say its a tough call. There are so many good one's out there.. However when I first knew we were going to be doing this, I thought of hammondgirl. hammondgirl is yet another lovely author who I discovered, back in October, when she started writing to enter a competition... I love everything she has done. I love her Resident Advisor & its slow build with the mutually smitten but clueless B/E who I call "my favourite hesitators". At first I couldn't decide between her one-shots, Shampoo (Edward has a base reaction to a summertime memory of a younger Bella..) and what I went for - Change of Underwear, for my pick.

Change of Underwear combines a few of my favourite Edible Edward ElementsTM: geeky, with a dirty yet silver tongue, and OfficeWard... *sigh* - what more could you wish for really? Hammondgirl writes really nicely, I love Bella's narration in this, her thoughts, and sometimes her actions, entertainingly run amok at the mere presence of Mr Masen.. The premise of this tempter is straightforward: A new colleague (Edward), is pretty awkward and overlooked by the entire workforce, but his spec's appeal is causing B to desecrate many pairs of knickers, (by the end of this fic you will too! ;] ).

Bella gets caught up in a haze of fantasies. Her imagination runs rampant whilst she waits every week for him to personally deliver his report to her.. Will they ever be more than fantasies, will he hand deliver more than a report to her this week? Read this tasty wee morsel to discover, and keep your change of underwear to hand... You don't want to be caught short needing new knickers like Emmy...


...wowie! said...

Totally one of my favorite one-shots. It's hot! Thanks for this!