Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Naughty Librarian Loves a Hot 'Exhibition'

Title: "Exhibition"
Chapters: one-shot
Words: 4,387
Reviews: 132
Summary: Bella is compelled to attend an art gallery for class and comes away with a much deeper appreciation for photography. A softer one-shot example for the D/s Birthday Contest – GRAPHIC LEMON ExB

Who among us hasn't fantasized about standing alone, being approached by a beautiful stranger? Having him come up from behind, sweeping our hair away to lean down and whisper in a sensitive ear, "...there is something about you that is drawing me, inspiring to me." His next move, whisking away and seducing...

Umm...yes, please?

DefinatelyStaying has a knack for taking any and every desire your mind can conceive of and turning it into amazing, hot fantasy fiction. Whether you prefer adventurous Edward and Bella with or without a side of friendly neighbors and friends (Fantasies , Next Weekend), a tasty taboo Jasper/Bella/Emmett trio (Boom Shakalaka), or her current hit featuring submissives Jasper and Bella and their Dom, Master Edward (The Forbidden Room), DefinatelyStaying dishes up a veritable smorgasbord of delicious fan fiction that will entice, titillate and satisfy any who sit at her banquet table.

Exhibition is one such delicacy. Bella is visiting an art gallery to fulfill a college course requirement. She is relatively unimpressed with the work on display until she steps in front of four simple black-and-white eight-by-ten photographs. This quartet of beautifully erotic images takes her breath away, and little does Bella know she has captured the eye of the artist himself. He approaches her from behind and gives her a photographer's glimpse into what each of these four differently bound women, noted only as 'R, M, T and J,' felt and experienced. The unexpected comes, however, when Edward, our scrumptious shutterbug in black, asks Bella to be his next subject. Not a model, just a girl - our 'every girl' - Bella. Once again, just as in Twilight, I found myself longing to fill her shoes. Bella leaves the gallery with her mysterious stranger and while the shoot begins innocently enough, soon both artist and subject are desperate with need. I will refrain from spoiling the ending...

As I sat in our local coffeehouse and read this story for the first time (yes, I remember where I was...), I found myself squirming in my seat, wishing I were home with my husband. Instead, I was in a very public place with a hot healthy blush coloring my face and chest. As I'd come to expect, DefinatelyStaying had produced yet another captivating, alluring tale of desire, seduction and fulfillment - one I am pleased to report will be followed up shortly with Edward's point of view, an accompaniment one-shot entitled, The Muse.

If you have yet to partake of the bounty that is DefinatelyStaying, pull up a chair and enjoy her mouth-watering morsel, Exhibition, today.

DefinatelyStaying, better known to many of us around the fandom as Trish, is the author of sixteen stories. She also authors a fanfiction blog, where she posts links for her stories as well as her personal fanfic recommendations. Trish is a gifted writer, a beautiful soul & an amazing friend.


Emmy said...

I loved this one-shot!

Thanks lu-la-belle. You're a diamond. :*

DefinatelyStaying said...

Thank you so much for portraying my work in such a positive light. I'm really glad that you enjoy it.

Also - the second chapter of Exhibition (The Muse) has now been posted. :)

Ashley said...

What a fantastic review! Thanks!

Love=EDWARD said...

How did I miss this little Lulah-rec'd gem? Zank-u, Lulah-dahlink...it was deelish!

Stephanie said...

I read this as soon as it came out, thanks to having DS on author alert. So glad to see it up here, it was seriously amazing. As was chapter 2. :)