Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fiberkitty's Reminder to Breathe

Title: "Breathe"
Author: Adair7
Chapters: one-shot
Reviews: 60

Summary: Jasper uses his powers to help Bella and Edward release some sexual tension. Smut. Jasper/Bella/Edward action, that means a THREESOME. If that squicks you out, don't read it.

The Powers That Be of Organization emailed me on Monday. "Miya, you're up for the one-shot rec this week." Me, I don't read one-shots unless they're for my contests or one of the Perv Pack smacks me over the head with it and says, "read this, dammit." I just don't have time to hunt down one-shots when there are so many absolutely fanfuckingtastic multi-chapter fics.

So, I went to my bookmarks and looked at the handful of one-shots I saved for proper appreciation later. Yes, I've enjoyed them time and time again, but I always come back to them because they're that good.

Then, I noticed something- they were all by the same author. Adair7. Yes, the one who writes Grey and a ton of other awesome stories that are a guaranteed good read.

Fiberkitty, being a good pervy reader, I went to my binder o' smut that is kept under the bed. Some new batteries in my rabbit, a good bit of reading, and a few orgasms later, I found my recommendation.

Breathe starts with the tried and true angle of Jasper is frustrated over Edward being an annoying prude who won't just get it on already. When the rest of the family goes away for a weekend hunt, leaving the three of them at home, the fun begins. Alice, future seeing meddling sprite that she is, gives Jasper the parting words of, "Take it easy on them."

Jasper refuses to relieve the tension without consent from all involved parties. It's later, when Edward and Bella are enjoying a good night kiss, that he finds his sought permission. He comes into Edward's bedroom, throws Edward against the door and kisses Bella. Okay, so no permission for that, but he goes on to explain what he feels every time Edward leaves Bella with blue clit.

The image that gets me every time:
"I waited for Edward to strike, to take down Jasper, but it never happened. Instead I felt Edward move up behind me, his delicate kisses making their way up my neck, his tongue cold but pleasurable as it played with my earlobe."

If you were Bella, wouldn't you want your first time with both Edward and Jasper? You've got protection against being bitten to a degree- at least of being drained, protection against badly named babies, plus you have Jasper to relax you through the sting and discomfort of your first time while Edward loses his virtue.

Fiberkitty says you should read "Breathe" (and review) or you all get a session with Dark Salvation's Master Aro.


Donna said...

What a way to wake up in the morning. I loved it. Jasper is my man. What I wouldn't give to have him around to help relieve some pressure.

sara said...

oh my....bookmark this baby for later!

michelle said...


Love=EDWARD said...

LAWD! Yes, please. God, how I love me some Jasper (or is it Jacksper?)...thank you, Miya for sharin'!