Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Team Wussperv is "Right Before My Eyes"

Team Wussperv this team is made up of myself, Nina aka Ninapolitan,Kim aka kimpy0464 & Emmy aka Pippapear. I'm sure you're wondering what the fuck is a wussperv right? A wussperv is someone that is...

A) Tragically canon
B) Loathes angst (in massive doses)
C) Loves smut

Right Before My Eyes


Edward Cullen is the hottest quarterback in the NFL. Off the field he's just a HOT MESS. Can his female agent help him change his ways before he's fired, or will she walk away forever!Submission for the LMSC 5 chap contest AH/ M language and Lemons

I think I might have a problem... I find myself perversely attracted to messed up Edward's.. Particularly when they are sports stars..... (please note when I say messed up - I do NOT mean one's who think it is funny to be violent to women physically or sexually or one's who cheat [I am a WussPerv after all!] So the premise of this story appealed to me right off. Edward is a bit of a mess. His personal life is fucked up and its now starting to affect his playing. He is forced to take action. Not just by his team but also by his manager and former best friend Bella.

Yes his former dear friend who he has intense feelings for Bella... Now isn't that a nice set-up? :) With the help of Angela his Team assigned therapist, he begins to unravel his feelings for Bella. . . But will she ever return his feelings, particularly after seeing him act like an eejit for the last couple of years....?

"This time when he held me close to him I felt something stir in my body, familiar feelings. It felt like home, but I pulled away from him soon enough, pushing those thoughts away, just like I had almost three years ago. Things were different now, Edward was different. He was self-absorbed and broken. I needed to remind myself of that, because I learned a long time ago that Edward had the potential to hurt me. Truthfully, he had hurt me when he effectively ended our friendship. He chose the world of fake women and fame over his family and his friends. My heart lurched at the reminder of the feelings I'd long since buried."

This is a short but very sweet wee novella. Its warm and comforting read, with a sexy buff sports muffin of an Edward, who is repentant for his past misdemeanours. Its a perfect wee fun and light-hearted read for a WussPerv, particularly when you are not looking for an epic tale, this is a simple and quick read. So cozy up & go ahead. :)

For me, FanFiction has always provided me with my Happy Place, the place I need to go when RL starts to be a bit too... real. Sometimes, all I need is a nice little Edward and Bella, Wussperv-approved, zesty lemon-filled, HEA gem. Right Before My Eyes provided me with just the right amount of Happy Place goodness. In fact, I kind of felt like Goldilocks when she happened upon Baby Bear's bed, except that in my Happy Place, Edward has been warming Baby Bear's bed for me, ready to spoon and schmex it up. I readily admit that all the fairy tales in KimpyLand are rated M, so it is certainly appropriate. ;)

Unlike Emmers and Nina, I don't usually know what to do with sportswards, because I'm completely out of my element there. Well, let me modify that statement: I certainly know what to DO with them, it's just filling in the dead air afterwards that causes a problem. While this story was filled with details about professional football, the heart of the matter was really about redemption, love, and happiness. Those are three themes to which I can fully relate. While I may not be a sporthead, I will confess that thinking about Edward Cullen's fabled foot-long fingers cradling a football led my mind down very *ahem* erotic roads.

Here is one example, and it occurs in the first chapter, right after the story begins:

I continued the stare down for a few more seconds when I felt something hard twitch against my stomach. I slide my eyes down his body, knowing what I would find. Man he was packin. I tried to hold in my smirk and then pushed him back on the bed.

"Only you would be get hard by me yelling at you. Cover yourself. I have no desire to see your peen in action." I screamed.

I admit it, I'm a renowned Perv, but someone mentions Edward Cullen's peen size, and I'm all over it like flies at a picnic. That's right, I'm not afraid to admit it--LovedforEternity drew me into a Footballward fic by mentioning his peen. Why Bella is telling Edward she has no desire to see his peen in action is beyond me. Football god with issues be damned, I would sure as hell hit that, no questions asked. As the story progresses, however, we understand exactly why Bella isn't jumping Edward's bones readily, and that's where the redemption story lies. Both Edward and Bella feel that they are suffering from unrequited love. Edward has to prove himself to Bella, to be the noble, respectable man he once was, to earn his way back into her heart. Watching him go through that process was heartwarming. When he finally works up the courage to ask Bella on a date, you feel like a cheerleader standing on the sidelines, screaming, "GO, EDWARD, GO!!"

This story is a beautifully short novella length of 5 chapters, and the UST ramps up through the entire story, ending with a nice, lemony zest. LovedforEternity delivers a "Happy Ending" for Edward, Bella, and reader alike. Happily Ever After for Wusspervs is Right Before My Eyes. YUM.

I'll agree with Emmy that sportswards that have a wee bit of issue are a draw for me. This story in particular was a nicely done novella by a wp fave author who always does us right.

He's a struggling athlete who like many, rose to fame quickly in his youth and his life got a bit off the right path. Enter Bella. It's a nice change for her to NOT be a doormatella and to be firm in her resolve to not cave and be another of his conquests. She does what's in her best interest and his and that is keep themselves separate while he's working through his shit.

This story could have easily been 942078e735-49(*&*)V) chapters long and the author could have tortured us by dragging it out to make it a full length story but truly, it didn't need it. She did such a great job of writing a well crafted story in a half dozen chapters.

The three of us are exceptionally proud of our wussperv status and do our best to beg and plead with people to share with us their findings. So, if you've got a wussperv rec for us, send it to me at ninapolitan@pervpackssmutshack.com


lovedforeternity said...

I have no words, which is highly uncharacteristic of me. I was blown away by your comments and your praises. Thank you for your review. It has provided a lot of hits and wonderful comments.

I am proud to be forever a wussperv!

Tons of gratitude and love...


Anonymous said...

Is there a way to find the wussperv recs? I see that this post has three tags but I'm not sure if any of them would lead directly to the wussperv stories. I am hardcore wussperv and would love to find a rec listing of them. :)