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rameau is the "Sacrificial Lamb"

Sacrificial Lamb




Redo on the end of Eclipse and replacing BD; when Jacob kisses Bella in the woods after threatening to kill himself. Bella does not have any love for Jacob other than friendship. She embarks on her life with Edward. Canon/AU you decide. Rated M for lemons

Imagine a world where Breaking Dawn was written for adult audience instead of for young adults. Imagine a world where Bella had to make a clear choice and restitution for her fickleness to the only man she loves. Imagine a world where instead of greatest-battle-that-never-was Bella and the Cullens actually faced Volturi in combat to defend their way of life.

Nolebucgrl did just that and she wrote it down into a wonderful Twific called Sacrificial Lamb. It was the story that clawed its way out of her and ended up among The Indie Twific Awards 2010 finalists under the Canon or AU story that knocks you off your feet category. 

The story starts from the end of Eclipse where Jacob kisses Bella and in this story she has quite a different reaction to the kiss than in the books. Bella chooses Edward and only him as they prepare to leave Forks and her human life behind together. They get married, move across the country and make detailed plans to how and when Bella's transformation is to take place. There's no Renesmee to force Edward's hand, but instead he chooses to change Bella because he wants to spend the rest of his eternity with her.

Instead of fade to blacks there's sex, lots and lots of it. There's virginal sex, there's sex between a human and a vampire, and there's sex between two vampires. And then there's sex after Bella's power has been discovered. This is where Nolebucgrl's choice to tweak Bella's gift to something more than a simple shield comes to play: Bella's a mind-controller. And her family takes full advantage of it:

Dance with Esme. Carlisle's face went momentarily blank as he reached a hand out to Esme and pulled her to her feet. "What…" she started to ask but stopped as he twirled her around the room in an effortless waltz. Delighted giggles burst from Esme's lips and she tossed a huge grin my way. "Oh, Bella, the things I would do with that power!" There was a hungry sparkle in her eyes so I decided to make her even happier. Pick Esme up in your arms, like a groom carrying his bride. He immediately complied and Esme wound her arms around his neck and looked at me expectantly.

"Do you want me to make him do more?" I didn't know what was or wasn't appropriate in this kind of situation, I didn't want to violate Carlisle in any way, even if she was his wife.

Esme seemed to understand my hesitation. "Maybe you could just have him carry me upstairs and then let me take it from there." I gave her a nod; that I could deal with. Carry her to your room and close the door. He moved quickly up the stairs, Esme smiling and waving a shy goodbye at us as he shut the door behind them.

I glanced nervously at everyone's reactions and they were all watching me with awe. "Dude, Edward, you are so lucky! Bella can totally make you her sex slave!" Rose whacked him in the head but Emmett was undeterred. "Just imagine, she can take one look at you and order you to…" he broke off when Rose hit him again.

"To find the key?" I asked with a smirk.

Emmett's eyes widened and then he burst out in the gut busting laugh that shook the room again. The rest of us joined in. "Yes! Exactly! What guy wouldn't love a woman that could do that?"

As for what key Bella is talking about, we'll come to that later. Once the family is taken care of, Edward gets a little antsy:

Edward turned to me. "So, is it my turn finally?"

Can you imagine the possibilities of being able to make a man do everything you want, everything your body needs? Bella is one lucky woman and honestly, what man wouldn't want to know exactly what to do to make his woman get off? Er, shouldn't want to? To find out they move to the comfort if not total privacy of their own bedroom and relax until it's time to test her abilities.

Edward just watched me patiently, his golden eyes shining with love and desire. Seeing that brought on my own and I was ready. Take off your shirt. I watched ravenously as his fingers unhooked the buttons quickly and efficiently, revealing slivers of pale skin and taut muscles. I licked my lips as he shrugged the shirt off his shoulders.

Stand up. He immediately complied, unfolding from the bed. Kiss me.

Way to go Bella! She wants to use her gifts to please him and her but she starts to feel a little off with it. She always was insecure, so her hesitation to make him make love to her is totally understandable. When it looks like they are enjoying themselves, Bella's reservations surface.

His lips moved over mine softly, almost reverently. Take off my clothes. He pulled up my t-shirt and unfastened my jeans, lowering them. I kicked them off and he stayed at my feet, waiting for his next command. I felt powerful but lonely in that moment. I knew he wanted this, wanted me, but I hated that his mind wasn't really there.

Come back to me. He stood up and I pulled myself from his mind. He looked at me, confusion etched across his features. "What's the matter?"

"It doesn't feel like you're really with me when I'm controlling you like that."

He brushed my hair out of my eyes and kissed my nose. "Bella, I was completely with you in that moment. I wanted to do everything you were asking me to do."

"But your face was blank, Edward, it didn't feel like you. It was like you were my puppet."

He smirked. "I prefer the term love slave."

I laughed and shoved him, pushing him back down on the bed. "Are you sure about this?"

He pushed himself up on his elbows. "Bella, do you know how incredibly sexy it is, having you tell me just what to do? If you verbally asked me to I would, so why wouldn't you mentally telling me to have the same affect? I am perfectly aware of what you're doing and I love it. I love you. Please?"

As always, Edward reassures her, tells her exactly what she needs to hear and helps her to be comfortable in her own skin and within herself. While her power could make fucking incredible, these two still manage to make it about love and pleasing one another. Once the insecurities are dealt with one of the hottest lemons ensues:

Touch me. His hands moved up my arms, caressing me as he made his way up my body. Touch my breasts. His hands moved down my shoulders and he cupped a breast in each palm, rolling them gently in his hands and squeezing with the perfect amount of pressure. He was giving me exactly what I liked. Kiss my neck. He tore his lips from mine and traced a line down my neck and back up. It was getting very hard to concentrate to even bother giving orders. His hands and lips felt too good and I moved mindlessly against him.

Take off my underwear. His hands slid down my body and he moved my panties slowly down my legs. I whimpered at his touch. Kiss my stomach. His lips pressed to my tummy, around my bellybutton, against the ring, down near my hips. I moaned and pushed against him. Did I dare ask him to go where I really wanted him? Taste me. His tongue darted out against my hip bone. No, taste me here. I guided his face to my entrance and he went to work immediately, his tongue darting inside me. Find the key. I couldn't even attempt to maintain control when he was feasting on me so I just lay back and let myself float with his ministrations, his tongue moving over me like lightning. My entire body felt like it was on fire as I came again and again. I cried out as Edward kept going, not stopping despite me finding my release. Stop. He complied immediately and I took a breath and let out a shaky laugh. Edward looked up at me, a wicked smile on his face.

"Come here," I said it aloud and mentally. He moved up my body, the hard muscles of his chest brushing against me. Make love to me. His body aligned with mine and he slowly entered me. Kiss me. His lips captured mine as he began to move within me. Faster. He increased his pace and I moved my hips in rhythm with his. His eyes were open and staring into mine, the love I felt reflected right back at me despite my being in control in that moment. Faster. He picked up his pace and I matched it, feeling the pressure building in my body again. I wondered if…come with me. I tightened around him and his hips crashed against mine as he achieved his own release at the same time.

Wow, just wow. Once again, how amazing would it be to be able to have your partner do everything to you that you desire the most? These two show so much trust in each other, and trust is needed 100% to allow another person to control your every move, that this lemon is truly sexy and beautiful at the same time. And it doesn't end here.

I wrapped my arms around him and Edward remained pressed against me. His head rested against my shoulder and I brushed my hands through his hair. "That was intense," he murmured, pressing a kiss to my neck.

"Yes it was."

"In a way, it almost felt like I was finally reading your mind." I bit back a grin, knowing that someday soon I hoped to let him do just that.

"It is pretty much the same thing."

He grinned happily. "I liked it."

I laughed. "So did I."

Who didn't? The love we see between these two characters makes the lemon that much juicier:

"But I do think you need more practice. Shall we try it again?"

I laughed and flipped him over. "I think that's a very good idea." Kiss me. His lips met mine again and I melted into him, ready and willing to order him around all night.

Now who wouldn't want a gorgeous man fulfilling their every command without a word being uttered? Who wouldn't get worked up from the power of seeing their deepest, most secret fantasies realized? And who wouldn't want to read more? Nolebucgrl has a way of writing that pulls you in and holds you there. Her Lemons are hot, sexy, and yet she keeps the beauty and love between the characters. To describe this scene in one word: Amazing.


sarah said...

I love this story and it's a great review, but I was just wondering why it's listed as a o/s with 36 reviews, when it's actually a 46 chapter fic with nearly 1,500 reviews?

nolebucgrl said...

Haha, I thought the same thing initially. The 36 is actually the chapter the excerpt was taken from :) I'm glad you love the story though!