Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Emmy’s Buried Deep

This Buried Life

Emmanuelle Nathan



Bella Swan is content with her career and her new life in London but feels that there is still something missing. Will a chance encounter with sinister yet intriguing stranger hold the answer to what she truly desires? AU. Rated M lemony reasons.

I am sort of cheating this week... (GASP!) (I know, I know!!) This WAS a one-shot, but Emmanuelle has just turned this into a full WIP.... :D

But I loved it as a one-shot, even though it is still unknown if it will be WussPerv safe or not! EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeP!
But goodness gracious me! Its crackling choc-a-block full of TENSION & LUST & DARKNESS! Its delightful. Edward is mean and moody, demanding and delicious! Mmmmmmmmmh

His hand slowly moves down and cups my chin, before his fingers slip down my neck. They rest on my pulse point at the junction of my neck and shoulder. I shiver and his lips twitch. My brain wants him to stop, but my body is desperate for him to continue. My rational thoughts tell me that he won't dare to go any further. My body rejoices as his fingers prove me wrong and slowly trace down my arm, deliberately brushing my breast and pausing there, sending shocks to my nipples and further down.

His eyes haven't left mine, and I see something dark moving behind them. I know what it is. It's desire unfurling and I'm not sure I want to see or feel any more than I already am. His fingers brush down the side of my torso and come to rest on my hip bone.

"Tomorrow you are going to wear your wrap around dress again." It's a statement, not a question. The words startle me out of my haze.

"Aren't you?" Again, it's said more as a demand rather than a question, and I manage only one response.


And with my answer, I realize we are pulling into my station, the doors are opening and I am moving away from him and stepping off the train with countless, faceless others.

What just happened?

Yup Bella & Edward are strangers on a train (or are they?) and Edward is making certain demands of Bella that she cannot help but to concede to. That she cannot help but crave....No ruddy wonder!!!

He knows what he wants, he also knows what she wants and makes sure they both get it. Now the multi-fic I should not be speaking about, but it gets better. Edward gets bolder. Bella gets more vulnerable (& turned on!) and things get a whole lot more complicated. If you like your Edward with an edge; if you like an assured, career girl, experienced and sexual Bella; if you like naughty things done in public and if you want an intriguing plot - with a potential AU (we still don’t know if he is vamp or human). Then READ THIS FIC! Its feck hot & I am quite in love with it at the mo. Even if its a bit dangerous. (I like it! Sssssh!)