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Public Relations by snshyne

Public Relations





Bella Swan, the President of Black-Swan, Inc, WANTS Edward Cullen Owner and Creative Director of ECSquared. What is she going to do about it? A fun fic mini-series. M, AH, OOC, E/B, canon pairings.


Do you ever just have a story that sits in your inbox, literally haunting you, telling you that you should be reading it? You know you want to, but the logical side of your brain tells you not to start something new because you already have WAY too much on your plate as it is. This is how it was for me and Public Relations.

Of course, the moment I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. Sure, it’s only got eight chapters so far and it is a short story, with 10-12 chapters expected, but I was literally glued to my computer reading it. I slacked off at work, ignored my husband and child, and it was the first story I read using that new-fangled mobile feature on It was all worth it too!

I’m a big fan of snshyne and am a devoted reader of her primary story, Fate and Forgotten Secrets. However, that story is all about the slow burn and this one… well this one is quite the opposite. snshyne explains in her first chapter that the story is based on a conversation she had with jael728 where they decided that “there should be a ff where Edward is inexperienced and Bella has lots of sex.” This is that story!

In Public Relations, everything is going right for Edward. He has a great career, good family and he is at the top of his game. However, his romantic life is anything but stellar. He was burned in his past and as a result he considers himself to be a sub-par lover. (Shocking, I know!) Bella is the female equivalent of Edward, very successful at her job, powerful, confident and seemingly very content, except her lovers are anything but satisfying.

A chance business meeting between our couple occurs, as their companies are considering working in conjunction with one another. Edward immediately assumes that Bella is less than impressed with his presentation, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bella immediately takes a liking to him, and shows him as much when she invites him back to her office that night and proceeds to seduce him.

"Miss Swan."

"Bella," I corrected him.

"Bella. Uhm. What are you? What?" Poor boy was in so much shock he could barely speak. "I thought you wanted to show me points of interest that needed work."

"That's exactly what I'm doing. Here, here, here, and here," I said, pointing first to my lips, then cupping my breasts, then dropping my hand slowly down my stomach to my waiting pussy and then finally resting the toe of my red, patent leather Louboutins in between his legs and tapping lightly on his cock. Eliciting a soft moan from Edward.

"Oh, shit," he muttered as he gripped the arms of the chair. I smiled. He was just so fuckable and so damn cute. So fucking sexy with that innocent stance. I could eat him up.

"Tell me, Edward, have you ever fucked in an office before?"

He shook his head lazily.

"Would you like to?"

Throughout the story Bella is the aggressor and Edward is eager to please, in as many ways a possible, but he is completely out of his element. This is one of the things I love most about this story, Edward is not infallible! He questions everything he is doing because his past has left him less than confident about his abilities as a lover. Bella does her best to reassure and encourage him, but finds herself in too deep and questioning herself as she realizes that she is clearly mixing business with pleasure, and doesn’t plan to stop it.

As for the sex… well the sex is adventurous, epic and fun. Between Bella’s desk, the parking lot, “Bubbles” (You’ll have to read to learn what that means) and their webcams, Bella and Edward manage to have ‘relations’ in some of the most interesting places. I won’t even tell you where they did the deed in the most recent chapter, but it was nice to have Edward come out of his shell, so to speak.

However, this story is more than sex, awkward Edward and aggressive Bella. Beneath everything it is simply the story of two people finding themselves and growing together. Of course, the fuck hot sexing and dirty talking Bella certainly help make this story all the more enjoyable.

"Have you ever taken a girl over a desk before?"

He shook his head no.

"Do you want to?"

Don’t even ask yourself if you want to read this story. Just do it. You’ll thank me for it later. I take payment in the forms of well written smut & cookies.

Public Relations is one of those stories that crossed my radar a while ago, but I didn't get a chance to read it at the time. I'm sorry I didn't before now. I loves some Nerdward, and this story has it in spades. Edward is punctual, precise, and completely awkward socially. Scratch that, I don't believe is inept, more inexperienced. He was also burned hard by a former love leading him to believe he is not enough for anyone romantically. This makes me want to hug this Edward and make him cookies.

He is brought face to face with his inexperience in the very first chapter when he is called to the office of the office of one Ms. Swan after pitching Swan-Black Inc. a pitch for one of their clients. Perfectionist Edward is thrown off guard at the suggestion that his presentation is anything but perfect. Turns out that it wasn't the presentation that Bella has a problem with. Her problem is that she is not full of Edward's dick.

This is the first time we watch poor Edward stumble through a situation he is completely ill prepared for. He has been asked for a command performance in the one area of his life that he is unsure of himself. Luckily, Bella has no problem giving direction, and his apparent inexperience seems to turn her on. That doesn't stop the fantastic internal dialog, and sometimes external dialog of an Edward that has trouble with talking dirty, or even saying the names of anatomy out-loud. He even stumbles when just thinking about it!

My favorite part of the story, though is when Edward does find his confidence. An ex of Bella's catches up with them at a party at Jasper's restaurant:

Instinctively, I stepped between them and pushed his hand off of her.

"I don't think the lady likes you touching her."

"The lady?" he said mockingly. "Who is this douche, Bella? This is none of your business, pal!"

"She is my business. Don't touch her or come anywhere near her again."

He made a move to get past me and Bella pressed herself against the wall as I grabbed the collar of his shirt and hurled him back in the other direction.

"I said, don't touch." I was surprised by my own force and tone. All I knew was he was not going to touch her.

Bella ran off and I turned to call her name, but the ass in front of me started talking.

"I can touch what's mine," he said. "Bella is mine."

I could feel the anger rising in my body at his words and actions, but in all fairness, I didn't technically have a claim to her. However, I knew for a fact that she didn't want him touching her.

"Apparently, she disagrees. Come near her again and we have a problem." The sinister tone and machismo in my own voice startled me and I had to wonder where that came from.

This display of masculinity results in a more confident Edward and a turned on Bella having fantastic adrenalin sex in the coat room.

Her small hands had pushed my suit jacket off and were now alternating between clutching at the back of my shirt or finding purchase in my hair. The way she was clawing at me was like she was trying to get as close as possible, but couldn't get close enough.

My hands came across the hem of her dress and she hitched one leg over mine as I gently moved up her thigh. She sighed into my mouth and flinched as I traced her delicate skin.

Suddenly, I stopped. I stopped everything and gazed at her with hooded eyes.

"No panties?" I barely recognized my own voice, laden with lust. Bella just smiled seductively and shook her head. A low growl reverberated in my chest as I crashed my lips to hers once more.

No panties. No fucking panties. I had no idea why that was so hot, but every piece of me was on fire with this knowledge and my cock just got impossibly harder in my slacks.

I refused to let my brain wonder why she wasn't wearing any and decided it was all for me. All for me, because my Bella was a naughty girl like that.

Bella is naughty like that, and she is just what this Edward needs. After some initial flight tendencies of Bella (that are completely heartbreaking from Edward's POV), the girl who always put her emotions in second place to work, has been disarmed and it completely in love with this Awkward.

4 out of 5 Bubbles

This was the first story I have read by snshyne,  but it certainly won't be the last. :) I'm not sure if I would have stumbled upon this, had it not been put forward as a PPSS recc. So I am VERY glad it was.

Public Relations, is a very pacy, easy-to-read fic. Its more of a novella really and is choc-a-block full of delish lemony goodness. Its a fun read and perfect for when you are looking for a hit of tasty without lots of stress. That is NOT to say that Public Relations is lacking in plot. Merely that snshyne keeps things upbeat and the yummy cumming.

I am sure all my fellow pervs are going to be saying this - but its fucking refreshing for Bella to be the sexually agressive character, as she is as snshyne's creation. I love how her sexual experience and erm talents allow NerdyUnsureWard's inner perv & sexbeast to be unleashed. Poor Edward has not lived up to his own or others expectations in the past. So he's doubtful, that no matter how tasty Bella is, that he will be able to keep her entertained or around. Thankfully though the naughty things Bella has him do, gives him the confidence to go with the flow, and let his hips do the talking. . . ..

That's not to say his insecurities don't raise their ugly head again, but thankfully Bella entices his other *head* to cum out to play again.. . . . & instead Bella can show him just how he entertains and satisfies her.

I really loved this Edward. So damn eager to please. Jesus, I think all girls need an eager-to-please lover. So bloody earnest, so bloody willing, so intent on your pleasure. Gah... Where was I? Oh yes. I love this Edward. I am sure you will too. His insecurities are genuine, even though he can really deliver in the bedroom, the boardroom, the office, the hotel room.... And he is very loveable in all his endeavours.

He stared at me for a long moment, making me squirm just a little before I reached out and untucked his shirt. He started to undo his buttons, suddenly in a haste to be naked, but I swatted his hands to let me do it; I wanted to be the one to undress him.

He toed off his shoes and socks as I slid his pants and boxers down his legs; he stepped out of them to the side. He then lowered his hands to my skin, softly stroking my arms and stomach and gently caressing my neck and shoulders. I felt goosebumps pop up on every layer of skin that he touched and I wasn't cold.

He came closer and kissed me; his hands somewhat shakily moved to my back and fumbled a little to unclasp my bra and set my ready and waiting breasts free. I pushed my chest against him and moaned as my nipples met with his hard muscles and speckling of chest hair.

Relinquishing my lips, he moved his gorgeous mouth to my neck, blazing a wet trail of fire across my skin as he moved to my shoulder and down my chest. He pulled a hardened nipple into his mouth and my knees shook beneath me. Luckily, he had one hand on my back.

He continued to kiss down my body and when he reached my panties, he pulled them down, placing kisses in their wake. When he became so smooth with this, I had no fucking clue. But I really liked it. I stepped out of my thong, and Edward began kissing down my leg. He unzipped my boot, slid it off and did the same with the other leg.

With both boots off, he kissed up one leg and down the other, then back up again. The soft kisses were sending every inch of my skin on high alert, and I could feel myself coming more alive with his touch.

On his last pass, he stopped at the apex of my thighs and seemed to take a moment, but a moment too long in my opinion. So I pushed my hips forward slightly, and the bare skin of my pussy pressed against his nose. His face shifted, and I shuddered as his lips grazed my folds in a soft kiss and then his tongue darted out to lick my skin.

"Mmmm," he hummed softly.

I lifted my hand to his hair as his tongue slithered against my skin, firm and wet, making me moan with want and need. His hands crawled up my legs and settled on my thighs, spreading me even more open for him, and I gasped and writhed with every flick of his tongue against my aching clit. I was vaguely aware that I was pretty much fucking his face, but I didn't care. It felt so good and I couldn't make my hips still or force myself to pull him away.

4 bubbles out of 5 from yours truly. x

So, as you all probably know by now I have a thing for shy, awkward, geeky Edwards. Well, this Edward is a doozy. Not only is he she & incredibly awkward he's also has virtually no experience in the bedroom. In chapter 1 Edward sums up his experience thus far after confident and sexy Bella makes him think dirty, dirty things.

I lost my virginity at twenty-one to my one and only girlfriend, Angela, who I thought was just as inexperienced as me, but I was wrong. She tried all of these things, like trying to get me to tie her up and she wanted me to stick a plug in uhm...well...the out hole, but I couldn't do it. Christ, up until that point I had only kissed less than a handful of girls. She took my virginity on my birthday and then dumped me the next day. She said she wanted someone with more experience and that she could add "cherry-popping" as a notch on her bedpost. I cringed at the memory. So here I was at twenty-seven and I might as well have been a virgin.

Even though Edward has no fucking clue what he's doing, he ends up satisfying Bella. And Whoo-Boy does he satisfy her. He remains unsure and fumbling over several encounters with Bella. While getting the job done I must say.

But this Bella isn't a shy violet at all. She's a sexually confident woman that knows what she wants and how to get it. And luckily for Edward, she wants him. Bella may know what she wants in the bedroom and boardroom, but out of it...not so much. The only thing she does know is that she doesn't like to be tied down (tied up is another matter all together) to one guy. But after her encounter with Edward, all other men pale in comparison. le sigh.

As always things get complicated when those damn "feelings" start to happen for both of them. Bella doesn't know what to do about them, going back and forth from wanting to run away and to Edward. Edward on the other hand doesn't know what he did and he's confused and unsure and I really just wanna hug him for it.

But never fear, Edward finds his sexual confidence and voice without beinga tool and keeping some of the apprehension and uncertainty that makes him so fucking adoarable. And OMG is it hot.

"You smell so good," he told me as he took a deep breath and flicked his tongue on my neck. "Taste even better."

Though there are echoes of angstiness, don't be fooled. This is a fun, fluffy and smutty romp.

4 out of 5 Bubbles from moi!

In my opinion, there are too few fics around that picture Bella as a sexually liberated woman. More often than not, if there's any h00ring going on, it is Edward who is the culprit. Granted, canon Edward and Bella were relatively chaste. I always got the impression, however, if Edward would have said the word, Bella would have been up for some red-hot sexytimes, STAT. When I learned that the premise of snshyne's story was that Bella was experienced and Edward was not, naturally, my interest was piqued.

snshyne plays with our canon characters in some unusual ways, making them rather OOC. Angela Weber is one of the biggest casualties. She is protrayed as the woman who broke Edward's heart after taking his virginity. Like, immediately afterwards. Edward is a driven perfectionist, who runs his own successful PR firm along with his brother Emmett, EC2. He has put so much of his energy and effort into creating this company, he hasn't has any time to dwell on dating or relationships. That's where Bella comes in. Literally.

After a presentation to her company, Black-Swan, Inc., Bella tells Edward that his presentation needs work, and they need to "meet" in her office to discuss it with him. It turns out, the only thing that needs work is Bella's pussy by Edward's cock. She is brazen and forward, and they proceed to fuck over her desk. Yes, please!

I appear to be physically incapable of not loving any incarnation of Edward, and PR Edward is no exception. While he is successful, perfectionistic and driven (that's a triad of Kimpy Kryptonite right there), he is also shy with women, a little on the geeky side (not that there's ANYTHING wrong with that), and totally unschooled in the ways of relationships. He is, however, incredibly earnest (the final nail in the Kimpy Kryptonite coffin), and insists upon opening Bella's door, a "lady never pays on a date," and all the typical Edwardisms we love him for.

Bella pulls Edward into the fun to be had with sex, even introducing him to iChat sex. When Edward has to cancel a date suddenly to go out of town on business, they have an incredibly hot session that includes Bella's glass dildo, Bubbles:

"Do you see how wet I am for you? What would you do to me if you were here?"

"God, you look so good. I'd want to bury my face in between your thighs and drink you up."

The very best part of their session is that Bella falls asleep, and in a twist on canon, Edward watches her from his laptop all night. In the morning, he wakes her up via their open iChat conversation, which was so innocent and sweet. No matter what, Edward is a gentleman to the end.

There is a little angst in this story, but thankfully it is short lived, and there appears to be a HEA in the works. Bella and Edward eventually get on the same page, and Edward makes up for A LOT of lost time in the sexual arena. He never leaves Bella sexually unsatisfied, even when they first get together. By chapter 8, they're doing things sexually that Edward couldn't have imagined in his wildest dreams, and they are a perfect match.

The only issue I really had with this story is that while I loved to see Bella portrayed as sexually liberated, there were times that her views on sexuality flew in the face of her public persona. She apparently worked incredibly hard to be taken seriously as the female president of her firm, but then she goes off and has sex with the key contact for a company they've hired. In fact, she does several things that would raise the alarm bells of business ethics. This is fiction, however, and I'm willing to suspend disbelief in a trade off for hot sex between Bella and Edward, if YKWIM. *wink* snshyne also creates a Jake who is kind and brotherly/BFF to Bella, and that was a lovely change of pace for all the negative Jake incarnations in the fandom.

4 out of 5 Bubbles

I was extremely excited to venture into this story, described as a fun fic mini-series in the summary. Sometimes it's nice to know you're going to get the whole story in 10 chaps or less and snshyne does a great job keeping you entertained. In the ancient days of my fic reading, this is something I would have printed out and brought with me to the beach, now I have my trusty iphone to keep me perving wherever I go.

I admit I fawn over all types of Edwards, but I have a very soft spot for the shy, unassuming Edward that doesn't grasp his own appeal. It's not that he lacks confidence because he's clearly successful and smart, albeit less experienced with women...only from his extreme drive to have a successful career. And as shy as he is, he still manages to stutter out his desires after a mind blowing bj...which I love.

She smiled at me and pushed my glasses back up on my nose. I wasn't sure what to say. 'Thank you' seemed inappropriately callous.

"Uhm..." I still couldn't think of anything to say.

She moved closer and kissed me softly on the lips.

"C-c-can I see you again?" I asked, finally finding my voice.

"Mmhm," Bella hummed with a nod, "call me," she said as she slid into her car. I shut her door, she blew me a kiss and then drove away.

I guess this was what Emmett meant by getting your dick sucked so good you had to beg the girl to stop.

It's fun to see Bella as the agressor. She definitely knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it, as we see in chapter 1. She realizes her feelings and Edward definitely causes a type of scattered behavior she's not used to. I love how she lets her guard down while leaving him a message. I found it very sweet how her over confidence was forgotten.

"Uhm...Hi. It's me. I mean, it's Bella. I can't say me because of course me could be anyone. Anyway, I got the flowers and they are so gorgeous. Thank you. They're perfect. I uhm...well..." beep.

It cracks me up because you know he loved getting a message like that from her. Although Edward is more reserved he comes off as more comfortable in his own skin, and Bella is the one who gets afraid of her feelings and how her career would be affected by being with him. Edward is more level headed in that sense. And he does find some confidence of his own...and the visual of him wearing his glasses does something tingly to me.

In a swift movement, one I never expected, Edward flipped us over, keeping us joined in the most intimate way, shifting him on top of me. A small giggle escaped me at the excitement of being flipped, and it took me a second to acclimate my equilibrium to the spinning.

It was agile and sexy and just fuckhot to experience.

His glasses slipped, he pushed them off of the bed and they hit the floor with a light thud.

This was a fun read and I'm excited to read the last chapter or two that snshyne has left. Check it out and leave her some love! xxoo

4 out of 5 Bubbles

I won't lie, I got a little happy in my pants at the prospect of Bella as an aggressive and powerful woman of enterprise.
Bella Swan as the president of a highly successful corporation? Gimmie some.
Equally successful yet far less sexually experienced Edward? Yes please.

"Dear Edward,

I had fun last night. Reservations at Monza, 8pm.


This post-coital text message really set the tone for me. I thought it was a great balance in acknowledgement and dismissal. Bella seems to be all business. As the story evolves, however, we see how completely disarmed she is by Edward; and who can blame her? Edward is charming, sweet, speaks seven languages, and has a softness about him that makes you think he could use a good snuggle after you screw him senseless.

I was pleased that there is never a negative connotation attached to Bella for her relatively high level of sexual experience, and that Edward is treasured for his lack thereof. It was very important to me that Bella never shirked her past, or considered herself unworthy of Edward because of it.

Edward's perceptions of Bella are lovely. His comparisons between her personality and the way she kept her her surroundings made me ache with desire for an observant man. He sees a side of her that she doesn't intend to project, but is clearly there.

"Softly decorated in hues of purples and whites with structured edges to her furniture. Just like Bella, soft and feminine with structured edges that she presented to the outside world."

This story didn't completely satisfy my corporate Bella-in-charge kink. I would have enjoyed seeing her a bit more decisive and in control, but I'm pretty hardcore on the pervy spectrum. It’s definitely a sweet and sexy read for a moderate level perv.

3.5 out of 5 Bubbles.


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ladies, thank you so much for this. A truly honest and awesome review. I'm flattered and I may have blushed. *mwah*