Wednesday, June 9, 2010

anniej13 cozies up with the "Boys of Summer"

Boys of Summer

Rochelle Allison



Bella's sixteenth birthday is made perfect by a kiss from a beautiful boy, but then she doesn't see him again for three years. Does he even remember her?

While deciding on a one-shot I wanted to rec, Boys of Summer immediately came to mind. It is afterall, June, the start of Summertime. Perfect for
some surferward, don't you think?

I love when one-shots feel like a multi-chapter fic...and that's exactly how I felt when I reached the end of this gem. Completely satisfied and grinning like a fool.

We first meet Bella at the beach on her 16th birthday and she has just one be properly kissed.

"Later that afternoon, in the green and gold time of day, the girls and I drove to the bonfire at the beach. It was my favorite time of day, when the sun was starting to set and seemed to saturate and honey everything."

I love Rochelle Allison's beautiful way with words. Her descriptions hold a very romantic tone. Catching sight of that beautiful boy, across the bonfire, in the night, exciting and intense. I feel like I'm part of the story.

"...and while I exhaled my first stream of smoke I saw him, with his odd flickering hair and his board shorts slung so low it was obscene."

Maybe that's why this story resonates with me. It brings back that exhilarating feeling of locking gazes with that boy and the magnetic pull.

"Terrified, excited, high, I licked my lips and stared at his mouth, wondering if I should just steal the kiss I knew belonged to me."

Flash forward 3 years to another chance encounter and this is where things get even hotter.

"But I'd know those green eyes anywhere… he flashed me a crooked grin and continued on his way, rivulets of water dripping down his back and toward the crack where his board shorts met his ass."

I won't spoil their time together. Take a few minutes to enjoy this fun loving, unftastic story. You won't be sorry! I'll just leave you with this...

"...but he licked his way into my open mouth, quieting me with his kiss. He pushed against me but not in me, bringing us closer.

It had always been like this with him, this all-consuming attraction; we were magnets."