Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get To Know Chele681

Hello ladies and… well, ladies. It is my absolute pleasure to be joining the Perv Pack this month in the honorary seat. Don’t worry; I gave it a good scrubbing before I sat down. I know who’s been here and what they’ve been up to. *eyes FloridaChickie*

My name is Chele, and I like to feel things. You know, the emotion which comes with reading a story while it hangs on the knife’s edge of conflict and passion? This is why I have become an avid reader of fanfic. Humor, Angst, Drama, Romance; I want it all, just don’t tell me what’s going to happen. I love an HEA, but I hate to see it coming. If you’re going to hurt me, don’t give me a chance to brace myself. I want a writer to let me have the full experience they’ve put so much effort into creating.

I’m not ashamed to say that I hold high standards and am a bit of an elitist when it comes to recommending fics. I am a lover of good plot, steamy smut, and effective characterizations. I’ll read just about anything with one of those qualities, but when they combine, a story can own me hard. Be bold, avoid redundancy, and stay true to the characters you write.

Just Ship it! (Note: Ship: N: Short for romantic relationship. V: To endorse a romantic relationship.)

Bravery is awesome, and for this reason I have a special love for non-canon pairings. I am amazed by these authors’ ability to write a story which makes me really believe that two characters who were unrelated or adversaries in canon can be lovers or friends when painted in a different light. I am the equal-opportunity shipper. You name ‘em, I probably ship ‘em. I’ll pair Jasper with anyone who isn’t a blood relative, and I’ve enjoyed fics which paired Bella with everyone but Charlie and Yorkie. (Yes, even I, the consummate shipper, have hard limits: rape, incest, abuse, and Yorkie)

Bella and Edward are beautiful together, but considering their massive exposure, a writer has to bring it hard if they want to write them in a way that hasn’t been done.

Alternately, there are dozens of other characters just waiting to be thrust into the limelight.

Ladies, meet Peter. He’s asking us to come back to bed, and to bring Jasper with us. Imagine the possibilities. There are some brilliantly written stories which highlight secondary characters and non-canon pairings. Give them a chance.

A few of us have gotten together to shamelessly beg for more alternative pairings by holding the Alternate-Shippers Challenge.

Once More, With Passion.

Upon discovering fanfic, I was awed by the volume and diversity of smut. Like most in the post-isle Esme coitus-interruptus haze, I read it like a girl who’d just found the key to her chastity belt: without discretion. Once the initial titillation of reading dirty words wore off, I found that I really wanted more from my smut. Enter my search for and obsession with smut for the sake of character development. In a best case scenario, I can learn as much about a character’s personality in the context of one lemon as I can from 3,000 words of descriptive introduction. It’s nice to read about Bella’s mahogany tresses and Edward’s penchant for desiring control in the bedroom. You can take three pages to explain it, or you can tell me about how Bella’s hair feels wrapped in Edward’s fist.

Imagine how intimate behaviors can define personality. The way a man disposes of a condom is probably a good indicator as to whether he will pick his dirty socks up off the floor. Ideally every action by a character should mean something, if a lemon is worth writing it should be so tightly woven into the story that to remove it would cause everything to unravel.

Sex in fiction can be so much more than the insertion of throbbing members. Let actions and passions speak. Don’t tell me about it, show me. When an author makes this work I fall madly in love. You can ask Einfach Mich and Twanza, both of whom have received my epically smitten reviews after having been left breathless by their descriptions. They have an ability to incorporate intimacy within the plot in a way that brings a reality to the characters which would otherwise be impossible to express.

There are many authors that do this well, and for the love of baby kittens, please leave them reviews and encourage them to write more. A plot bunny get’s it’s wings every time you push that review button and share the love.

She’s the Alpha, I’m the Omega

One of my greatest joys of being in the fandom is being a content beta / prereader. I consider it an honor when an author puts their trust in me to give them feedback on their artistic creations. God help them if they listen to my suggestions. Sweet Dulcinea lets me play with her Peter. She is brilliant and brave, and I am lucky.

I only ever really write for two reasons:

1. To hone my reviewing skills. Nothing lends perspective or contributes to author appreciation like trying to do it your self.

2. To rub up against greatness. A good collaboration is intimate and beautiful, and I have been lucky enough to have the honor of writing with several awesomely talented partners. I highly suggest it.

I am thrilled to be counted among this group of extraordinary women for the month. I hope that in my time with The Perv Pack I can take part in shedding light on some excellent and smuttastic fics.


BBSapphire24 said...

Loved this post Chele! You're non canon ways are inspiring and I love you for it!

I'm excited for your month as "Honorary Perv"!

<3 Jess

Sarah said...

I absolutely loved and couldn't agree more with what you said about lemons and character development. Anyone can write a fuckscene, but writing actual intimacy, tickling a reader's mind toward erotic limits, that's so much sexier, more stimulating, and more memorable than a simple lemon, no matter how fast or hard or wet it is.

This was awesomely written darling, you have great aim with a hammer. You slammed the nail spot-on.


SweetDulcinea said...

And now you shall lay down for boob grabs and clit licks. ILYSFM & loved your delightful little introduction. *GLOMP*

twanza said...

I think every month is "Chele Month," which is as it should be. I am the proud recipient of your unbelievable ability to read more life into a story than it actually might contain, and am eternally grateful for the time you spend thinking deep thoughts.

It is especially an honor when you call me out on shit, and so I know the recos you make for PPSM will no doubt be epic.

I'd also like to add that you have a fabulous sense for the absurd and an encyclopedic knowledge of:

Cheers Darling! (That's you from Damien Rice, btw)


FloridaChickie said...

Chele, how dare you imply that you have to clean where I say before!! LOL. Awesome entry here. Always awesome getting to know more about the hot bitch that lives just north of me. xoxo