Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bethie incurs some Freezer Aisle Head Trauma

Freezer Aisle Head Trauma




Bella's a bit saucy, not a blush to be found...Edward's a tired resident with hidden treasures...A chance meeting in the freezer aisle...Is it fate? A Tattward & Inkella One Shot Entry

Every once in a while I go back and revisit old contests to check out the entries that didn't get much notice, to see if there is a gem that was over-looked. It is in the archives of the Tattward & Inkella contest that I stumbled across "Freezer Aisle Head Trauma". How I ever missed this the first time around, I have no idea. First, it has an intriguing title. Next, the summary (which we all know sucks to write), a saucy Bella and a Dr.Ward, yes and fuck yes.

This all kicks off, as the title suggests, in a grocery store. Both Edward and Bella are picking up a few things for dinner on their way home from work, when Edward finds Bella trying to retrieve her favorite ice cream.

Edward had spotted her in the freezer aisle as she bent over to reach the bottom shelf. She was wearing a pale yellow skirt that hugged her shape until just above her knees where it flared out showing off her legs. The shape of her hips made his palms itch grab a hold of them and learn their shape by heart.

Visions of those same hips sans the skirt began to affect the fit of his scrubs as his cock began to swell. As he stepped closer to her she leaned just a little further into the freezer causing her thin silky blue shirt to slip and show a narrow strip of skin on her back.

He barely held back a groan at the sight of the ink on her back. It looked like flames but there was not enough skin showing to tell for sure. His fingers then began to twitch with the urge to reach out and slide her shirt further up her back so he could indulge himself with the sight of her tattoo. He was so involved in his fantasy of tracing the ink on her back to find out how far it extended that he didn't realize that he had moved to stand almost directly behind her. The woman suddenly sighed and took a step back from the freezer. Before Edward could move away she backed into him and stopped.

Startled, Bella stands up too fast knocking her head into the shelf. A domino affect occurs where he drops his basket to catch her, they slip in the mess his shattered basket causes, and end up in a heap on the floor. After some debate, Edward insists that Bella let him take her to the hospital, call a friend, or take her home with him, so her head injury can be monitored.

"I'll make you a deal" He said. "I'll drive you to my house, it's not far from here, you can use my shower and I'll loan you some clothes while yours get washed. I'll even order dinner since we aren't presentable for a night out. I'll even promise to be a gentleman." The crooked grin he flashed at her made up her mind. A chance to get into his house and shower may just provide an opportunity to scratch the itch that had tormented her all day.

"I accept your offer," She grinned with a twinkle in her eye, "as long I get to chose dinner and you take back your offer to be a gentleman."

After she almost slips again getting up, Edward swoops Bella up into his arms, and they start out to his car. On the way, she sees his piercings in his ears, which starts a conversation about them. As they flirt and tease their way to his car, a conversation about their tattoos also begins.

Their rush to Edward's house is briefly way laid when they both receive phones calls. Turns out they had both promised to meet up with friends and/or family tonight, who were trying to hook them up. The friends/family are all one in the same little be known to Edward and Bella. Alas, they both blow off their commitment to continue their night together. Only their friends are the wiser that they are completing the evening how they had hoped.

Once back at Edward's apartment, they waste no time:

"Do you want a tour?"

"Edward," she said "the only room I'm interested in right now is your bedroom."

The rest of the story plays out as they explore piercings with tongues and tattoos with touches.

"I hope you left the gentleman outside the bedroom, Edward" growled Bella.

Edward leaned over piercing her with his burning eyes.

"You can fucking bet on it" he growled back and with that he moved up and thrust into her.

I'll leave you to discover the rest of the delicious lemon on your own. In the end, she leaves us with them cluing into their friends' secret, as they head to a post-coital shower. This story left me smiling, and knowing these two had lots of good times in and out of the bedroom ahead of them.

Final talley
Edward: four tattoos, 3 ear & 2 nipple piercings
Bella: 3 tattoos, numerous ear & 1 belly button piercing
Bethie: fanning herself