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Team Anything Goes explores the "Deceptive Little Flower"

"Team Anything Goes" is pretty self-explanatory. Anything Goes and we do mean anything.

We are Bethis aka EJ Santry,Hope aka manyafandom, and Jeanne aka einfach_mich.

Deceptive Little Flower


Jane satisfies a long harbored carnal curiosity as only Jane would. Canon Jane lemon O/S

I have to admit, since seeing Eclipse, I have a new fascination with Jane. I was glued to the screen whenever she was on it. She felt like the only character with depth, and the contrast they did with her eyes and skin tone with her black coat. Glorious. I digress. So, it is not surprising that I pimped this Jane one-shot to my fellow Anything Goes h00rs.

In this story, we don’t find Jane as a prepubescent doll, but as a young woman exploring her sexuality. It is hinted at that she shares Aro’s bed, but with Heidi’s encouragement, she seeks a new kind of pleasure.

"The scent of his arousal, the thrill of fear when he realizes his coming death, it will only add to your satisfaction," she coaxed suggestively.

LoreliD does an amazing job at her descriptions of the surroundings, Jane, and the human boy she is pursuing. I found myself absolutely in the moment from being able to picture, and almost feel, the “crumbling green entombed stone benches” to the smell of the “damp brick wall”. My senses were completely absorbed by her writing.

I loved watching Jane in this story “give in”. She lets the human “dominate her”.

I gasped in excited shock, no one within the Volturi ever dared to display any dominance over me, and this weak human's ignorant control was beyond exhilarating.

The lemon isn’t the longest one ever written, but you feel in the moment as Jane shifts from enjoying this role play and the feeling of the warm human consuming her to her baser needs taking over.

I could feel my urge growing. As he swelled inside of me, his cock throbing in time with his pulsating artery, I brought my lips to his and kissed him once more.

I love how she finishes the moment. It is beautiful, but I will leave it for you to experience on your own.

I’ve always thought being a vampire wouldn’t be very much fun. It’s our mortality as humans that makes every little thing so precious. I just always got the idea that Vamps walk around in a never-ending state of ennui. Le Sigh. That’s how we find Jane at the beginning of this story, bored of her life and yearning for something more. The something more happens to be a local boy she spies (and that spies her) from a tower in the castle.

You get the sense that Jane has been sheltered; never allowed to hunt, or explore or be a true vampire. The lovely, delicate but deadly doll kept in a high tower away from the world. At the urging of Heidi, Jane pursues the young man.

The ancient Roman ampi-theater ruins set the perfect stage for the game Jane want’s to play.  Acting the demure maiden, so unlike her normal self, Jane draws her prey in, enticing the man. Things quickly change, the man becomes rough and urgent, domineering. It’s unlike anything she’s ever experienced or thought was possible.

You’ll just have to read to find out what happens, hehe.

I really enjoyed this one-shot. The narrative was beautiful and lush, while not getting lost completely in the words. The authors take on Jane has me intrigued and hoping she might write more for her. *hinthintnudgenudge* It’s short, steamy and worth the time to read!

I fell in love with Jane when I read New Moon. There are so many delightfully fucked up things about her to love; from the young age at which she was changes, her relationship to her twin brother, her unyielding dedication to Aro, and of course there's her power. A lot of fics that feature Jane only ever focus on Jane's power, using her as a convenient villain that is often discarded when the story gets reaches it's inevitable HEA. I've always thought that this was such a waste of a wonderful character.

Jane in canon is essentially a young female without a sense of guilt or socially enforced sense of morality. In fact, due to her relationship with Aro, her moral compass has been turn in the opposite direction that most feel it should be. More importantly Jane represents a part of us, as women, that we rare acknowledge, and if we do, we often feel shame over it.

Which is so unfortunate, because when I look at Jane I do not just see the monstrous woman-child of SM's nightmares. I see a young woman, albeit flawed, but still very real in her desires and drives. Jane is strong, unyielding and utterly fearless. She is also cruel, single-minded and selfish. Jane is that nasty little girl inside of all of us that likes to pop the heads off our Barbie dolls when we're angry.

LoreliD's Deceptive Little Flower demonstrates the simple beauty of this female predator, when allowed to revel in her own nature, when Jane is allowed to herself, in all her delightfully evil glory. She is young, curious and sexual. That last bit might make a few uncomfortable, and LoreliD makes note of the age that she assumes Jane is at (14 to 15). While for some that might still be questionable, it set me at easy. After a 100 years it only seems logical that Jane would have explored her sexuality and this story documents, in beautifully lush detail, just one encounter out of many that I'm sure Jane would have had in her life as a vampire.

In this story we see Jane prowling Volterra in the evening looking for human prey, however what she intends to do with this human is a little different. She stalks her prey, remembering Heidi's advice, and encouragement to explore carnal delights with a human. Jane pursues this with all the curiosity and calculation of her canon self.

DLF will undoubtedly leave you titillated and conflicted. This is a dark treasure of a story, that take you to dark places that you may have never gone, but will very much enjoy. Remember as you read this story, that it is okay to like and to like Jane. After all we can all be an evil bitch from time to time. Personally, I see nothing wrong with that, and neither should you.

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