Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jessypt cures her aching Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

Mac214 and BellaFlan



Come to Pink Cookie, where porn never tasted this good. Erotic baker, Edward Cullen has a new obsession in the form of Bella Swan. Will his buttercream satisfy her sweet tooth? AH, OOC, Smut.


Hey guys! It’s Jess, one of August’s Honorary Pervs! When I was asked to rec a one shot, I immediately started digging. I rarely read one shots, mostly because I hate getting sucked into a story just to see it end. Couple my lack of reading with a desire to find something not super smutty ::gasp:: but heavy on UST, and it equates to a shit ton of reading.

I was just about to finalize my pick when I saw someone tweet a link to a story called “Sweet Tooth.” Imagine my surprise when I saw that this story (yes, I know it’s not a one shot, but there’s still only one chapter posted, so cut me some slack) was about bakerward and buttercreamella! As a cupcake and buttercream junkie – not the crappy kind you buy in the store or the stuff made with Crisco, REAL butter buttercream – I knew immediately it was going to be total win!

This little fic (it’ll be about six chapters) seriously did not disappoint. I mean, how can you not love a story where Edward is baker in an erotic bakery in TriBeCa, and Bella gets off on buttercream. I mean, seriously, you cannot beat that (well, Bella can, but I’m hoping that’s later in the story)!

“Sweet Tooth” starts with Edward, a socially awkward baker with a knack for creating realistic genitalia, licking pink frosting off the nipple of a boob cake he’s making. Irritated that he can’t quite seem to get the perfect shade of pink, he scrapes the entire bowl of icing into the trash.

“The frosting for the nipples was too pink. No real woman's nipples were that weird shade of bubble gum... at least I didn't think so; the number of naked nipples I'd seen in person could be counted on one hand.”

“I quickly lowered my mouth to the cake and flicked out my tongue to lick a dollop of the overly pink buttercream from the cake nipple. Oh, fuck. It shouldn't have caused such a visceral
reaction, but I felt my cock harden and ache, throbbing almost painfully against my fly. I pushed it to the side to move it into a more comfortable position, but touching myself only caused it to throb and lengthen along my thigh.”

Not too long into the story, Carlisle (the bakery owner) calls Edward out to consult with a potential customer on a penis cake… and not just any penis cake. A penis cake (seriously, how many times can I say penis cake?) with a Prince Albert piecing. Unf!

As soon as he gets closer to her, his erection gets even harder, and he reverts back to his completely awkward, gawking self. In an attempt to distract himself, he hands her a pink cookie ::snort:: Is that what we’re calling it these days?

"Pink cookie?"

"Sure," she stammered, drawing my eyes to her mouth. "Thanks."

Did I have a trace of buttercream on my lip? Oh god, could she know what I had been doing in the kitchen? Maybe she was from the Department of Health. The panic welled in my chest, deflating my hard-on immediately, but then she took a small bite of the cookie, her tongue shooting out to catch a few crumbs. Health Inspector or not, my dick liked her, and I was right back to square one - with my dick tenting my pants.

"Is... is that buttercream frosting?" Her eyebrow twitched rapidly, like a nervous tic, and she sniffed deeply.

Oh, I was fucked. "I... er... well, you see... uh."

"I love the smell of buttercream frosting." Her demeanor instantly changed with her words. Where she had been nervous and tentative, now she was, well... almost aggressive. She was leaning toward me, and one hand clutched at the sleeve of my coat.

Later, after Bella leaves, Edward finds himself mindlessly sketching a bouquet of long-stemmed cupcakes. But these aren’t just any cupcakes, they’re vag cupcakes, each uniquely shaped and made… just like us!

“Each little cake was decorated with a vagina, and no two were alike. One vagina had straight, symmetrical labia surrounding a perfect little clitoris. Another looked more like a blooming flower, with the labia minora jutting out beyond the majora. None of them included a raisin.”

I’ll let you figure out what the raisin is all about on your own! I’m into visuals, so for your viewing pleasure, I’m including an example of some divinely creative vag cupcakes.

The rest of the story carries on with playful, sexually-charged banter that holds the promise for lots of steamy times to come (hehe). I can totally see so many possibilities for this story, like scenes where Edward uses Bella as a cake model (is there even such a thing?), Bella gets to suck buttercream off of him, or maybe just some hot kitchen lovin’! The possibilities are endless!

The best thing about this whole deal: the section breaks look like cooters!

So run… don’t walk to your mixer, and whip up your own batch of buttercream!


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Crap! I guess third times a charm... I just received this story in my inbox too, and I can't wait to read more updates. I love Mac's writing; this is going to be so much fun.