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Raw & Rosy by tuesdaymidnight

Raw and Rosy





Jasper Hale hates his high school rival Edward Cullen with a passion. What happens when Jasper discovers Edward's little secret? Spank!Fic. AH/AU/OOC. Rated M. Contains mature content.

Spank!Fic. Gotta tell you, my lovelies, this had Bethie’s doubts up before I even got started. I know people have their fetishes, but I just wasn’t sure that I would find it titillating. Let me tell the time I got done with Chapter 9, I was reading with my toy box.

I love the duality of this Edward and Jasper’s relationship. In public, they are borderline enemies, even coming down to fist fights in school. A chance slap to the ass by Jasper trying to play off one of their fights causes Edward to react to Jasper in a way he never imagined. This sexually explorative Jasper’s interest is peaked.

So, the boys start meeting up after school, at least weekly, for their “sessions”. We quickly find out that Edward has never had a male lover. I love the fact that Jasper makes him stop before the first time they fuck to make sure that Edward is really sure about all of this. It’s his shift from dominant to caring that is so intriguing. He may be a dick head to Edward, but he is not a dick.

He felt so good around my dick. He was so tight, I couldn't get over it. I was nearly getting high off knowing that I was the only one who had ever been inside Edward this way. This part of his body was mine and mine alone. If he wanted to continue whoring himself out to the sluts of Forks High, that was his business, but this, this perfect ass was mine.

As the story moves on, the boys experiment from everything from a handmade wooden paddle to store bought paddles and canes. But, I have to admit my favorite moments are when it is just the two of them, just using hands, mouths, and fucking, that the real magic is. You can see the shift in their personal dynamic. There are softer moments that leak into the before and after of their sex life. Such as after they almost get caught in the act by Edward’s mother, only to finish with her just downstairs, and Edward gagged with Jasper’s underwear.

"You can come with me. If you want to get away from her. I don't know what we'll do, but if you want an excuse to leave."

"Thanks, but it's better if I deal with her tonight. She'll be out of here in a few days anyway. She never stays long."

"You're sure?"

"Yeah," he said with a sigh. He brought his right arm up to rub the back of his neck. "She's still my mom, you know?"

I did know, so I nodded.

In our discussions, we all see someone breaking emotionally soon. By that, I mean that they are both becoming attracted to one another more than just as a way of getting off. I thought Edward was going to crack in the woods, but alas, he didn’t. I think it is coming soon, and I am anxious to see what it will mean for them.

4.5 out of 5 Rosy Hand Prints

I first found this fic, when i was trawling for fics that other authors like, by checking their favourites, on their ff profiles. (yes I admit I was specifically looking for yummy slash stories - so sue me? Or better yet, so spank me!) I was immediately taken by this yummy, slashy treat. Wanna know what dragged me in?

"See what you're doing to me? See how hot you are, bent over and willing for me? Next time I'm going to spread those cheeks apart and fuck you until you're sore inside and out."

He groaned, and I thought I heard the word "please" escape his lips.
One more slap was all it took.

"Fuck, Jasper!" his voice reverberated through the hallway as he shuddered under me, shooting his seed out onto the Cullen's stairs.

Watching him give in to the orgasm was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. His whole body seemed to climax, tensing and releasing everywhere. I imagined, then, what it would feel like to have my cock inside that tight ass as he came, clamping around me, so I could feel his pulsing body.

"Ugh," I cried. A few more pulls and I was coming all over the rosy, raw, fleshy curves of Edward's pert ass.

Well yeah....... I was sold. (& turned on. Come on! I’m a perv!) I quickly read all chapters that were available and was eager for more. [I was unfortunately though going into my review fail phase (I am still in this btw), so my apologies to EVERYONE I owe reviews to!] When I was away in ComCon, the girls & I were talking about our forthcumming stories and this was an immediate choice for me. Hopey agreed with me & we knew the others would be right for it...

The fic starts out as pure delicious smut. Without a real plot! Just lots of yummy angry boy butt action! Rarrrrrrrrrr! Tasty!! But this tale really does actually morph into more, the author has really built upon their characterisations and is slowly opening them up to each other more than sexually. I wouldn’t have minded if this hadn’t happened, as the smut was such high quality top-tingle! But as the author has done so I must say it has really added to the story. I am really intrigued as well as to where she is going to take these two now. How would or could they function without the release the other provides them? How will they cope when they realise just how their situation has changed and grown....

I cannot wait to find out! If you enjoy boys pleasuring one another, you will love this fic. Its rude and very raw! Rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I think everyone knows I am not the hugest Jasper fan, and I found this characterisation quite a bit different from how I perceive him... Mentally I seemed to not imagine Jasper as Jasper, I imagined a ponytail less James instead... (I know, I am a weirdo) (but I just wanted to say, that if you prefer other shippings, or normally like me, prefer Ed to be the dominant one, its easy to imagine its not Jasper here! :D)

4.5 Rosy Hand-Prints out of 5 from me. Rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I couldn’t really verbalize how I feel about this amazing fic. So I offer this instead:

5 out of 5 Rosy Hand Prints

I’ve never been shy about my reticence to read a lot of the m/m slashfic out there, because I’m very particular about my boy smut. I want it to be authentic, and frankly, I’m usually disappointed. Don’t get me wrong--I love two hot men smexing it up together, but it has to be done properly. PSA concluded.

To say I was titillated by the theme of “Raw and Rosy” would be putting it mildly. When I started, the first couple of chapters simply didn’t gel with me, so I called out to my fellow pervs to talk me down from the ledge. They encouraged me to persevere, and god almighty, I’m so grateful that they did. Once TuesdayMidnight started in with character development, around chapter 3 or so, I was fucking hooked.

I love Edward, pretty much in any way, shape or form. TuesdayMidnight not only made him a sub, but also a bottom, who *cue whimper* loves to be spanked, and he’s bi. And--be still my heart--EDWARD HAS A PARKA!! She found my kryptonite. UNG. Scrape me off the floor any time. I’ll be fine. Eventually.

Typically, I’m straight up Edward/Bella shipper, but I couldn’t find it in myself to care that Bella was just background fodder for the story. She even got me to hate Edward’s cold, absentee parents, Carlisle and Esme. What? Hate Carlisle and Esme? Really? That, my friends, is skillful writing.

Add to the mix a fuckhot Domsper, and good lord, I’m GONE. The entire time I was reading JPOV, the song from the scene in Eclipse where Jasper is doing fight training--”With You In My Head” by UNKLE--kept running through my brain. There was something so RAWR about that version of Jasper that served to add to the delicious fantasy that TuesdayMidnight creates for us.

(When I mentioned this song to my fellow Perv Jeanne, the yin to my yang, she dreamed up a delicious little scenario where that song is playing in the background. Edward walks down the hall of Forks High in slo-mo, right past Jasper, eyefucking him the entire time. Cue once, walks by commando in skinny jeans. Cue twice, walks by in leather pants. Cue thrice, walks by with Bella on his arm. No more cues left after that, because Kimpy fell victim to spontaneous human combustion.)

This is what “Raw and Rosy” will do to you, honestly!! But I digress... back to the story. *sigh*

I think the most appealing aspect of their relationship is the fact that Edward is no passive sub in RL--the only person he never had control over was Jasper. The way these two clash during school hours merely serves as tantalizing foreplay for their post-school activities. TuesdayMidnight fills these two boys with wonderful sexual tension, and their dirty talking incarnations are just sublime.

Did I happen to mention that Edward is a shameless tease? He does all kinds of subtle little things to set Jasper off, thinking they might go unnoticed, but they never do. Bending over in front of Jasper in English class. Going commando. Wearing leather pants. Allowing Forks High skanks to fawn all over him. Oh, that one really made Jasper unhappy:

"And, I don't like seeing little mousy brunettes hanging all over you like they own you."

Every one of his transgressions earns him spanks, and you wait with anticipation to see how Jasper will deliver them. With his hand? With the leather paddle? With the wooden paddle he made by hand, especially with Edward in mind? The same paddle he surprises Edward with one delicious day:

“I felt something cool and hard touch my ass then. It was smooth and definitely didn't feel like leather. He dragged it across my skin slowly. It felt more like... wood. Yes, as he brought it back to lightly press against my skin, I knew it was a wooden paddle this time, with more surface area than the leather paddle. It would cover more of my ass in the delicious sting.

I tilted my head in question. I wasn't sure what I was asking, exactly, but Jasper seemed to know.

‘Yes. I made it myself.’

For some reason, knowing that made it even better. I could imagine Jasper at a work bench sawing and sanding, getting sawdust in his golden waves, getting hard as he thought about what he was going to do with the paddle once he finished.

He rubbed it over my ass again, and spoke softly, ‘Not a splinter to be found.’"

At one point, Jasper coerces Edward to go to an adult toy store with him (The “Triple XXX”). The method of coercion? Edward’s first real blowjob. Once Jasper has his cock in his mouth, Edward instantly recognizes that the girls who previously serviced him hold nothing over Jasper:

"That was the best fucking blow job I've ever had in my life." He grinned down at me lazily, "I don't even think it's fair to call what I've had done to me before this 'blow jobs.'"

The trip to the store is a unique experience in and of itself, because it is the first time that Edward and Jasper are out in public, together. Jasper knows Edward so well, he can tell which toys seem particularly appealing to him, and deliciously files that knowledge away for future reference (yes, please, I can’t wait for that chapter!!). They also touch each other (with Jasper sidling up behind Edward and rubbing his hard cock on Edward’s ass--UNF!), and it’s rather an endearing moment. I won’t spoil the surprise in this chapter, but watch out for the gerbil. You’ll see what I mean when you get there. It is pure, total, fucking WIN.

The Naughty Nurse in me has to add another PSA--and that is the way TuesdayMidnight handles the question of STDs and condom usage. She handles it in such a responsible, but still honest and sexy way, and I was so grateful she incorporated it into the story. This public health nurse gives TWO BIG THUMBS UP to her for smexy safety!!

Do yourself a favor, READ. THIS. STORY. Have a bib handy to catch your drool. And if at first it doesn’t capture your fancy, keep trying. You’ll be oh-so-glad that you did. Honest.

5 out of 5 Rosy Hand Prints

When I saw the PWP (porn without plot) mention in the author’s note, I was immediately on guard. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t read smut for smut’s sake. I like lemons but prefer non-graphic ones, and I always need a story. In fact, I crave it. So, it was with great trepidation that I started this fic and was blown (twhs) away at the end. A lot of my preconceived notions about m/m slash were broken down throughout the story and as my fellow pervs and I discussed our varying reactions.

The first three or four chapters are low on story... at least that’s what how it seems. But, to my surprise and delight, there is a story there; it takes a while to progress, and by the end of Chapter Nine, you can see the possibilities - good and bad - for these two. I found myself wanting them to kiss, hang out together outside of this D/s, spank/fuck setting, and to be tender and sweet with each other. Alas, this isn’t your typical slash lovefest. It’s raw and visceral and so, so masculine, and they find their tender moments in their own unique way.

Edward and Jasper are high school enemies who through a bizarre twist of events discover Edward’s need to be spanked and Jasper’s need to dominate. An after school rendezvous leads to all kinds of new, hot experiences.

"You don't need to pretend. We're not friends. I came here for one thing, and one thing only."

I stepped up to him and grabbed the waistband of his jeans. I unbuttoned the fly slowly, closing the distance between us by nuzzling into the crook of his neck, greedily drinking in his scent. I never noticed it before I had him shoved against his car, but he smelled like sandalwood, musk and something else I couldn't place. Then, I yanked the stupid skinny jeans along with his briefs down in a rough motion and spun him around.

I took a second to take in his lithe body before speaking.

"Bend over for me," I ordered.

He glanced over his shoulder at me and his eyes widened, but he still said nothing. Instead, he shuffled over to the stairs that ended in the foyer, his jeans at his knees. I was about to scold him for not following my orders immediately, when I realized he was simply using the stairs for balance. He bent forward, resting his elbows on the stairs, pointing his perfect, firm, round cheeks up in the air.

The level of trust between these two, from the beginning, is really beautiful. As the chapters progress, you can see their relationship build. It starts out with spankings - hands, paddles, canes - blow jobs, trips to sex shops, and lots and lots of fucking, but the emotional bond and need for each other grows as time passes.

There was no greater feeling than giving in. Surrendering. Losing my identity, my sense of self, all the responsibilities, the pressure, the nagging, the expectations, and all the irritating voices that thought they knew what was best for me.

The second that sting began to spread across my skin, I gave in.

It was glorious.

I would do anything – almost literally anything – for Jasper to put his hands on my body the way he did. He was the only person in my 18 years who made me feel... alive.

I can’t wait to see where TuesdayMidnight takes this. I can feel the UET (unresolved emotional tension), yes I just made that up - brewing under the surface. I’m dying for them to kiss, and I know, at some point, one of them will make a confession that will send the other one over the edge. Like everything in this story, there will be lots of raw emotion and realizations about themselves and each other. I’ll be waiting on the other side for the HEA.

4.5 of 5 Rosy Handprints

I went into this only expecting just a lemony little somethin-somethin, but TuesdayMidnight hooked me with a little more than just some after-school hot and sexy times between supposed bitter enemies.

After the principal breaks up Jasper and Edward fighting in the hall, J discovers that E was aroused by J’s playful slap-on-the-ass coverup for their fight. This little revelation leads J to follow E home after school. After the boys discover they both get off on the spanking J delivers, things get even more complicated.

“I first wiped my cum off of his back, then handed him the cloth so he could clean off his dick, as well as the staircase. While he was bent over the stairs. I squeezed some of the lotion into my hand. I took a good long look at his figure. His ass looked spectacular, bright red from the spanking and so tender to the touch. His skin had to be burning, so I put my hands on him gently.

He hissed when the lotion touched his skin.

"Shh..." I said soothingly. "The aloe in this will help."


"Why did you-" Edward started, then cleared his throat. "Afterward, with the lotion?"

Shit. The one thing he could have asked me that would throw me off guard.

The words came out without my really thinking them over. "I take care of what's mine. Your ass is mine now, Cullen."

I love the intensity of their interaction, at school and in the bedroom. This story gives us a little of everything - high school angst, sexual exploration, BDSM, slash, snark, and the possibility of tenderness and true affection down the road. The real joy, apart from the fuckhot sex, is watching these boys struggle to understand the depth of what’s happening between them, and predicting how and when it will come to a head.

4.5 of 5 Rosy Handprints