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Last Tango In Forks

Last Tango In Forks





Bella Swan has spent a lifetime putting everyone else's needs before her own. Could a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger begin to change all of that? AU/AH


I first heard about Last Tango on Twitter, the source of all things evil and delightful. I'm often wary of taking recs there just because people have such varied tastes in fic, but I'm so glad I listened on this one.

After reading chapter 1, I was pulled in to the story. We get this great sense of Bella – loving, tolerant daughter, a job she loves but co-workers she doesn't, and a sense of empathy with those around her. I'm sure there's a lot of identifying with this character from many of us.

Rose is written in such a lovely way, too. She isn't the practically intolerable character demonized in a lot of fic. Instead, she's also a highly relatable character with flaws and strengths, going through a difficult time. We learn about some of her history and challenges.

The first chapter has so much, but it never feels like an information dump or that everything is thrown at you; it's very carefully woven together and the details flow out in the story seamlessly. And, I'm just going to be bold – if you can make it to the end of chapter 1 and NOT click to chapter 2? You're a bigger woman than I am. The last line slayed me, and I just HAD to go on and figure out what the fuck was going on.

More story comes tumbling out in chapter 2, and so many things shift for these characters. There's also a smokin' hot lemon. I think you could read the surface of this story and simply enjoy it for that – the great lemons – but if you dive in and really submerge yourself into the world these two live in, there is so much more here.

I really relate to Bella and my empathy for her is endless, even if she makes choices that I would not, and that I do not think are great. Simply because I disagree with her doesn't mean I can't love her to bits. She has a journey and she's going through it, just as Edward is. I also relate to Edward and feel empathy for him, but in different ways. There are commonalities in each of their storylines – they've both allowed outside influences/people to direct their lives for far too long. They both need something they aren't getting, etc.

Brief departure to get back to skimming the surface in this story – the lemons. They're lovely and sometimes heartbreaking, because the author does such a great job of making their pain almost palpable. You can really feel just how much Edward and Bella want and need to get lost in each other. To have this one small place where, as Edward put it,

"We're going to meet here and it's going to be real... no bullshit pretenses. We're going to say what we want and do as we like." He leaned down to kiss her lips again before pulling away and smiling. "Putting a name on things only gives it limitations... expectations. I don't want any of that. I just want your body... and your soul. Your true soul that you hide away from the rest of the world, buried behind your name."

For Bella, who has been so locked up and locked away inside of herself for years (and perhaps Edward feels that way too, but I get more of a sense of Bella in this fic), this is supremely freeing for her.

The balance of sweet/sexy and heartache is done so well. Chapter 6, for example, was beautiful to see Bella opening up inside herself and being more bold, but the ending simply made me heartclench. It's moments like that when you realize that this journey is not simply about sex for either of them.

Having said that, however, there are these moments of intimacy during sex that catch me off guard a bit.

"Do you like that?"

"Yes," she moaned.

"What do you want right now? Be honest. If you aren't, I'll never learn what you truly like."

The truth of that is huge – everyone rationally realizes that you have to tell your partner what you like and don't to get maximum pleasure, but how many of us have held back just a bit, out of fear or embarrassment or whatever? She has no reason to feel that in this space, so she's able to completely let go.

We've just had a little bit of heartichoke, but I fear it was only a taste of what's to come. By the very nature of the setup, this story has to have major heartfail at some point. I feel like I'm ready, though. I'm ready for them to go through the pain so they can get through to the other side. I want things to balance, for them to talk to each other during the day, for their connection to bloom and explode in other ways. We're seeing little signs of it, small cracks in the facade of their anonymity, and I'm eager for more.

I have to admit, because of real life, I was late to get started on reading this fic. All the other Pervs were chatting about great smut and how much they loved it. I even saw Jeanne say she didn’t mind that this Jake was being mistreated, and I about fell out of my chair. So, I finally got to sit down and start reading it today. Needless to say, the day is not out, and I am done. This story has so many elements that I love. It is beautiful while being tragic. There is angst, but it never is pushed too far. Everything every character does Just. Makes. Sense.

I could quote something from almost every chapter that had me wound up until I was practically tackling Mr. Bethie when he came in the door, but the true magic of this story, for me, is in it’s leads.

When we first meet Bella, she is leading a predictable and contented life. She may have the inkling of wanting more in the deep recesses of her mind, but she is, for what she knows of the world, happy. She had a job she loves, a dad to take care of, and a fiancee who loves her. All of that changes with a simple sign in the window. “Apartment for Rent”. It is then that we first get a taste of the fact that not all may be perfect. After she finds an apartment that is empty except for a broken man in the bedroom, her world begins to shift on it’s axis.

Everything she has pushed to the back of her consciousness. All those things she has convinced herself over time she can live without. They ALL come crashing into her self-awareness. She realizes she is being used by her father as more than a crutch. She recognizes that she is in a passionless relationship. She acknowledges to herself that she is chained to a life in which she applied the shackles. Alas, she is still afraid. Afraid to tell Edward, who has breathed life, passion, and happiness into her life, that she wants. Wants him. Wants this. Forever.

Then there is Edward. When we first meet him, he is coming back home to bury his wife. His life is an absolute maelstrom. His wife has killed herself, but we learn that their relationship has been dead for years. They lived denying themselves real emotion while indulging in just about everything else. Now, Edward is free, by her design and he is adrift. Pretending to be a grieving husband and afraid to be the man he always wanted to be.

But, unlike Bella, we see his life finding calm as the story progresses. He is reconnecting with his family which he adored, but was forced apart by his wife. She convinced him that they didn’t want him, and he let himself believe the lies. Now, he is realizing that there is forgiveness and love to still be had. That all is not lost.

Then, there is Bella. She is his resurrection. Edward was a dead man walking. He had been sucked of his life by years of drug abuse and a loveless marriage. Now that he has someone real and right, and it scares the shit out of him. He doesn’t know how to do love. He doesn’t recognize it as he is feeling it, but he is starting to. He knows he wants her. That he needs her, but he has put so many rules in place that don’t allow them the final step into bringing them into the real world.

They are so close now. They have confessed things in the throws of passion and even screamed over a thunderstorm everything but that final word that will make it real. Love.

The last few chapters have edged their real lives closer and closer to colliding. I am anxious to see what happens when it does.

5 out of 5 sticks of butter (apparently for more than popcorn)

Well, well, well..... This fic is bloody hot. Seriously for me, this is heavenly. I too, also read this fic first after someone pimped it on Twitter - sorry I cannot give credit where its due as I really can’t remember who was pimping it.. But thank you very much, whoever you were....

So yeah this is my kinda fic. Its right up my alley. I think its dirty hot. BUT VERY importantly its got much more behind it. Its gots complex characters. A Bella you might not like as much as others, due to her being engaged to one bloke and up to illicit yumminess with another, but a Bella you can understand or empathise with. Bella is so stuck in a rut, that she cannot see a way out. She is initially without a voice at home, with her partner and with her family, although she is a strong, intelligent and independent woman at work. How identifiable is that? How many strong, beautiful women do we all know who put up with countless crap at home, not being happy, not voicing their fears and hopes...? That is why this Bella makes sense to us, even if we don’t approve of her choices...

Edward? He’s a bit of a mess too. He’s shut down and locked inside himself too, but in completely different ways. He’s recovering from trauma and secrets of his own. He’s at a point in his life where no-one knows the real him. Certainly not his family. But somehow a beautiful stranger basically unlocks him. His fears regarding the persona he had become, make him ask for them to remain in a bubble, for them to not know the mundane details that identify them to the outside world. This is one of the reasons that makes their THING so fucking intense. Like tingly, tingly, cut granite nipples tingly.

Their bond, their intimacy, their connection, their intensity makes every single one of their encounters H.O.T. Hotter than the sahara. Edward has seen and done some very debauched things in his past. But everything he does with Bella seems to hit him harder, mean more to him, make him harder and more satisfied. As for Bella? This is all new ground to her. Her body and sexual mind and needs are being blown and awakened. She’s learning about herself and her needs. Edward is showing her that he wants her to get what she wants, that its right for her to take what will make her satisfied and happiest. Will she ever make it to that point in her real life too?

We do not yet know.

What we do know is that these 2 are fucking intense and delicious when together and are helping each other through a dark, lonely point in their lives...

5 creamy, moist butter sticks out of 5 from me.

It’s been a long time since a fic has affected me like this one has. I look at this Bella and wonder if by changing a few things in my past if I could be her. I don’t mean be her, like be in Forks being fucked by Edward. I mean, be the type of person she was at the beginning of the story. It’s like a taking a mirror to yourself and seeing how you could’ve been if not for something or someone in your life affecting change. I could be this Bella and that’s fucking scary. To be honest I know a ton of women who are this Bella. It’s sad, but true.

Her life isn’t terrible. She’s not being abused or exploited (well, maybe being taken advantage of by her father, but that’s a whole other ball of wax). She has a good job, friends, a fiancĂ©, and people in her life that she cares for and about, a warm heart, a quirky, dry sense of humor and people think fondly of her. Not that bad, to be honest

I still feel for her, but not at the same time. This Bella isn’t sad or pathetic; she’s simply complacent and drifting along where life takes her. She doesn’t know better. She doesn’t know that there is something better. It’s her own fault really, but at the same time not. How can she yearn or look for something more, when she doesn’t know that there is something more?

Let us not discount that Bella ends up cheating on her fiancĂ© Jake. Usually I hate that, but here, it…I don’t know, seems right. I feel bad for Jake in a way, but on the other hand not. He, like she, knows that there is something essential missing from their relationship. Trust me; I’m not trying to justify away her infidelity. I don’t blame her for it, but then again I do. Jakes not a bad guy, but he’s in the same boat as Bella I think.

Now Edward is something altogether different. He’s hiding in the little world that he and Bella create. Hiding from his family, hiding from what he thinks are his failures, hiding from himself, hiding from her and hiding from what she makes him feel. That’s a lot of hiding. But again, like with Bella, I can see why he’s doing what he’s doing. And again like Bella it’s his own fault as well, but at the same time not.

Bah. See this story has me toting both sides of the fence. But that’s what makes it special and brilliant and heart wrenching and tugs at your soul and crave the next chapter.


Simply put; they’re both flawed. But their flaws mesh with each others in weirdly cosmic and utterly human way. I can’t blame them for their behavior and lives, but I can blame them at the same time. They’re living in the moment, not looking or thinking at the future because it’s too scary to contemplate without the other in it…and they don’t even know each other’s names.

They’re falling in love, but not the love they thought they had or knew. This is something wholly different and far scarier; a love that could disappear at any given moment. What they have is so fragile and tenuous that can’t even name it or describe it fully, because doing so might cause it to disappear.

Fuck, I’m getting all deep and shit. Let’s talk about something a little fluffier, but by no means less intense…the smut. I could wax on poetical about the smut for days, it’s that fucking good. I’ll simply leave my fav bits and pieces.

Before long, his hips began bucking erratically until his legs buckled, causing them both to slide down the wall together until he landed on his knees. He continued pumping into her, sliding a hand between their bodies and expertly rubbing tight circles around Bella's throbbing clitoris.

"Please...," he moaned deeply. "So close... please... come for me." He ended his plea with another deep thrust inside her, causing a surprised Bella to explode around him.

Holy fuck!

Holy fuck indeed! And that’s just the 1st encounter.

Here’s a little snippet of when Bella takes matters into her own hands.

Bella was really getting into it after that, sliding through her slick folds, swirling her fingers around her swollen bundle of nerves. Visions of smoldering jade eyes and perfect pink lips filled her mind. She could see him there, above her, making her body sing. Her fingers became his fingers, stroking her more firmly, sinking inside her.

"Oh God," she moaned, her fingers plunging even deeper inside her. She could smell him... she could feel him... and if she concentrated hard enough, she could hear him. His rich, sultry voice kept replaying over and over in her mind. Yes... yes... you feel so fucking good... come for me... come for me now!

And here’s a little scene of Edward taking care of business after Bella leaves him a special treat after her alone time.

Smelling her delectable pussy while he stroked himself made it that much easier to imagine having her on top of him, facing away as she took him in her mouth, leaving him to feast on her yet again. He could hear her muffled cries as she moaned around him, letting him thrust between her lips over and over again. "Oh fuck... yes!"

His entire body began to shudder, and he knew that he was close. With a supreme effort, Edward pulled her panties away from his face and wrapped them around his cock, stroking himself roughly until he was spurting his release all over the fabric.

Yes, he was sniffing her panties there. But not in a creepy way, I Swear!

And even more goodness…

She laid her head back on his shoulder and enjoyed the feeling of him sliding inside her, moaning even louder when he wrapped his arms around her and began caressing her breasts. Both hands gripped and worked them equally, stopping to squeeze and pinch her tightened peaks between his fingers.

"Yes!" she cried into his neck, lifting her mouth up towards his. Edward pulled her even closer, planting his mouth on hers hungrily. Their tongues swirled together and warred with each other, neither one truly wanting to win, as long as the war would continue. Bella brought her arm up around his neck, pulling him even closer to her by the back of his head.

They remained like that for some time, practically locked together, connected at so many points it was easy to lose count. The slow grinding and thrusting continued, and whenever a certain movement caused them even more pleasure, they would swallow each others cries, panting into each others mouths.

And one more ‘cause I can…

"I just... realized that I've never watched your face when I enter you," he whispered. "I've usually got my eyes closed or my head thrown back because of how amazing you feel. That just... doesn't seem right. I need to know what you look like."

Bella had no idea what to say to that. She was feeling completely overwhelmed with a thousand different emotions at once, so she surrendered herself to her body and let it take over. Her hips shifted forward, welcoming him deeper, and she cried out in pleasure when he finally made the first thrust. It was shallow though, only halfway, before he pulled back again.

"Look at me!" he grunted when she instinctively went to close her eyes. He may not have gone all the way in yet, but he still felt so damn good that it was nearly impossible for her to concentrate. When her eyes were finally locked with his again he began to roll his hips, continuing with very shallow thrusts as they watched each other. He went a little bit deeper with every thrust, and after the fourth or fifth time she could see the veins standing out on his neck with the force of his restraint.

"Do you feel me?" he gritted through his teeth, his eyes a blazing shade of green. "Can you feel me moving inside you?

There’s also fun with butter, paint and a little vibrating friend. Hehe.

Seriously, go read. Right now.

5 out of 5 Sticks of Butter from moi.

If there one thing that I love about fic is that it often takes the road less traveled. We see a lot of love stories in this fandom, and they often tread over familiar territory. There are far too many crossovers between the Twilight universe and popular movies to be counted. Personally, I'm not a fan of this type of crossover, mostly because it's too familiar, too predictable. Awesomesauce76's Last Tango in Forks is an exception, in a big way.

The story starts out as an unassuming story of a 30something nurse, Bella, living in a small town. After a work out at the gym she spots a sign in the window of the local dance studio for an apartment for rent, and decides to take a look. What she finds in the apartment change her life forever.

In many ways this story takes place in two very different worlds. The hot and steamy world that exists in that tiny apartment, and the world outside of it. As the story progresses, and we learn more about who Edward and Bella really are it only intensifies the passion between them when they are together. There is a tangible heart to this story, but it's not the kind that you draw on valentines day cards. It's wet, raw and so very real.

There is a warning for those who might have issues with stories of infidelity. I usually count myself among you, especially when it involves Jacob being the betrayed party, but again this story is an exception. Affairs are not always the result of a lack of love, on the contrary they can emerge where a very real and strong love exists. It is a hard truth to realize that you can love someone without being in love with them. What if it takes meeting someone that you really love to see your mistake, and it's too late to do anything about it. What do you do when your happiness comes at the expense of those that you love the dearest?

Bella is human, and she makes mistakes, as does Edward. What they find together is stronger than all of those mistakes, and regrets. My only fear is that it is something that it still to delicate to survive in the light of day. That it might be squashed under the weight of it's own intensity.

This story is intensely erotic and emotional draining at times, but I don't regret one moment of the ride. I fear for the future, but I will hang on time, and see it to the end. Join me, you won't regret it.

One small note: Please always use proper lube when putting anything in any one's orifices. While butter can work (in a pinch), spit and “girl juices” DO NOT. Always use lube and always use more than you think you need. That is all.

4 out of 5 sticks of butter

I’ll be the first to admit that the movie this was sort of named after made me avoid the story like the plague. Even though I adore AwesomeSauce. Knowing that the ending would kill me dead if it followed the plot of the movie I still read it thinking I’d just be in a Scotch haze when reading the end. Yes, I am that pathetic.

How hot is this fic. Let’s start with my review of the last chapter shall we?

Last Tango in Forks, Ch 14 2010-07-26 2010-07-26
JFC. I have so much to say and I'm literally a bumbling idiot after this. Well, moreso than normal. Girl, this was just. Fuck.

Oh and nipple belt. Killed me.

“Fuck” pretty much summed it up. It literally reduced me to one word. Granted it was a good word but one word nonetheless.

Their relationship is so complex which is funny considering they know nothing about the other. But, they know everything. Sure, birthdays, favorite colors, childhood pets and ‘did you wear braces’ aren’t’ questions that they can answer, but, guaranteed neither has had a sexual relationship quite as powerful, meaningful or explosive in their lives.

It’s not just the sex though, although, it is exceptional. It’s the way they react to the other. How they’re growing towards something that neither intended and that they’re innately fighting every step of the way.

The last chapter was insanely emotional and it could have gone either way as far as ‘working’ with the characters and let me tell you. Whew. Did it ever. Walls came down, truths were laid bare and when the shit hits the fan for these two it’ll be huge.

"I'm yours! I fucking belong to you and I can't make it stop! I don't want to make it stop!" She began weeping freely into my neck before kissing the skin where she had bitten me earlier. "Nothing else … nobody else … none of it means a thing to me when I'm with you! And sometimes I fucking hate you for it!"

"Well sometimes I hate you, too!" I gritted through my teeth, my body beginning to wind itself tighter, like a coil about to snap. It was true, there were times I hated even the thought of her. I hated her every time she left me to go back home to him.

I’m holding out hope that the end doesn’t mirror that of the movie. It’ll really kill me but I’ll just force AS to write me a special wussperv ending with a touch of Parkeay. Omg I’m insane.

5/5 sticks of butter<---- lulz

I had heard about this story from a number of people and was loathe to start reading ANOTHER new fic. So, I held out... and in some ways I’m kicking myself for waiting and for giving in.

LTiF had me from the very first chapter, and I literally read it straight through, only to be surprised by an update not long after. Yay! I have to admit though, that while I was completely sucked in, I really struggled to get past Bella’s infidelity. I’m a big believer that if you feel so disconnected from your partner that you could even contemplate messing around with someone else, or in this case, fucking a random stranger, that you should (wo)man up and just break it off. It’s clear from early on that her relationship with Jake is really where one that just evolved into something more, but there’s no feeling, no real emotion. No passion. No heat.

She had never noticed anything off about his kisses before, they had always seemed perfectly adequate. They were never unpleasant, but they had never kept her up at night obsessing about them, either. Bella had been with others before, a few guys here & there who she had dated through college while she still lived in Phoenix, and they had all been fairly similar. Adequate, but nothing to write home about. She had just assumed that reality was nothing like the steamy encounters she hungrily devoured in books written by people like Rosalie Cullen.

So, I had to check my opinion of their relationship at the door, because it really isn’t that simple. For the first time in her life, she actually feels alive... and it’s not because of Jake.

Bella is one of those characters that I think many women, including me, can identify with on some level. We all have passions, dreams, desires, and a lot of times they get shoved by the wayside because of other events in real life. I think the thing that is amazing to me is the journey that she has been on. It’s a journey of self discovery, a journey where she realizes that her life as she knows it really isn’t that satisfying.

And so, when he offers her the key... she can’t help but keep it.

"Look at me," he said softly. He traced the features of her face with his fingertips, rubbing his thumb slowly across her full, pouty lips. He leaned down and kissed her softly before pulling back to look deep into her eyes; warm brown met smoldering jade. "You're keeping that fucking key," he growled. "And we're going to meet here... whenever you want. If I'm not here, let yourself in. I should hopefully be along shortly."

Edward is... intense, artistic, and completely adrift. He, like Bella, lives in a world of self-deluded comfort. He had been trapped in an unhappy marriage/business partnership and endured all kinds of “abuse” from Tanya, his now dead wife. I found him to be mysterious on so many levels, and I really wanted to get in his head, to understand all the things he was thinking and feeling. Awesomesauce actually gives a lot of information about his back story, almost to the point where you can help but wonder if you already know how it will all end, and yet, I was still left wanting.

But the joy of this story is really the blossoming relationship between Edward and Bella. It is hot, smutty, and so damn intense. It’s full of new experiences, amazing orgasms, and butter. I practically need a cigarette after each chapter... hot damn! I love watching them together. I love seeing how they work through their anonymous relationship, even as real life is starting to pound on the door.

I think the thing I loved most, though, was the realization that at the heart of all of this sex, there are deeper things occurring here. Bella is finally realizing that she can’t and hopefully won’t live her life like this anymore. Everything is about others, giving of herself selflessly to the point where she no longer even knows who she is. Edward is working through his own emotions, realizing that it’s okay to open his heart and feel. After a couple days of separation, the desperation of realizing that they both feel the same way, was for me, a visceral experience.

He leaned over and kissed her gently, barely brushing her soft lips with his own before resting his forehead against hers and closing his eyes.

"I missed you," he whispered, his eyes still shut tight.

"I missed you, too," Bella replied, surprised at the loud exhale he made, as if he'd been anxiously awaiting her response. He opened his eyes and looked at her intently, slowly lowering her body down beneath him. The soft feeling of the mattress hitting her back finally made her pay attention to her surroundings; the sexy motherfucker had danced her into the fucking bedroom and dangled her over the goddamn bed!

She had been about to tease him regarding dancing with nefarious ulterior motives, but something about the look on his face made her stop. There was such a deep longing in his eyes that she instantly knew this wasn't the time or place for joking.

"I was worried you weren't coming back." His voice was so soft and quiet that she barely heard him, even though he was only inches away from her face.

"I..." she swallowed thickly, "I was worried that you wouldn't want me back."

You can see the tension building, and you can feel the depth of what is starting to occur. It’s scary and so real. I feel the fall will be hard when he leaves (and I believe he will), and what they both do while apart will be very telling. I hope they both figure out what it is they really want, desire, need - of themselves and each other.

I hope people walk away from this story understanding the important of figuring out who you are as an individual, as a person. I just passed the 30 mark, and this past year has been a journey of self-discovery - in every sense of the word. I grew up somewhat sheltered and was raised with a certain set of beliefs, and like most people, these beliefs formed the basis for every opinion I had of others - and myself. It’s only been recently that I’ve really started to realize how important it is to stand up for yourself and communicate your desires. I see Bella on the precipice of so many new choices, experiences, and I just want to give her a nudge and tell her to love herself, to figure out what she really wants in life... and to freaking go for it. It’s not about others all the time. It can’t be.

Okay, wow! That got a little heavy. I’ll end with a little fluff, a little Bella-discovery, if you will. This was one of my favorite scenes in the story. It was one of the first glimpses of Bella’s self-confidence, and it was awesome.

"Fuck!" Bella convulsed around her fingers, shaking and moaning. She had never climaxed so intensely by herself, even with her little vibrating friend. Ever since this man had come into her life, every single thing that was remotely sexual was magnified by a thousand.

She rested there for a few minutes, collecting herself. When it became apparent that she would not have time to wait for her mystery man any longer, she pouted briefly before deciding to have one last little bit of fun. Taking her pants off for a moment, she slid her now thoroughly wet panties down her legs and slipped them off, pulling her pants back on.

5 out of 5 sticks of butter

This one has been on my miles-long ‘to be read’ list for ages, and I finally took the plunge. Last Tango in Forks has a very unique setup for this Bella/Edward pairing, one I’ve never seen before, and that’s a good thing for someone who reads a lot of twific. Bella and Edward meet almost accidentally and fireworks ignite, but Edward makes an odd request after their first explosive tryst.

"But... don't you even want to know my name?" Bella asked, a slightly bewildered tone in her voice.

"No!" he snapped. "And I'm sure as hell not going to tell you mine." After a moment his tone softened and he continued. "That's for the outside world, with all the walls we've built around ourselves. There's no place for that shit here.

"We're going to meet here and it's going to be real... no bullshit pretenses. Putting a name on things only gives it limitations... expectations. I don't want any of that. I just want your body... and your soul. Your true soul that you hide away from the rest of the world, buried behind your name."

Right off the bat, the intense draw and sexual chemistry between them is off the charts. This story has some of the most intense love scenes I’ve ever read in twific. This is not the kind of story where there is a slow sexual burn for chapters on end, while we wait for them to figure their shit out and just get it on, already. Family drama on both sides - issues with Edward’s ex, and with Bella’s significant other - create some gut wrenching moments, but the burn here is in the development of something unexpected between two virtual strangers who thought the were meeting for one thing, and one thing only.

“...Now she was starting to feel as if she just might know what she'd been missing. Her inner voice wouldn't allow her to ignore the new feelings that her beautiful stranger had been stirring inside her.

Be honest, Bella. If he asked you to run away with him tomorrow, you would.”

By the end of the two most recent chapters, which include more insanely fuckhot lemons, we realize that neither of them can maintain their emotional distance for much longer, and their fragile shell of anonymity is falling apart.

"No!" I yelled back. "It will never be enough! I don't just want you to say it, I want you to mean it. I want you to look me in the eye … I want you to know damn well who's fucking you right now!" I leaned down and sucked the water from her rigid nipple before swirling my tongue around it, biting it lightly as I ground into her again. "This is not some dipshit little boy trying to play house who is inside you right now. This is me," I thrust even harder. "And you … are … mine!"

I can’t wait to see the pile of rubble left when the wall between their “real” lives and their secret life finally crumbles.

4/5 sticks of butter