Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Dream a Little Dream" with the Wusspervs

Team Wussperv this team is made up of myself, Nina aka Ninapolitan,Kim aka kimpy0464 & Emmy aka Pippapear. I'm sure you're wondering what the fuck is a wussperv right? A wussperv is someone that is...

A) Tragically canon
B) Loathes angst (in massive doses)
C) Loves smut

Dream A Little Dream


All Human. Lots of fluff: What if the man of your dreams wasn't a dream at all? What if he was closer than you think? M for language and implied stuff. No angst, I promise.

When Nina first shared this fic with me, I was delighted. I think by now it is no secret that my favouritist favouritist stories are fairy-tales. Yes. I am one of those kind of girls. This story definitely reads as a modern day fairy tale. It actually has all the charm, sweetness and delight of a fairy cake.... (that’s what we brits called cupcakes before we were Americanised, no frosting is found on a fairy cake, just sweet and colourful runny icing. Heavenly!

This story is a dream to read. Short pacy chapters, each the perfect size for a bite of fluffy sweetness. Bella is looking for her dream, she knows its, or more precisely he’s out there. That there is more for her life than she is currently experiencing...

Meanwhile, fate or St Agnes is sticking her oar into Bella’s life, and without Bella knowing it, her dream is even closer than she might imagine. This is one of those fics, which i enjoy, where we know more than the protagonist of what is going on. It makes for a fun read.

This is a wussperv delight. Its fluffy with no whisper of angst. Its a very easy read and its super sweet without being cloying. As both Bella and Edward are interesting and humorous, as is Bella’s relationship with her best friend Angela. A must read for any discerning self-confessed WussPerv... :)

4 out of 5 fluffy sweet fairy cakes from me.

My fellow Wusspervs-in-crime always keep me well supplied with wusspervy stories of goodness. In fact, neither Nina nor Emmy have ever given me a rec that I haven’t positively loved. When they found “Dream a Little Dream,” there was no question in my mind it would be worth reading. I was not disappointed.

“Dream a Little Dream” is a lovely slice of story tastiness, served up in perfectly proportioned, brief chapters. It’s like eating tapas--wonderful bites of tasty stuff that don’t fill you up and simply leave you wanting more. It’s the perfect remedy for a ho-hum moment, or when you just need some good old sweetness to brighten your day. It’s a recipe for Wussperv heaven.

DaLD is all about serendipity--chance encounters. Bella Swan is trapped in a job she hates, but in a life she loves. At play in this story is a vague sense of destiny, that somehow Bella’s life was meant to play out differently. She ambles along doing what one is supposed to do, and finds that her life is still not quite satisfying. Something is missing, but she doesn’t know what it is; she simply has this niggling feeling that things aren’t what they’re supposed to be. One day, she decides to follow the path of the niggling feeling away from her New York life (and her boyfriend Jake), abruptly moving back home to Port Angeles, Washington.

I love that this story is filled with intuition, destiny, blind faith, and true love. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I will merely say that Bella and Edward are moving through life with perfect synchronicity--parallel to one another, until their paths cross. All the different events that have to occur in order for them to meet are incredible, funny, and charming. This is exactly the kind of story we need as a pick me up after a crappy day in the world of RL. In fact, since the word tiramisu means “a little pick me up” in Italian, just think of DaLD as delicious and refreshing as a bite of tiramisu, without all the calories. Mmmm, so yummy. Go. Enjoy. Dream a Little Dream.


Wusspervs don’t have much to pick from by way of fandom offerings believe it or not. When this was sent to me but a fellow WP I jumped on it. Thankfully, TLI had almost completed it and I enjoyed all posted chapters in a row. All in all it took about 30 minutes to read. It’s that quick, but, it still packs loads of joyous WP goodies.

The crux of it is simple. Pray to St. Agnes and you’ll get a vision of your future, and what a great little peek into her life it was. Each chapter is a tiny bit of sweetness, and just enough to further the plot along without being extraneous or forced. Yes there are lemons and they’re just as fitting as the rest of the story. Again, not misplaced or wasteful (as if).

I had a smile on my face the entire time I read it. I don’t know the author, nor have I read her other work, but I know that she was very gracious and appreciative of the reviews, even the stupid ones where I just *sighed*. This story was recommended by a slew of authors and rightfully so. It’s sweet and snappy and a great little read when you’re in the mood to just smile and not have your heart torn out by the angst that this wonderful fandom loves to churn out. lol.


The three of us are exceptionally proud of our wussperv status and do our best to beg and plead with people to share with us their findings. So, if you've got a wussperv rec for us, send it to