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Slash Brigade: Count The Months, Savor the Moments

What Perv doesn't love sexy man on man action? The truth is so many of us Pervs love slash fic that we can't just be called a team. We're the whole damn brigade! Batten down the hatches, stock up on supplies 'cause the ladies of the Slash Brigade are here to rec some slash fic.

Title: Count the Months, Savor the Moments
Author: Emptypalm
Chapters: 3
Words: 16,092
Reviews: 34
Summary: A modern AU filled with MMA fighting, sex, love, family, rivalry, awful jokes, spilled coffee, epigenetics, and probably some self realization down the line.


Apparently, this is all my fault and I have never been so happy to accept the blame for infecting my fellow pervs with a new ship. Especially the incurably orgasmic affliction of Nagron love. Though, if this is a sickness I do not want to be cured.

This beautiful, CANON, gay couple was born on the television show Spartacus (a historical drama set in ancient Rome, that tells the story of one the biggest slave uprising in history). The show is violent, dark and masterfully written. Not that you need to watch it to love this pairing and this fantastic fan fic.

 Count the Months, Savor the Moments is a AU story set in modern day, where Agron is a professional Mixed Martial Artist and Nasir is his student, boyfriend. The first chapter is a faux magazine interview with Agron about his career and personal life. It is a beautiful and succinct way to introduce these characters and the (different from canon) world they live in. It is also a great way for curious readers (like you) to get a taste for the fandom and this pairing without having to watch the show first.

That is one the greatest achievements of the talented Emptypalm, she is able to transport these men into a modern setting without losing any the elements that make them who they are or foundation of their relationship in canon. Here we see simply two men in love and living their lives. Of course even in a modern setting there is not shortage of difficulties, but emo/angst phobic readers need not worry. This story is pure, heart swelling joy. Here you will find a quirky, playful and soul meltingly romantic tale of love.

These men are real, living, breathing people. They have dimension and distinct personalities that elevate this story beyond a simple slash fan fiction. If you’re still a little hesitant to dip your toes into a new fandom and aren’t really sure if these two characters will steal your heart just watch this clip. After you do, I dare you not to at least read the first chapter of this fantastic fic. Go know you want to. :)


I have become and HUGE fan of Spartacus and it’s all Jeanne’s fault. I fell in love with the TV series and then have spent a couple weeks with the fic of this fandom, and this was my first multichapter Spartacus fic. I was so hesitant for it to be a Modern AU that I started with, but Emptypalm does such a fantastic job keeping the characters canon and just modernizing the world around them, that I felt instantly connected. I immediately felt the love between Argon and Nasir through the unique outside POV of the first chapter and their relationship to all the people in their lives. The author kept so many things I love about the canon relationships, such as the competition between Agron and Crixus, and Nasir and Naevia’s sweet friendship.

The use of modern day UFC keeps the layer of fighting and strength in Agron character and the undying support of Nasir so true and something that is so beautiful about their relationship on the show. I also love how tough and in control, she makes Nasir when it comes to loving Agron and keeping their relationship a priority for both even with their demanding schedules. I can’t say enough about how well done the connection is and how much I fell in love with their passion and need for one another.
"We can't, we can't," Nasir panted out, head pushed back into the pillow. "Naevia and Crixus--"

"We can be quick," Agron said, teeth catching Nasir's bottom lip. "I can use a condom, or you can fuck me, or I don't know. I just need you."

The flip of position was unexpected. Nasir was deceptively strong--something Agron knew and loved. Finding himself sprawled on his back, Nasir above him, did nothing to aid in his current arousal. There was conflict in that face, though, Agron's hands pushed away when they tried to bring their hips together. Fingers laced, Agron pinned to the bed, he let Nasir nuzzle into the crook of his neck and inhale deeply.

"When you fuck and when you fight," Nasir murmured, tongue flicking out to lick a thick stripe up the side of his sweaty neck, "that's when I love tasting you the most. There's just something so--"

I can taste it and when a story does that, makes me feel, taste, put myself in that scene I fall in love. Needless to say I am totally in love with what Emptypalm has started and can’t wait to see how complex and wonderful this story becomes, as more and more characters are introduced. She captures the beauty of their languages and humor, and gives us one of my new fave pairings in Duro and Diona, I was blown away by the idea of that and sent me searching for more on those two. Thanks again to Jeanne for introducing me not only to this story but an entirely new fandom I can’t get enough of!


Although the only Spartacus I’ve seen are a few short clips of Nasir and Agron, I know enough about the nature of their relationship to be able to enjoy quite a bit of Nagron fic. So I was completely game when Jeanne told us to check out Count the Months, Savor the Moments, a modern AU story, where Agron is an MMA fighter, and Nasir is his boyfriend.

I love how emptypalm brings the characters to life in the first chapter via a magazine article about Agron and his career. He’s completely charming, and the love between him and Nasir is so lovely.

I don’t know if it is the interview format of the first chapter or other things at play, but their lives are so realistic. There’s the chaos of friends and family, arguments and irritation between the lovers. When the outside world finally lets them have some private time, well, it gets really hot, really fast. And yet the evidence of their amazing connection and love is present then too.
"Chivalry is dead, habibi," Nasir purred, gasping out into Agron's mouth at the first roll of their hips together. "Mm, fick mich. Fick mich hart."

Agron's moan could only be described at guttural, shaking through his entire body. They were a multilingual couple, Nasir fluent in Arabic and English and Agron in German and English, with a fluent Spanish speaker probably between the two of them. But nothing was sexier than Nasir speaking his native tongue. Agron had learned some Arabic, but Nasir speaking German was something that immediately short circuited his brain. His voice was softer around the words, a strange Arabic accent tacked on but to Agron it was perfect.

Agron’s not alone- that German coming out of Nasir’s mouth is fucking hot. Unf!
I am eager for more chapters from emptypalm, these two guys are just addictive. And maybe while I’m waiting for a new chapter I’ll finally get around to watching a full episode of Spartacus.


In the last two weeks, I’ve been popping my fandom hopping cherry like you wouldn’t believe. First, Harry Potter and now Spartacus! Jeanne and Corie have been raving for weeks now about Agron and Nasir, but I sort of turned a blind eye to it, because I’ve never seen a single episode of the show, and aside from a few pics, I had no clue who these people were. But after the epic flailing that occurred over this three-chapter-with-more-to-come goodness, I had to give it a shot.

Sweet mercy thank goodness I did! There is something so compelling and simple about Agron and Nasir’s relationship. They are both extremely devoted to each other, they move in what feels like perfect harmony (even though I’m sure it’s not all sex and roses), and complement each other in the way that only people who are both lovers and friends can do.

The opening chapter is an article written about Agron, champion middleweight mixed martial arts fighter. It’s funny and sweet and gives just enough background about these two and the nature of their relationship and lives that I felt like I didn’t need to know anything more. Not only do you learn about these two (with Nasir’s permission, which was adorably sweet of Agron to seek before talking about their relationship publicly), but you get a glimpse into additional characters- Spartacus, Crixus, Oenomaus.

What struck me most was how humble Agron is. He seems to have avoided the spotlight, rarely being interviewed outside of his MMA stuff (this is a personal piece on him). That same humility carries over into his and Nasir’s relationship. There is a really great part, which I thought really showed how they view each other as equal partners, where Agron talks about what people assume about his and Nasir’s relationship based on their physical and professional personas:
Their hips rolled together in a fluid motion, anything for more friction, their erections trapped between their bodies. Agron couldn't even spare a hand to work between them, too busy stroking along Nasir's sides, over his chest, down to his thighs. One thing Agron knew about his lover, and appreciated completely, was the fact that Nasir was never one to stay on the bottom for too long. Agron wasn't stupid--he knew how their relationship looked to the outside world. Agron towered over Nasir, outweighed him and was definitely stronger. Therefore, he was automatically the dominant one.

Except... no. No he wasn't.

Nasir twisted his body, strong thighs around Agron's hips flipping them until Nasir could sit on top of him with a pleased smirk. Nasir was usually the aggressor. Nasir tended to call the shots. And that was perfectly fine with Agron. His strength was used to protect, not entrap. Besides, Nasir looked damn good on top of him--thighs splayed, lithe body rolling with every push back against Agron's cock. Naevia liked to call him a bossy bottom, something that amused Agron to no end for no other reason than it was true. So true.

So sexy. And if that isn’t enough, there is swoooon like you would not believe when these two speak to each other in their native tongues-Agron in German and Nasir in Arabic (and you know how much I love this language). Let’s just take a minute:
Nasir mashed his face into Agron's chest, nodding slowly. "Yeah, sorry, hayati. I was just tired and wanted to get fucked and nap."

The term of endearment would always get Agron to melt, even if he had been upset.
You and me both, man. When Nasir calls Agron “habibi” or “hayati” I die. Like literally every time. I cannot even with how much I LOVE those term of endearment (my love/sweetheart and my life, respectively).

When Agron calls him “schatz” (treasure)... or softly mutters little words of his own into Nasir’s ears... yeah, same. My brain short circuits, even though I don’t have a clue what he’s saying.
The mumbling was soft as first, the only reason he knew it was happening was because Nasir's lips were pressed against such sensitive skin. It wasn't English--that much Agron knew. He was familiar with the sounds of Arabic pouring from Nasir's mouth, absent and quick, punctuated with moans and soft calls of Agron's name as he finger fucked him hard.

Agron pulled back with a lick of his lips, thrusting his fingers in as far as possible. "You ready for my cock?" he asked, voice dropped an octave, eyes lidded as he watched Nasir push further back onto his fingers. He was answered with movement, Nasir lifting up and away from him, wiping his mouth of spit and precum.

As soon as Nasir was facing him again, he dragged him down for a slow kiss, parting only to murmur, "Hallo schöner Mann."

These two are absolutely adorable. I cannot WAIT for the next chapter. Seriously, if you love swoony boys who are swoony, then read this! emptypalm owns me like you would not believe right now. So good.


Well, well, well, I’ve finally stumbled into this fandom.  NGL, this story was a great place to start.  If you’re like me and haven’t actually seen these characters in action in Spartacus, I can guarantee you’ll be okay.  Just take a look at the pics of these sexy men and let the slashy goodness surround you!

This fic is first and foremost incredibly sweet.  Agron and Nasir are two years into their relationship -- comfortable, familiar, but still so in love.  They get annoyed with one another, find amusement in each others’ quirks and tendencies, and best of all, their affections (and desire for one another) are still very strong.  Much to our benefit.

Still a new story, the number of lemons is limited, but the romance and swoony, tummy flipping moments are unending.  And when they do get down to it... UNF. For real.  These two play games with one another.  They both know what they want and what to do to their lover, but they keep their sex life interesting, that much is obvious. My brain explodes.

I like this fic because it’s not just here for the pr0n.  The author found a way to uniquely twist their gladiator/warrior lifestyle into modern context by making several of the characters MMA fighters.  They’re still training constantly, and that impacts their friendships, relationships, and daily life.  The interactions between the characters are natural and amusing, keeping things interesting and fun to read...and when those hot, sweet, sexy moments come, they’re all the better, backed up by true love.

Like Jess said, swoony, swoony, swoon  =)


Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed the creativity and intensity of this fandom. It's let ficwriters go further and stretch themselves with action scenes, fight scenes, STORY, as well as lovingly detailed M/M sex. I've seen a really high standard of writing right off the bat. Maybe because we KNOW that some of the cast is peeking at the fic!