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Team PackPerv Meant to Be 4/2/12


We are Pervs that dig the danger and maybe even the fur that comes with being a Pack lover. Team PackPerv isn’t afraid to take on the shape shifters of Quileute. We welcome all the sexy possibilities that come walking on the wild side. So join us in the sunlight and run with the wolves. As always clothing is optional.

The Team PackPerv Pick is...

Title: Meant to Be
Author: Fr333bird
Chapters: 24
Words: 98,071
Reviews: 978
Summary: "The first time I see Riley, my eyes lock onto him and I can't look away." Seth and Riley's lives are shattered by events beyond their control. Can they overcome the challenges they face and still be together? Slash, AU, contains wolves and vamps.

Let me preface this by saying that although I’ve enjoyed several AU, canon based vamp stories, I usually sit in the all human spectrum of Twi fics. Rarer are the “Pack” fics that grab my attention, although I’ve always had an open mind to reading absolutely any pairing as long as it was well written. Today’s Team PackPerv pick is one of those stories, which I eagerly read
because I know the author, Fr333bird, writes so well.

Meant to Be is a beautifully rendered slash story with a touch of angst. Fr333bird does a lovely job showing how Seth and Riley first meet, fall in love, and explore all the stages of young love and sex, together for the first time. The emotions are real, true, and the lemons are by turns sweet and scorchingly hot.

Then he's beside me again, and his hands are sliding my underwear down impatiently. And then Riley's lying on the bed beside me, pulling me into his arms and we're both gloriously, wonderfully naked. Warm skin brushes warm skin as we kiss and touch everything we can reach. Our mouths find each other's lips, earlobes, necks and shoulders. Our legs tangle, cocks brush together, hands stroke and clutch and grab.

Riley rolls me onto my back again and moves down my body, following the path that he took earlier. When he reaches my belly button my fingers tangle in the short, soft spikes of his hair and my heart feels like it's about to beat right out of my chest as he moves lower still and kisses either side of where my cock lies hard and aching, his lips tickling the hair at my groin. I make an incoherent whimpering sound and he looks up at me again, his chin almost grazing my dick.

"Can I?" He asks me.

The story continues through the canon events of the Pack coming into existence, imprinting, Leah’s heartbreak, Seth becoming a member of Sam’s pack, and how that affects the two boys. Other canon events including the vampires exist as well, until it veers left and creates a potentially tragic and heartbreaking event for the boys. There are a few tweaks to the canon
mythology, but they’re organic and integral to the story. I won’t say more so as not to spoil, so just go and read
Meant to Be. I promise it will be worth your while.

Like Fardareismai, I rarely read Pack fics, but I, too, have become a fan of Fr333bird’s other stories and her decided to give this one a chance. I can honestly say Meant to Be captivated me from chapter one.

I fell in love with both Riley and Seth early on in this story. From their first encounter on the beach to their subsequent run-ins at school and on the bus, you just know something is going to happen and that things are going to be just a bit different than we might expect.

The first time I see Riley, my eyes lock onto him and I can't look away. I'm sitting on the beach at La Push with my friends, letting the warm sand trickle idly through my fingers as we talk and joke around. It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon in late spring and we've all been tempted out by the unusually warm sunshine.

I lift my head and glance along the beach, and then I see him.

I freeze, my mouth half open, my hand now empty as the last grains of sand escape. Suddenly my focus is entirely devoted to the boy who's just walked onto the beach with Embry. His skin's paler than most of the Quileutes and his hair is brown rather than black, but his eyes are dark like mine. He's slender and graceful, and when he turns his head and smiles at something that Embry says his face lights up. The only thought in my head is that I've never seen such a beautiful boy before. I can't stop staring as Embry catches sight of our group and heads towards us.

As the story progresses, we find that both boys are kind, mature, and share an important bond in the loss of their fathers. Early on we discover they’re both gay and both relatively inexperienced, neither really ever having had the opportunity to do more. I loved this because we were able to move past the question of “are they gay” to the more exciting stuff, like watching their relationship grow and mature... on every level. The pace and the way they connected felt completely natural as they spent a lot of time hanging out and talking. What ensues is a lot of UST... until there’s not, as they explore and experience new firsts with each other.

First kisses.

Skinny dipping in the freezing cold ocean water.

Hand jobs, blow jobs, and finally... the sexy, sexy times.

Everything between them just flows and is reciprocated and feels so right without all the crazy angst or heartache that we so often find in slash stories. This is one of my favorite moments from early in the story when things are starting to get steamy.

"Do you wanna go back to the fire to warm up?" I ask him.

"Not yet," Riley says. "I want you all to myself for a little longer."

I don't know where he got his courage from tonight but I'm glad he's found it. I'm happy for him to take control here.

He steps close to me again and pulls me into his arms. I miss the feel of his bare skin under my hands but the heat that builds quickly between us makes up for it. My dick fills and I feel him hard against me as he pulls my hips close and rubs against me, making me moan. I'm all twisted up with want and need - breathless, desperate for more.

"Oh, God, Riley," I murmur as he breaks away from my lips and I feel his tongue on my throat and his teeth scrape my skin.

"I've wanted to do this since the first time I saw you," he whispers against my cheek, his voice soft in my ear.

"Me too," I gasp a laugh as his tongue flickers on my earlobe. "I'm glad we haven't wasted too much time."

And then we're kissing again, focused on the push-pull of wet lips and the slide of tongues until we hear the sounds of footsteps approaching and high-pitched giggling.

Fr333bird does a masterful job of weaving in canon and non-canon elements into the story, changing those that don’t quite fit without making them feel completely awkward and weird. I don’t want to say a lot here about what happens for fear of revealing some critical story elements, but the remainder of the story hands up more about the wolves, imprinting, vampire attacks, and unexpected situations that complicate Riley and Seth’s relationship. We also get a really nice dose into the heartbreak some of the characters must deal with, while at the same time watching new love bloom.

This story is compelling, very well-written, and will make you fall in love with Pack fics. There are twists and turns, swoons, and all sorts of hot lemony bits. Seriously, give Meant to Be a read. Make sure you leave Fr333bird some love, and tell her the Pervs sent you!

Hey chaps. This will have to be a quick one from me as I'm currently ill in bed and away on holiday in Europe. But I just had to drop in and love on this fic. I too am not always enamoured by pack fics. I'm really not a Paul fan and that often gets in my way.

However I am a huge Riley fan. Very much so. And love to see him in fics. I am also a lover of all things Seth. Unfortunately there are way way way too many Seth as a cliche fics. Seth the power bottom, Seth as a flaming stereotype - you know the fics of which I refer. This thankfully is nothing like any of these. Seth is a fully rounded teenage boy. Coming to terms with his lot in life. He's real and all the more fabulous for it. The same for Riley. You feel their emotions from hesitancy and burgeoning attraction to deep lust and love no matter the other challenges that come their way. And that is its strength. I'm a real fan of fr333bird's writing (especially her Merthur) and this tale does not disappoint! If you love slash and real characters you will love this.

I was so excited when Fr333bird started posting Meant to Be. Partly because I have loved her other, AH stories, but also because I so love a good AU. I knew this fic promised to have some interesting twists to canon, and I wondered what would happen to two characters who I can’t get enough of.

It would be impossible not to fall in love with these characters in the first chapter. They’re young- high school boys- and it’s clear that they find each other attractive. Their mutual crush starts at their first meeting, furtive glances, smiles, and blushing included. They have a lot in common, too. Both have lost their dads, and this connection helps to quickly build their emotional ties.

Even though Fr333bird says the story is AU right up front, for the first few chapters it isn’t totally obvious. Gradually we get teases of how the story might go- random disappearances, bodies in the woods, and an increasing number of Quileute boys with fevers. I love that the canon references are subtle instead of hitting us over the head. It leaves you guessing and anticipating everything that’s to come. The twists to canon make it feel like a whole new story, and not just a retelling of Twilight.

So many times the characters in high school fics sound like they’re 17 going on 30. Not so here; Seth and Riley sound and act like teenagers. Being teenage boys, they’re horny all the time. They keep things quiet at school, but their restraint during the day makes afternoons and weekends spent together all that much more fun. As the other Pervs have said, the lemons are hot indeed.

We roll around on my bed for a while, and we get hard and horny as usual. He's still straddling me, grinding slowly, exquisitely against me as we kiss. I feel waves of pleasure rising but they're edged with an unfamiliar, almost unbearable tension and I lose myself in it.

I flip him over with a growl and he gasps in surprise, but grins as he lies there, looking up at me expectantly. I pull his shirt up and off and tear at mine, hearing the fabric rip as I strip it over my head. I claim his mouth again, pinning his arms over his head and covering his body with mine, my hips undulating against his as he rocks beneath me and moans into my mouth. I've lost all control now and I know that I'm going to come in my pants but I'm past caring. With a final thrust I feel my cock pulse, hot and wet inside my clothing. I bite down on Riley's shoulder to muffle a harsh cry that escapes from my mouth. I collapse over him, shuddering and gasping as I release my bruising grip on his wrists. His arms close around me and hold me, steadying me until my breathing slows.

The mysterious events in Forks and La Push will draw you in, and the way these events affect our sweet couple will keep you glued to the screen. So, make sure you clear your schedule; Meant to Be is complete, and I know you’re going to want to read it straight through!