Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fandom Hopping - Merlin Glomp Fest 05/09/12


Some may say we’re easily distracted.

We say, “Why limit ourselves to just one fandom full of smut when there are soooo many other possibilities out there?!?!” And so we give you Fandom Hopping, a place to poke your nose into another universe, meet some new characters, and enjoy all the pervy possibilities when a writer fucks with the canon someone else created.

Its Glomp Fest time in the Merlin Fandom! 
What is Glomp? It is said to mean a hug, a violent big squeeze of love.

As a fest within the Merlin fandom, it was created for people who normally cannot take part in exchange fests. So reviewers and cheerleaders left prompts, and then authors filled them as gifts in the form of Glomps or hugs! What it does mean in terms of fics? Wonderful, talented writers, and great artists, have created fabby Merlin gifts for one another, and rather than keep those gifts secret and private, they get shared on Glomp Fest! Lucky us! New gifts are added every day, and there are already more than two weeks worth of gifts in the community (plus an archive of last years also!)

We all had lots of favourites, and fought over some of them too! So do go and explore the Glomp Fest community and find your own favourite! Don’t forget to read and review, and let them know where you heard about Glomp Fest!

Summary: In the face of his people’s suffering, Arthur turns to the druids to see if a treaty with magic users can secure his kingdom’s future.
This is such a beautiful fic. There is amazing chemistry between Arthur and Merlin in Treaty Negotiations, and the storytelling is divine. Merlin is assigned to the king during negotiations, and it becomes quickly apparent to the reader that Merlin is testing Arthur’s reactions to him, and to his people. Though the attraction is instant and insidious, there is an aching soul-deep need that also translates and grows during the process of interactions between the two.

I love a period fic with magic, and this one has all the elements that make me swoon: a strong, good Arthur as king, and a brilliant, cunning, yet guileless Merlin as his temptation and salvation.
Medieval Merlin lovers - Read this now! Then come and swoon with me.

Summary: Life is a dreary cycle of work and sleep until Arthur moves in next door and breaks Merlin’s stride.

Leave it to Arthur and a misbehaving dog to crack the facade of stoicism that Merlin has built around his life. Sweet, young, athletic and beautiful Arthur, with golden hair, let-me-in eyes, and I-need-you-to-show-me lips. Merlin’s boundaries and isolation didn’t stand a chance.
“I’m just going to spread you, don’t be scared,” Merlin says, placing his hands on the round of Arthur’s ass.

“I’m not scared,” Arthur says, over his shoulder.

“Yes, you are.” Merlin digs his fingers in the firm flesh. “Your heart is racing.” He spreads Arthur’s cheeks a little. “And you feel a little sick.” Merlin breathes warm air over his hole. “You’ve seen guys doing this, you’ve wanked off to it behind your laptop in the dark.” He cools the breath by pursing his lips. “You’ve wondered what it would feel like.”
I’m almost shocked that Emmy recc’d this fic to me, because there’s a bit of an ache that lingers despite the sunshine-warm smut, but it is an ache of bittersweet truth that is still coated in possibility,and really, what more can we ask for than that kind of realism?

Summary: Desperate to keep his head and body intact, Merlin flees Camelot, Arthur and his Knights not far behind. But Arthur is willing to go to great lengths to get Merlin back with him, though not for the reasons anyone suspects.

I really do love magic reveal fics, and this one starts with one! Then follows Merlin’s desperate run away from Arthur, and Arthur’s determined search. Whilst battling his emotions and conflicts.
Shrugging the thick fabric around his shoulders and giving a small shiver of delight at the cozy feel of it, Merlin gives one last look at Arthur’s sleeping form. He muses regretfully at the past week.

He keeps his voice low and to himself, but luckily Arthur stays asleep, even when Merlin’s fingers brush over his forehead and down the side of his cheek. “How can I believe anything the dragon said, when now it’s obvious you hate me for what I am. How can this possibly be our destiny?”

Author: Nympha Alba
Summary: After the break-up with Will, Merlin is depressed and a little lost, and the daily commute to London doesn't help. But he loves his job at the bookshop with its weird patrons, and there's a blond bloke on the train that he happens to spill coffee on. Sometimes that's where things start.

This fic has a lovely warmth and gentleness to it. It starts with a Merlin who is closed on from life and most certainly love, until he starts to spot a sexy and somehow engaging stranger on his train route, not that he’s changing his journey times to try and see him again or anything... And Arthur? Does he need something from Merlin?

Its a gorgeous fic, that made me feel grand. Left me feeling schmoopy and warm and happy. I don’t know about you but I need to read fics like these every so often. This fic unfolds beautifully and slips down perfectly. A warm and lovely treat.

by: cyus
Summary: Colin didn't always like wearing dresses (he can pinpoint the exact moment it started, and how) but now it's as much a part of him as anything else. He didn't expect Bradley to get it, but then Bradley does.

Although it was only recently posted, this has quickly become one of my absolute favorite fics. The smut is amazing; hell, it is debauchery defined. But it’s the feelings that move this fic from ‘mmm yummy dirty story’ to ‘my mind is blown by this explosion of emotion and sexual connection.’ This is RPF, so it might not be for everyone, but it hit me in all the right places.

Colin is pining and a bit desperate as he tries to keep his lover’s interest. His lover is in London, while Colin is on location filming. The nameless lover introduced Colin to the pleasures of feminization, but he’s moved on while Colin’s been filming. My heart. Our sweet boy is so tormented. He’s sad, yet disgusted that he’s sad. He misses the sex, the photos and videos he and his lover made at the same time that he’s disgusted by it all. He’s completely destroyed by his lover’s ability to toss him away like he was nothing.

The scenes with Bradley in the last long section of the fic absolutely kill me. Merlin is defensive, having accidentally shared this hidden part of him. But Bradley does not react how Colin, or I, expected him to. The result is a potent mix of emotions and dirty, dirty sex. I have no words for how much I love the growth and progression that takes place. Such a very fulfilling oneshot.

Summary: Arthur does a favor for his nephew by giving his friend Merlin a ride across the country for the holidays.

imageArthur. 35. Likes rules. Kind of a stick in the mud. Divorced. Lives in the shadows of his father’s expectations. Epic post-divorce dry spell. Desires to be fucked into the bed.

Merlin. 20. Free spirited. Talkative. Flirty. A little obnoxious. Master teaser and taunter. Possibly a know-it-all. Armchair psychologist. Wants to fuck Arthur into the bed.

Put these two together on a road trip from California to Washington, DC, and you get a whole lot of banter, bickering, and longing. When their truths are revealed and they finally do the deed, oh my is it good. As Merlin says, “Got over a year to make up for here. Let’s do it right.”