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Turn Me On Red Kryptonite 5.14.12

We want to know what turns you on, ladies! Which fics are rocking your world and are must reads for us Pervs? We want you to tell us what you like, what turns you on about this fic. Let’s talk about it over a glass of wine and get everyone reading it.

Title: Red Kryptonite 
Author: Saritadreaming 
Status: WIP 
Chapters: 17 
Word Count: 67,222 

Summary:Edward Masen: Bounty hunter. Isabella Swan-Hunter: Bail jumper. He's hired to bring her back for trial, but he's not prepared for what happens once he gets a taste of her. Death, lies, betrayal, toxicity, hope, desire. Who will survive? AU/Lemons 

 ~Turn Me On~

 In the story Red Kryptonite, Edward says that Isabella ‘bewitches’ him and I can’t think of a better word than that to describe what Saritadreaming does to us readers with every new chapter. 

Yes indeed, I am under her spell with her words of the dark vampire Edward, the mysterious Isabella and their worlds coming together. 

And when Edward and Isabella do come together, that union has tints of imprinting, a pull and flow through thoughts and emotions, a connection that affects both of them deeply. 

This Edward isn’t like the normal Vampward. He drinks blood from humans for reasons that even surprised me, giving me new perspective on the vegetarian lifestyle of the Cullens. He is distant from his family, choosing to live alone, working as a bounty hunter by using his mind reading gift to become one of the best. 

But when Isabella is introduced into his life, his world shifts. Isabella is a mystery, learning with each chapter more of her past. And once you learn, you will love her even more, rooting for her. 

Now let me tell you about the lemons, the passion, the stuff that will have your panties soaked and make you run to find some relief.

"What are you doing under the water?" Rising back up, I smirk at her. "Vampires don't need to breathe, sweet one."
* swoons and pants* Edward gives new meaning to ‘breathing through your ears’.

As a reader, I found myself breathing hard, inhaling imaginary scents and sighing as these two become closer with each chapter. Their most intimate moments have me gripping my laptop and begging for more.
I stop her words with my lips, kissing her gently. "Do you want to stop?" My horny inner vampire snarls at me for asking something that might stop him from mating, but Isabella's needs have to come first—always.
"No . . . it's just been so long, and I feel so much." She swallows hard, frustration wrinkling up her forehead. "I just don't know what to do with all this—what's inside me."
"Pour it into me, sweet one. Let go—I won't let you fall. You're safe with me."
Saritadreaming’s words not only draw you in, pulling you into her world of lust and love, but also envelop you, wrapping around you in her world you just can’t get enough of.

  In Red Kryptonite, Saritadreaming has woven a vampire fic that is different from any that I have ever read and I was sucked in immediately. It has romance, drama, mystery, smut, originality, and everything I can think of that you’d ever want to read in a great fic.

You might think that an Edward who drinks from humans and is estranged from his vampire family is a monster on the loose, but he is anything but that.

Edward is a bounty hunter and despite the distance between him and his family he is very content with his life and thinks he has everything just as he wants it. After all, he has a job, money, human blood to drink, and sex whenever he wants it. Yes that’s right, this Edward is no 107 year old virgin or prude in the bedroom.
My name is Edward Masen, and I'm a bounty hunter. A vampire bounty hunter able to read the minds of my quarry, which greatly assists me in ascertaining their guilt or innocence. I also have a hobby of drinking blood— both from those I hunt and those who hunt me; I tend to be quite popular with the ladies. 
The members of my former 'family' don't approve of my habit of feeding off humans. They all subsist on animal blood—a practice that turns my stomach. It's unnatural to attempt to deny our vampire nature. On the other hand, I understand their desire not to kill innocents. Those I kill deserve death. The vile filth, the dregs of society, are deaths easily justified, but I find that women in the throes of sexual pleasure taste best, which is why I employ the art of seduction. I get what I need, and in return, the ladies receive an experience that transports them to the heights of ecstasy. Once I'm between their legs, they rarely notice the slight sting of my sharp thumb nail as I gain access to their femoral vein. After drinking of their velvet wine while playing with and suckling on their heated, moist flesh, I simply close the wound with a swipe of my venom-coated tongue, and they are none the wiser. Far more fun than making a kill and needing to dispose of the remains. Everybody wins.
All is good until he takes on a new job hunting down none other than Isabella Swan-Hunter who is wanted for the attempted murder of her senator husband James Hunter. Of course we all know that things are never cut and dry when it comes to Edward and Bella. What Edward finds when he tracks down Isabella is so far from anything he ever expected and not just because after spending 107 years alone he discovers she is his mate. Sure the sparks fly, but there is so much more than their need to be together that complicates things.
Her plump lips kiss along my jaw, down my neck, and back up over my face. She kisses every inch, taking her time, her fingers massaging my scalp as she goes. 
My cock grows hard beneath her, and I try to quell my urges. Isabella is not like the others. I can't imagine bedding her and tossing her away. She's too precious for that. 
Oh, fuck. She's my mate, isn't she? 
The irony of finding my mate this way is not lost on me. I've been a blood- drinking sexual Casanova, pleasuring various ladies as I take what I need. 
Isabella is also human . . . and dying.
It would seem the solution to all of their problems is simple. Her parents are dead, so no family to miss her or go looking for her other than the husband she might or might not have tried to kill. Why not runaway, give her immortality and live happily ever after? Sounds easy right? Wrong!

What if Isabella had a child that her husband had hidden from her and she needed to get her child back first? What if that same husband was well aware of the existence of vampires and was on a mission to become one himself? And what if Isabella had a rare blood anomaly that prevents Edward from changing her because if he drinks her blood he will die?

This story has all that and more. Saritadreaming keeps us guessing what will happen next with each chapter. She is slowly revealing all of the puzzle pieces a little at a time in each chapter, but the answers to some of their biggest issues remain to be solved, not to mention some unexpected twists that have popped up along the way. This story has had me captivated from the very first word and I watch my inbox every Tuesday, waiting for the update to pop in so I can see what is going to happen next. There is never a dull moment and I promise you won’t regret reading it.

In Saritadreaming’s'Red Kryptonite', Edward Masen is one HAWT bounty hunter out to get his mean woman!

The story begins the morning after he picked up a girl from the bar where he played piano. Edward wants her out but is still polite to her:
Her voice and mind are dripping with disappointment. "Will I... see you again?" 
"It could happen, but my business takes me all over the country, and I tend to move around a lot." I walk over to the bed and take her hand, placing a kiss on the back of it. "Having you was my great pleasure." The taste was delectable.
Yes, as you may have guessed, Edward is a vamp and nourishes his body while having fun with the ladies!

Bella is the good girl gone least that's what Edward thinks at the start. It bothers him that she's a policeman's daughter, a senator's wife, and has no priors, yet she's wanted for attempted murder. Things are not adding up. A phone call from his sister, Alice, whom he has not spoken to in five years, convinces him to take the case.

After reading the mind of Bella's best friend, Edward takes off to the cabin where she's hiding out. Numerous things about Bella perplex him, pulling him in deeper.

When Bella catches Edward by surprise, pointing a shotgun at him, he begins to realize she is no wallflower, and her response to him wanting to take her into custody is a scream:
"Well, I'm not going to kill a man just doing his job . . . so, I'll have to shoot out your kneecaps. Don't worry; I'll send an ambulance once I'm safely away from here."
Yes, folks, this is not a whimpering, delicate flower Bella. She is tough because she has to be.

And then it's revealed....Bella has leukemia and though strong in heart, she is weak in body. Edward quickly becomes her willing caretaker when a medical emergency arises.

Edward listens to her dreams and realizes this case isn't what it seems, and he decides to give her the five weeks until she has to show up for court to prove her innocence...with his help, naturally.

In a surprise twist, when Isabella cuts her palm and Edward licks the wound closed, an unimaginable thing happens to him:
I'm paralyzed, and I scream out uncontrollably. 
Everything goes dark. 
Blurry vision. 
Muddled thoughts. 
Pain; so much pain and burning.
Isabella's blood is toxic to vampires, and James knows it. He's taken Isabella's daughter, Hannah, to try to keep Isabella in line. But Hannah's importance goes beyond the fact she's Bella's missing daughter. I'm not going to ruin that surprise for you. Oh, no, you have to read each and every delectable chapter, which will leave you gasping for more.

Oh, and did I mention lemons? Oh, yes, there are lemons aplenty. Let's just leave it at a bathtub scene and knowing that vampires don't have to worry about breathing while under water! *wink*

There are many interesting twists and turns in RK. Sarita has added a whole other dimension to the Cullen animal drinking lifestyle that this Edward simply does not believe is right:
My grief over the slaughtering of the buck surprises me, but it's been over twenty years since I fed from an innocent. And I do consider the deer to be an innocent. It's easier for Carlisle and the others to justify it because they don't have to hear and see inside the minds of their food.
For all you Team Wolfpack peeps, Sarita has an interesting surprise for you! And throw in some Team Volturi and you have one well-rounded, well thought out fanfic that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

If you are not reading Red Kryptonite, you should be. It draws you in, and you'll greedily read every chapter and beg for more.

J I read the Fictionators Teaser Monday post religiously. And that’s where I have found some fabulous stories that have surprisingly low review counts. Red Kryptonite by Saritadreaming is one of those gems.

The Guest Pervs have done an amazing job talking about the plot. If you can’t tell from what they’ve said, it’s unlike any AU you’ve read before. The mystery is fabulous. The pacing for the reveal of all of the bits and pieces feels timed just right--no frustration or thinking ‘omg just tell us already’ going on here.

Isabella is feisty, even though she has lived through so many horrible events and has so much going against her. Even though the balance of power is clearly with Edward, she doesn’t back down once. Of course, things change, and when they both admit to feeling a deep connection the UST takes off like a rocket. Even though they share a kiss shortly after realizing their connection, you’ll feel like you’ll just burn if they don’t touch each other soon. I absolutely love Edward’s adoration of Isabella. It doesn’t turn him into a big softy though, he’s definitely got his killer instinct. Loving Isabella only just softens the hardass part of him.

How sultry-sexy is this?
Moving her hair aside to expose the back of her neck, I trail a finger along the delicate curve from just below her ear to the tip of her shoulder, eliciting a shiver. With a soft sighing moan, Isabella tilts her head to the side, offering me better access. I replace my finger with my lips, dropping gentle kisses along her fragrant skin until my mouth rests against her earlobe. 
"You bewitch me," I murmur.
And it’s just a kiss! So good.

So, clear your afternoon; you know you want to read it. Be sure to leave Saritadreaming some love!

I’ve been reading and giddy over this story from the first chapter! I loved the premise, the characters created, and the unique storyline. What starts out as a job turns into so much more and as the layers unfold you fall in love with Edward and Bella more and more and their unique situation.

You see their relationship grow and move and then as you get more and more excited for them to finally come together in the way you have been dying for them to and then it does, and it just keeps you wanting more. If the amazing chemistry wasn’t enough for you, you then have this amazing storyline and character history and depth. From the first few chapters you will be cheering these two on against all the odds and always ready to come back for more at each update. :)

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