Monday, May 7, 2012

Originally Erotic: Facilitators


It's hard to believe that with all the wonderful, smutty fan fiction out there that we get time to read published books too. You should know by now that the Pack Pervs are nothing if not insatiable smut hounds. We can never enough of well written steamy sex, and we’re willing to pay for it if it’s worth it. Here we will team up to recommend some published erotica and erotic romance novels that are guaranteed to get you hot and bothered.

Title: Facilitators
Author: Audrey T.F., Mera N.J.
Author’s Contact:
Genre: Romance, Erotica
Cost: $ 1.99 (ebook only)
Book Description: Eva, a woman thoroughly in control of her life (though not of her weakness for designer shoes), prefers her romantic interludes to be devoid of romance. Theo, a man whose dating efforts have been sabotaged by his dilapidated Corolla, hasn't had any interlude in almost a year. When both contact Facilitators, a company specializing in arrangements of the interluding kind, Theo and Eva scratch their respective itches -- and then find themselves wondering what, if anything, happens next.

A sweet and spicy (mostly spicy) semi-traditional take on romantic comedies, Facilitators faces head-on the most urgent question of contemporary society: How many one-night-stands are required to make a relationship?

I stumbled onto this lovely little novella on twitter not long after it was released. As I scanned the summary and saw the price, I thought it was worth taking a chance. Thank goodness I did, because Facilitators is all kinds of sexy. It tells the story of two people - Eva and Theo - who meet at a “Facilitators Mixer,” essentially a way for professionals to meet and do whatever it is they want... namely hook-up in a casual, safe environment.

Let’s start with Theo. He’s a stockbroker living under a pile of student loan debt and who hasn’t been laid in nine months. He’s stressed, a bit down, and frustrated beyond belief with his love - or lack thereof - life. His friend Henry - quirky, funny, and relatively well off - enters the mix, and after giving Theo a hard time about how uptight he is, hands hima business card for Facilitators.

Eva is an upper class girl who works hard, loves an awesome pair of shoes, and no strings attached sex, or as she puts it, “a ships passing in the night” kinda girl. She has reasons for this, but it takes a nudge - shove - from her cousin, Julie, and some awesome sexy times with Theo for her to come around.

Facilitators is a fun glimpse into the age old question - can people have casual, consequence-free sex? Can two consenting adults keep emotions and attachment and all the messy feelings that come with relationships out of the mix and just enjoy the way two bodies - and trust me when I say these two seriously know how to do it - come together? I’m certainly not going to tell you the answer, but let me just say, the exploration and the unfolding of the story is a pure delight, with ups and downs and pushing friends and family.

As the girls will mention below, these two can make things happen in the back of a cab... in the bedroom... on the table (regardless of a gorgeous crystal vase)... in the kitchen... in the shower... pretty much anywhere.
Theo lay back down, putting his arms on either side but keeping his body weight off of her. “There’s no rush.” He pressed soft kisses along her throat, and then nipped the curve of her ear before saying, “You’re always in such a hurry that I haven’t had much of a chance to prove I’m good at this.” 
Eva’s eyes, which had been drifting closed, flew open in disbelief. “Are you kidding me? You’ve proved it over and over again - it’s been four days!” 
“I’ve proved I’m good at fucking you,” he agreed, with obvious amusement. “But I haven’t prove that I’m good at this.” He licked the sensitive skin at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. Eva moaned as fresh excitement shivered from the point of contact to her belly. “Or this.” One warm hand traveled up the sweep of her hip to her waist, over her ribs, and paused on her breast. His fingers trailed lightly over the outer curve; she nearly jumped with reaction. “Or this.” He lowered his mouth to her nipple and began to suck.
And that’s tame, folks. Theo and Eva are a hot mess together... and even worse apart. Facilitators is a short, quick read that will leave you fully satisfied and very happy you spent the money on this lovely little novella.

Facilitators is a refreshing take on adult romance, with skilled writing, a sexually empowered female lead, and more red-hot smut than you can shake a pair of Louboutins at.

The story’s title refers to what may be the most kick-ass dating service in the history of ever. Eva and Theo are both clients who meet at a mixer, are matched ingeniously, and head for an evening of hedonistic sexual itch scratching. Evening turns to late night, then early morning, and even a mathematician would lose count of the number of orgasms they give each other. It would almost seem unbelievable if the chemistry wasn’t so well articulated. The realism in their erotic exchanges holds you in the moment and captures the range of emotions and sensations from the first encounter - frantic, frenzied - to the comforting, but no less intense later couplings after they’ve discovered how to play each other’s bodies like fine-tuned instruments.

Facilitators is a quick read - I consumed it whole in a little over an hour - but its brevity doesn’t undermine its content. These characters are well defined, and the story is whole. It’s also perfectly pornographic, and wholly heartwarming. A truly guilty pleasure and a special treat.


Eva is the quintessential big-city girl. She’s career-driven, successful, and can’t resist a killer pair of expensive and extremely high designer heels. Sexually confident but not in the market for a relationship of any kind, Eva’s idea of a great night is of the “get off, get out, and get on with my day” philosophy. Then, there’s Theo. A little more tender, it would seem on the outside, and it would appear he’d actually like a relationship...but getting laid is priority number one after nearly a year of rejection. He knows he’s attractive (and skilled between the sheets), but getting anywhere with women in his social circle just hasn’t been happening. Despite being good at what he does, the economy is rough, but he’s working hard at it everyday. For Theo, Facilitators is a guaranteed opportunity to end his dry spell, no questions asked.

What Eva didn’t expect was to enjoy herself so thoroughly after, err...meeting Theo, or that she would be tempted to see him again. That’s not her thing. Theo certainly didn’t expect to hit it off so well with a woman only to be shot down just when he thought he had his in. Don’t fret, though; Theo is a persistent and quite persuasive guy. And has anyone mentioned quite generous in the sack? Yeah, that too.

It would seem understandable that Eva gives in to try a little more.

We all know “friends with benefits” or even just “acquaintances with benefits” never works out without complications, and this is no exception. Their adventure in sex and what relationships mean is steamy, fun, and quite surprising at times. The story overall is well-crafted and definitely a page-turner (or should we say screen-flicker in the case of an ebook?), and an all around great read. These authors have taken their experience and crafted it into an original piece of erotica that is well worth its very reasonable price.

When Jess brought this book up I was titillated. I’m fairly new to erotic original fiction. Before reading fanfic my reading habits were rather PG, so I’m always looking for a good dirty rec, and this is a great smutty read. I love how the friendship builds between Theo and Eva through their sexual chemistry. Even though the length is short I never felt the story was rushed or missing anything. Refreshing and entertaining to say the least.

The characters are well developed and easy to enjoy. I found Theo very endearing and Eva a spitfire. I love the use of secondary characters; Henry, Theo’s best friend, and Eva’s cousin, Julie, gave great balance to the main characters. The sexual tension is delish and the smut had me squirming, not going to lie.
Eva swung the door shut behind him, and the sliding warmth of his skin as he secured his arms around her, full lips, skimming her cheek, teasing a delicious flutter all over. Theo’s hands slipped to cover all the places she wanted him, the slow-building tug and lock of his mouth delightfully sweet. Oh God. That. This. Just so good.
We see Theo and Eva grow and evolve into a natural relationship, even if they are the last to know. I have sections bookmarked to visit again later and would highly recommend this story especially at such an affordable price!