Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting to Know MsKathy

Ahhh, it's my turn for the Perv Pack Getting to Know You! This could take a while; if you've ever had a conversation with me, you know I am one chatty bitch.

I'm 33, I have one very cute 7 year old daughter (that's her with me in the pic... cute, right? I swear, I really do have a neck... ), a husband and an epic coffee addiction. I am stuck in the greater Salt Lake area in Utah right now, but have lived in MI, CA, TX and WV. In my past lives, I have done everything from selling Kirby vacuums (that lasted exactly one weekend as I realized they probably wanted people who actually -used- vacuums to demonstrate them), phone technical support for a dial-up ISP on up to a Director position for a large NSP, worn too many hats to mention at a law firm, film runner back in the day for an emergency room, and CEO of my very own company (and no, it wasn't an adult toy company, as many people have guessed – it was far more wholesome and family friendly, you pervs!). I love to cook and bake, spend time in my very neglected craft room and chat.

You've maybe seen my name in some author's notes, thanking me for help/beta services. As my “friends” like to say (some 'friends' *grumble*), I get around. Nothing makes me happier than a well edited story. Well. Okay. If you REALLY know me, you know some things do, but we're getting to that in a moment.

I began co-writing a oneshot with NaughtyPastryChef called The Trip Home, for a Christmas contest way back... 5 months ago. That blew up into a multi-chapter story that I love. I was hooked from the oneshot, which I began in all honesty as a way to get my posted word count high enough to become an official “beta” on the FanFiction website.

I now write three other stories as well and am mostly known for non-standard pairings and situations, but I also have a canon oneshot and a canon story, so don't discount me just yet, you canon pairing lovers. I love diversity in my writing and don't see that changing anytime soon as I review my completed story outlines. Yeah, despite that I have four stories going right now, I have numerous others waiting in the wings, fully outlined and ready to write in my brain.

If you come to the AU/AH Forums at Twilighted, you've no doubt seen my name plastered all over The Submissive & The Dominant threads. Depending on the phase of the moon and the amount of caffeine pulsing through my body, I might be posting a haiku showering my friends with love or waxing philosophic on the proper way to use a riding crop on your willing partners (we love to share during Circle Time). I also sprinkle my annoying opinion around to a few other threads for stories that I love. I am all about diversity, baby. Oh, I'm also all about the flirty. I'm a lover, not a fighter. Scoot a little closer while I tell you the rest of this story, k?

I never imagined when I began posting at Twi that I would make such wonderful friends. I am thankful each and every day for them, because they make my day just a smidgey bit brighter, and so major props go out to all mah homies. I have shared stories with them that are intensely private, I have laughed and cried with them, shaken my fist in anger and even met up with one in “real life,” as some people like to call it.

I nearly gave myself an ulcer trying to pick just one story as my highlight, so guess what? I'm breaking the rules. That's right. If you can't handle it, well, I'll be available on the spanking bench later.

There are so many stories on my reading list that I love, if we talked about them all, we'd be here for weeks. In case it's not already obvious, all of these stories are mature, with mature themes and ideas.. and most have some wicked hot sex in theme, but not all! I even listed some T-rated stories, 'cause I read those too, (this comment is aimed right at you-know-who, the person who asked if I only ever beta for naughty M stories :P).

The Submissive & The Dominant are two of my all time favorite stories on FanFiction. I really fell in love with the way tara sue me writes and it certainly doesn't hurt that she has almost never turned down a single marriage proposal. Considering how many I send her, I think that's pretty sweet of her.

Suburban Ennui by algonquinrt is a recent addition to my 'stories I love' list. Don't be put off by the number of chapters, they are short and well written. Everyone here is flawed and flailing, holding on by a string. This is one of those rare gems – an Esme/Carlisle story. It's a grown up, real story about real, grown ups! How about that?

Don't Worry About It by idrivelikeacullen was a story that really struck me from the beginning. The first chapter ends with “That other boy was, is, my brother Edward” Emmett said from behind me. “He’s kind of a sore subject around here. Please don’t bring him up to my parents” – how can you NOT want to read more? The history of Edward Cullen emerges and is laid out beautifully, along with the companion of Meadowlands, which tells of Edward's missing time.

No One Saw the Pain by magan bagan is a tear jerker, I'm going to be straight up honest with you. I cried like a little baby while reading certain parts of this. This is a rare gem in that it is completed. The prologue begins with some backstory on Bella, and the first chapter is six years later as Bella reunites with Edward, who previously saved her.

Wreckage by lambcullen is a story that could have gone completely cliché (the premise is that Bella was in an accident just after Edward proposed), but still has my rapt attention. Bella has amnesia and lambie has done a great job of weaving in mystery - Did she say yes to his proposal? What is the secret Edward is keeping? Why is Bella upset with Charlie?

Park Bench Portrait by Neica is a funny and interesting wild ride. Imagine Bella's surprise when, at a work function taking place at an art gallery, she sees photographs and drawings of herself. The mysterious EAC has secretly captured our Bella during her lunch time escapes from her insane boss, Rosalie (who calls Bella Birdie and that just cracks me up).

The Artist's Model by InkBud is a T-rated story about Edward Masen, a painter in Paris. His donor/sponsor Carlisle urges him to branch out a bit in his subjects. He meets Bella and the story progresses. All of the canon characters are here, but they are fleshed out in such different and unique ways – Emmett, for example, is a furniture designer.

There are so many other little nuggets and stories I am enjoying, I am so sorry and sad that I don't have the time or space to mention them all.

One last shout out is due to the Perv Pack Members themselves. Each and every one of them went out of their way for me at some point, many before I was even part of the PP, and I appreciate the friendship and bonds I have made with them immensely. I would say we are all BFFs, but the friendship they offer me extends above and beyond word definitions.


Anonymous said...

Just so peeps know, MsKathy only belongs to one person. MOI. She's my interwebz wife and mastah beta cherry tomatah. Just sayin. She's spoken for. And I'm a scary sharer. She told me so.

Stephie (luv) said...

hey! back off mah gay bf mcv. sharing is caring. you better. i am the only RLer she's met in person. bahahaha. take that!

ok, just kidding, don't hurt me! :)

Molly said...

Awh, MsK!!! That was awesome. You listed some stories that I've read, and some that I'm definitely going to check out. All because you posted them! You rawk, woman. And yer little sweetheart is one heck of a cutie patootie!

algonquinrt said...

Cheese and crackers, MsK... thanks for the mention. Humbled to be mentioned in there with some of my favorite stories... and right after tara... totes not worthy! I take my iPhone to the bus stop so I don't miss her updates! Such a perv putting my kindergartener on the bus and reading about my Domward. RAWR!

Lipsmacked said...

awww look at mama and baby... hehe. love you Kath!!!

Anonymous said...

MsK thanks so much for all you do. I now have a few more things to add to my reading list.
Yes your little one is ver cute. My little ones are getting too big too fast. Enjoy the small things now. Before you know it they are 9 and rolling their eyes at you. Yes! at 9!!!

Anonymous said...

hello everybody

I just thought it would be good to introduce myself to everyone!

Can't wait to get to know you all better!


Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

hi everybody

just signed up and wanted to say hello while I read through the posts

hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.