Saturday, August 15, 2009


After the field was narrowed down to 26 entries by the judges, you pervy h00rs decided the fate of the top placing fics in the Tattward & Inkella Contest. The first place winner is....

hunterhunting is officially the Queen of Tattward. I hereby dub her as so. She brought us possibly the very best Tattward in the history of the world with CW&IA, of course she could bring it home with another variation! Different circumstances, different characters, but still the fuckawesome writing we've come to know and love.

The characters she comes up with are so deep and three dimensional that it's easy to see how she could continue this into a full-fledged fic (perhaps with enough coercion, she will?!?).

The meeting of these two was hot. With the push and pull of B&E...can you say UST? Rawrr. Bella's hard exterior, yet soft side won me over as did Gin's hot ass Edward. The storyline was great; by utilizing a different era, Gin was able to bring us something completely unique for the contest. And, the smut? Oh Lord...

If you weren't one of the seventy gajillion people that voted for this hot little ditty, hurry your ass over and have a looksie.

Congrats on your first place win, Gin!

Congratulations to our Second Place winner: The Festival of Sound and Steel by hunterhunting

Congratulations to our Third Place winner: 900 Ways to Make Money by heelstominivan


All five of the judges were so overwhelmed with the amount of interest shown in this contest. We were inundated with entries and we were thrilled to find some that stood out well above the rest. Because of that, not only are we congratulating the winner of the public vote, but we will also be sharing with you the Judges Top Five picks.

When the judges read through the stories, we shared our comments on them with each other and rated each of them on a scale of 1-10. We had only one story out of 80+ that received a perfect score.

(scoring 50 out of a possible 50 points)

Bri's thoughts: I was so in love all of the submissions from TLiG. Her writing style is completely poetic and utterly beautiful. The story she weaves is like a painting. To have received a perfect score was a feat in and of itself. To receive a perfect score on an A/J pairing from a diehard B/E lover? Impossible. But, she did it. And she did it well.

We get peeks into a canon A/J (minus the whole drinking blood thing). Alice's voice in this fic is haunting and mesmerizing. From finding herself: I asked her why she was crying but she merely echoed my questions and would not answer. I asked her who she was but she just cried more. To finding Jasper: He came to me wrapped up in rain and thirst, his coat plastered to his chest and a bitter wind inside his breath. To finding each other: When my lips brushed his I saw my future. I saw our lives spread out before us in long years twisted on languorous sheets. I saw days that could be filled with hope. ... When I pulled him inside of me it felt for the first time like my body was my own. ... I remembered nothing. Not even my name. Fortunately Jasper lent me his. I could continue to quote literally this entire fic - it was so difficult picking just a few to showcase. Bottom line: read it. I don't give a fuck if you aren't an Alice/Jasper fan - I'm not either. But, this fic is beautiful like nothing else.

(scoring 49 out of a possible 50 points)

Kathy's thoughts: This is one of those rare oneshots that grabs you by the proverbial balls and just doesn't let go until the end. I really started to bawl right about here, “In my bloodthirsty quest to save Bella, I had lost her forever, as a life slipped away in my hands.” – and trust me, it doesn't ease up from there. We follow the twisty path of Edward and Bella as they are apart, both of them haunted. When they come back together, it's epic. It's snot-sobbing. It's magical. While many of the entries we read were also snot-sobbing, epic pieces of magic, this one gripped me because of Edward's inner struggle and Bella's refusal to simply let him leave. Also, from a technical aspect, this author used a lot of beautiful words and imagery and the content was clean in terms of punctuation and grammar, making it an easy read.

(scoring 48.5 out of a possible 50 points)

Bri's thoughts: Holy fucking hell. I should not have been allowed to read this entry. Honestly I shouldn't have. Algie and I would go back and forth...making notes about other entries and all of the sudden just breaking out with a "thought about WB today and turned into a snotty mess" because it stayed with us for so fucking long. Days people...days of remembering this "rip my heart out and stomp on it" fic.

While this entry is an extremely well written and heartwrenching story, it is NOT for the faint of heart. This is absolutely 100% NOT Wussperv approved. At all. Not even a little. And, I can't quite reconcile the fact that I both love and hate that I read this entry.

The author takes us through a huge time line and does it so in a way that is so unique. We get tiny snippets into the life of B/E - a peek here and there throughout the years of their relationship. From the very beginning till the very end, ineedyoursway keeps your attention.

Rumor has it, there will be an EPOV of this story coming after the completion of the contest. And, as much as I'm a sucker for getting inside Edward's head...I'm not sure my heart can handle it.

I'm the worst reviewer in the world. GO READ IT. It's awesome.

(scoring 48 out of a possible 50 points)

Algie's thoughts: There were so many standout entries that I thought it would be hard to pick just one, but from the second I read Sleeper in a Clone Suit by annanabanana, I claimed Rockabillyward as my very own, daring the other judges to attempt to steal him from me. This is the first Edward who's come close to beating out even Balticward for my affections, and those of you who know my obsession with Behind Enemy Lines know this statement is serious business.

I'm a big fan of opposites-attract stories, and as Bella fights the magnetism of the guy in the suit, we are right there with her. He's hot, but oh-so-part-of-the-corporate-machine. One night he shows up at the cafe where Bella works in “human clothes” and reveals what's under the suit... /me fans self. Musician, classic tats, fuckhot belt? RAWR.

I'd written my “ideal” Tattward as a Carlisle earlier on, but sweet baby jebus, Rockabillyward was even better than my hypothetical idea. If this guy were to step off the page, I'd rethink the whole swearing off marriage thing. This is my official plea to please, PLEASE, continue this story.

(scoring 48 out of a possible 50 points)

Mel's thoughts: As a judge for the Inkella and Tattward contest, I read through oodles of amazing, innovative stories. However, one in particular stuck out for me more than any of the others, and that was Vanilla and Chrome by theladyingrey42. I cannot sum up what this one-shot is all about in just a few simple sentences and I think that, in and of itself, is a testament to what an exquisite story it is. Inkella, the ice cream scooper at the fair, and Tattward, the music roadie, meet and through an intense attraction of mind and body, this fic leaves you simply...breathless.

If she doesn't make this into a full fic, I will hunt her every day of her life till she is so beaten down, she does it. :)


So that's it...what we considered to be the best of the best. If, for some unknown reason you didn't read these before the contest ended, run and read them now! Hell, even if you did, they deserve a re-read. And, don't forget to show these wonderful authors some love. They deserve it.


Anonymous said...

What a surprise! The winner is friends with the judges, so clearly she would win.

antiaol said...

Perhaps you weren't familiar with how this contest worked. It was a PUBLIC vote. Meaning, everyone in the fandom selected the winners...not the judges. The judges only job was to narrow down the entries.

As for the five that the judges did select and showcase, they were the highest scoring entries we received, based on our tallied scores. I'm pleased to say that all of them were new or unknown authors.

Lastly, I don't appreciate you attacking the character of any of the judges that worked extremely hard - taking time out of their schedules to read and review each and every entry. And to do so anonymously? Well, that speaks volumes.

In case you're interested, the link to the PUBLIC vote:

Sophia24 said...

You know, I bet 'anonymous' was just jealous because he/she didn't win and is a very spiteful person. Not only are they insulting the judges (all of you amazingly brilliant, creative writers) but they are also insulting the winner who just happens to be a fabulous writer and i've only read one of her stories.

Jealously is an extremely stupid (and only in Edward's case, sexy) emotion which now make 'anonymous' sound a bit dense. More than a bit. Can you honestly think that people have nothing better to do with their time than create a contest, read all those stories, and then make hundreds of profiles to vote so their 'friend' wins? You, anonymous, my be lucky *ahem* enough to have that much time on their hands but other people actually have a life.

meadow said...

There is nothing worse than someone who has something to say that cannot be mature enough to say it while being upfront and honest about their identity.

It's incredibly pathetic and lends no credence to their opinion.

I wholeheartedly support the above two comments. This was a public vote and your attacking it and the result is nothing short of pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself.

SarahElizabeth said...

Okay, first Anon. I must say, it takes a brave person to put their work out for others to see. I respect and admire each indivual who put themselves on the line for this contest. Not only are you calling into question the reputations of the judges, you are also putting shame on the authors. Virginia asked all of us to go read ALL the entries and vote. I did, I read, and as much as I loved the majority of the enteries, I had to choose MY favorites. That's what I did.

Personally, I'm so happy the judges gave acclaim to the other authors of stories that I adored. I could only choose 3, or I would have chosen more.

Lastly, it takes a lot of bravery to sign your name at the end of review. You are basically criticizing someone's hardwork. Their blood, sweat and tears. To me it's quite literally a part of their soul. I would never place any of my thoughts on someone elses work, without at least giving them the COURTESY of my name. To make claims of shady behavior, and claim falsehood against others without saying who you are...that's lowly, despicable and quite honestly pathetic behavior. It's easy to hide who you are and tear others down. It simply makes you less human. You don't have to face those that you've hurt because you don't really exsist. It's a cop out, and I have respect for you whatsoever.

I do not know Bri (Antiaol) personally. However, I know she is a class-act lady. You simply have to be to garner the respect of SO MANY people on a site like this. To call her character into question, as well as the other ladies judging this contest, is simple stupidity. Why would they rig a contest for their friends to win? It makes no sense. Not too mention the amount of votes they had. Did you ever think that the authors in question had their own fan base that showed their support? Did that thought even cross your mind? Probably not.

To all the winners and judges picks, and applicants: You are brave souls, who have magic in your words. Each and every one of you deserve massive amounts of praise and I idolize you. Don't let some person with a vendetta take away your pride or happiness in your win and or praise. It's simply not worth it. Small people have small hearts. Each and every one of you deserve respect and love. You have it from me.

CKCPurple said...

Thank you guys so much for sponsoring this contest and for all the time/effort expended to bring us such great panty-wetting smut!!! I've so enjoyed reading the top 26 + more. Read types of fic I never would have before and was surprised how much I liked it.

Forget the haters and anonymous cowards, those of us that read the directions and know the meaning of public realize it's all fair and square.

Favorite is subjective. You can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Many spanks and thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Love=EDWARD said...

I've got nothing [nice] to say in regards to 'Anonypunk', but I will say this...

I read every single story on that C2 and I wasn't even a judge. I love the concept of Tattward so when a contest was started, I couldn't wait to devour all of the goodies that were coming in.

One more thing, my kids often had cereal or pizza (not a regular thing at our house) for dinner because mom was too busy reading these entries. So, I can imagine just how time consuming it must've been for the judges to read all of the entries, consult with one another, form opinions and then *rig the contest*. Puh-lease.

Anywhoodle, taking the time here to congratulate not only the winners, but all of the entrants as well - so much talent there! - and our judges for a thankless job done for the love of the craft.

antiaol said...

<3 u Kas