Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hopey's turn at the wheel.

So, I got my friendly little reminder Monday morning that it was my turn this week for the one-shot and FUUUUUUUUUCCCKKK Me if I had anything to recommend. Not that there isn't a ton of good smutty One-Shots out there, I simply haven't read them yet.

What to do, what to do? Well, here's what I did; I went back though 2 recently completed contests and picked my 3 fav's from them. None of these are official winners, they're simply the ones that I liked best out of all the entries. So here it goes....

From the Steamy Movie Crossover contest:

Title: How To Be Edward Cullen
Author: OMGalarm
Words: 8,271
Reviews: 58
Summary: How To Be/Twilight. The lonely nerd Edward that 'just needs a little help sometimes' gets friendly with popular Bella. What happens when she wants to give him a makeover and take him to prom?

Why I love this one: Well, it has a Geeky Virgin Edward who ends up becoming best friends with a slightly snarky and experienced Bella. She ends up making a man out of him. hehe. I like the humor and the geekiness and the fact that it doesn't take itself to seriously.

Title: So Be It
Author: SophiaAnne
Words: 13,298
Reviews: 77
Summary: Happy Harry is here again, live and streaming right into where you live. Are you ready for me?” Will Bella Swan find out who's behind the sexy voice that has her all hot and bothered? BxE - AU/AH, OOC, Lemons and Language. Now revised and expanded.

Why I love this one: It's a "Pump Up the Volume" crossover, need I say more. The author is expanding it a bit from the originally posted one-shot, fleshing it out a bit where she couldn't before because of the contest word limit. Edward is the quiet loner that Bella is intrigued by, but she also has a secret obsession with the haunting voice that comes out of her computer every night too. She's on a mission to figure out who "Happy Harry" is. Piecing it together bit by bit she realizes that her two fascinations are the same and confronts the shy, quiet Edward. Ung, just ung. There's an air of mystery or of being kept in the dark. Bella has a 'don't give a fuck' attitude that I really like. It's not in your face, but it's there.

Title: Man vs. Isle
Author: Fairest of Them All
Words: 3,529
Reviews: 46
Summary: This is my entry for the SMC contest. Edward Grylls and his camera woman, Bella must survive the jungle of Isle Esme. Things get steamy for these two in the rain forest. Exotic, survival one-shot. Lemon

Why I love this one: Simply, it's hot and Edward is a little bit of a jackass and Bella calls him on it, repeatedly. They also end up inadvertently filming their tryst, I wonder if that will make the show?

From the Age of Edward contest:

Title: Blue Dress
Author: algonquinrt
Words: 3,346
Reviews: 65
Summary: Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. 1970s Edward for The Age of Edward Contest. Rated M for profanity and ascorbic acid content over the FDA's RDA.

Why I love this one: I love this one because it doesn't have the happiest of endings. Edward and Bella grow apart as she gets deeper and deeper into the 70's club/disco/drug scene. Edward wants to reclaim what they had, wants his Bella back and is willing to do just about anything. It's bittersweet and defs not Wussperv approved, but stellar nonetheless.

Title: Leave it to Badger
Author: PerfectlyPersuasive
Words: 7,256
Reviews: 25
Summary: Picture it, baby. The year: 1960. The place: Hollywood. The man: Edward Masen, motion picture star turned television heavyweight. America's favorite father enjoys being on top, in more ways than one. My entry for the Age of Edward Contest. AU/AH/Slash

Why I love this one: It's slash of the Edward & Jasper variety, but that's not the only reason I love it. There's a good Edward back story; how he came to be a closeted gay and America's Favorite Dad on America's Favorite TV show. The author captures the feeling on the time period very well and there is a good tension between Edward & Jasper. Also this was the authors first smut and she went slash, bold choice.

Title: You Don't Know Me
Author: philadelphic
Words: 6,660
Reviews: 65
Summary: For the Age of Edward contest. AU, AH 1950's Chicago Cynical lawyer and confirmed bachelor Edward Masen is looking for a secretary who can handle him. He gets more than he bargained for in the form of a shy, mysterious girl fresh off the bus from Forks.

Why I love this one: It's loosely inspired by Mad Men, which is one of my favorite TV shows. The author captured the time period well I feel. I like that there is a huge age difference between Edward & Bella, that he is old enough to be her father. It's not the lecherous old man attracted to the young, new pair of legs; there's an honest connection between the two. Edward isn't out to get up her skirt, he's conflicted by his want of her and his want to send her far away so the city won't change or corrupt her. It's sweet and tender and passionate.

Alright that's it from me! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


Ninapolitan said...

I loved So Be It. She continued it on twilighted but only 1 more chapter I think. I have to check out the rest of these. Thanks Hopey

Anonymous said...

Wow! First I have to say HH is my baby doll and I love her, so congrats. I just fell in love with Ladyingrey! Amazing.

Thanks for having this contest it has been hella fun. ~Mrs. The King