Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Emmy wants flowers & fairytales

I am a hopeless romantic and sappy twat.... Seriously, just ask any of my girls..
After a fairytale tryst away with The Git, I needed one-shots to keep that fluffy, happy sexy feeling alive...

First off I am reccing Paper Flower by einfach_mich, I first read her stuff through twitter (remember to follow us on @PPSSBlog or me on @ememmyem ) - but cripes is her stuff angsty - brilliantly, beautifully written with so much depth - but major angsty... We are talking non-canon and everything that my little wussperv heart cannot cope with.. So I read a couple of chapters, reviewed but informed her that my pathetic, shaky little heart couldn't cope....
So the darling that she is - einfach-mich wrote me a fluffy one-shot... AND let me tell you its as hot and trembly and W-O-W as her stamp-on-my-heart stuff.
I cannot rec Paper Heart enough... Bella is real - she is an older woman, and her body reveals this (control knickers Edward has to peel off her to get to the goods....?). Edward is a disheartened but professional "escort"... Is Bella's reality, honest body and heart enough to break through and unlock what both of them need...?
This is a beautiful tale - lovingly and painstakingly written and conveys so much emotion, passion and beauty it made me the happiest bunny!


“This couldn't have been comfortable.” He speaks in hot brushes of moist air and I can't speak. I swallow hard as I feel him move. His hair brushes my neck and chin, and I hitch my breath. The other strap is pulled away and his lips smooth over my sore shoulder. I sigh at the feel of his mouth on me. “Better, but not even close to done,” he mumbles, and I wonder if he's talking to me.

His fingers trace twin lines down each of my arms as he pulls at the straps. I feel them tug at the top and give way to his strength, flipping down the front of the built-in bra and allowing my breasts to slip free. Instinctively, I raise my hands to cover myself, but my arms are trapped. He makes a soft “tsk” sound as he holds the straps, using them to restrain me.

“Trust me.” His breath slides over my face and I gasp, realizing he's so close. Then his lips press against mine and I forget what I was trying to do.


So from flowers we move to fairy tales....The Baker's Magic Buns by CiaoBella27

My final selection is a story from the Once upon a Twilight story contest - (voting still open - go vote for your fave now!)

I love fairy tales...... so I ransacked this contest - this was MY pic of the pile.
Its funny, silly, clever and sexy.. I love how the author has cleverly twisted canon Bella's immunity to Edward's gift for this tale.... Dr Swan (counsellor to the folk of Storybook) is the only one who can resist the power of Edward's very very edible buns.... (for now).. Will she resist the flavoursome charms of his goods? Will he get the strength from his therapy to confront his fears and approach the woman who has captured his heart? :D

"Now, I will admit that his appearance had caused me to behave very unprofessionally and I had struggled to concentrate as he talked about his “baked goods”, but I was shocked by his admission. Was he that good?

“When you say ‘fall in love with you’, do they stalk you?” I probed.

“No, it wears off,” he explained. “But in the moment, it gets a little intense.”

“You need to be a little more specific, Edward, if you want me to help you. I know this is a little embarrassing.”

“Well, for instance, I’m very proud of my buns. They’ve won awards in a number of competitions,” he began, looking at me expectantly. I wanted to be supportive and he was clearly looking for me to respond.

“I don’t doubt it,” I replied nervously. I had already been caught staring, he shouldn’t be surprised that I agreed.

“If someone were to take a bite of one of my buns, the effect is almost instantaneous. Some women tear off their clothes, some try to tear off mine. At first, I’ll admit it was kind of enjoyable,” he added sheepishly. “But it’s gotten out of hand.”

“Well, Edward,” I began, confused, “what do you expect from these women? If you’re allowing them to bite your…buns…”

“It’s not just the buns,” he countered.... "

"“Edward,” she called. “Why don’t you come out? My cupboard is bare.”

“Edward!” called another voice. “I need someone to help me figure out if my bed is just right.”

When Old Mother Hubbard heard the girl’s voice, she stormed over enraged.

“Goldilocks, dear, I’m only going to warn you once,” she began. “Run along. Edward is in love with me.”

“You?” she asked incredulously. “You’re like a hundred. That’s totally gross. He wants someone young like me, who’s willing to taste his porridge.” I was pretty sure that I had enough food analogies to last a lifetime. I really needed to intervene...."

So go read - be happy, indulge yourself in your own fairytale fantasy or, better yet, two.. & do not forget to review these great stories and tell the gals I sent you!

Much love... :*


Love=EDWARD said...

I did love Paper Flower, especially because her Bella was older and more real instead of the typical vision of human perfection found in most fics (not that there's anything wrong with that). So, although I tend to like things that steer a bit away from the fluff, this one had just the right dose of RAWR to keep me satisfied. Thanks for the rec, luvie!