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Clipped Wings and Inked Armor

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: Clipped Wings and Inked Armor
Author: hunterhunting
Chapters: 16
Words: 140,278
Reviews: 4066
Summary: Haunted by her past Bella is broken and alone. Starting over, can she let go of the guilt that consumes her when she meets a beautiful tattoo artist or will his own personal demons destroy them first? Rated M for langage and lemons. AH/OOC

Guest Reviewer- lambcullen

I admit to having a huge smile on my face writing this review, because I love this fic with a passion. I stumbled upon it very early on. Only four chapters had been posted, and as I adore all things tattooed and pierced, I decided to give it a shot. She won me over with the first chapter. A Hello Kitty tramp stamp, a pierced tongue Edward that he clicks it against his teeth, and a badass Bella that punches dudes in the face, need I say anymore? That’s certainly not all, though. Even in that first chapter there were hints of things to come. A history for each one of the characters, that has yet to be completely exposed. So not only do I get my dose of fuckhot Tattward, but I get some delicious angst on the side.

With each chapter, she kills me with the UST. The cute little nickname Edward has for Bella, the touches from him, as he marks her with the huge tattoo. The infatuation he has with her underwear, and did I mention the tongue clicking? There have been chapters where I am literally screaming at the screen for them to get it on, because hunterhunting builds the tension so damn well. I’m like a kid at Christmas when I see an update in my inbox, and pray Edward’s anaconda will finally reach its goal. Yes- that’s right, his peen has a name.

My favorite chapter so far has to be where Edward gives Bella the little ladybug tattoo on her hip bone. With lines like “Well, Bella, it makes me want to rip the clothes right off your body and fuck the hell out of you.” what’s not to love? I also got more than my usual dose of tongue clicking in that one.

Edward seems fucked up and perpetually horny, but apart from his infatuation with a certain lotion, he only has eyes for one lady and her pussy.

hunterhunting feeds my obsession, and for that I will be forever thankful. I just need to find myself a MASEN hoodie now! Oh, and a tongue clicking Edward.

Bri- I am so beyond in love with this story it isn't even funny. I found this fabulous little ditty when I was out searching for a good Tattward story. I was sick of the fucked up, doped out, stupid Tattwards and was frustrated that I couldn't find any with a different storyline. So, I tweeted that I needed a little something and Algie (algonquinrt) answered with this tasty morsel of goodness. To say I got wrapped up in it would be an understatement. I haven't awaited chapters this anxiously since...well...ever.

The tale that Gin has weaved is complex in nature, but her story still comes across with (so far) the perfect amount of fluff, angst and humor. The angst isn't so heavy that the Wusspervs can't enjoy (and she even goes as far as to give it an "antiaol/wussperv" rating at the start of each chapter!), but the fluff isn't so thick that those angst lovers are going to be bored. And, oh Lord you can't forget about the UST. Honestly, I have never, ever, ever read a story that DIDN'T have sex in it yet get me so fucking worked up. By the time this review posts, we will have seen a tiny bit of sex (not full blown, but there is cum so to me that's close enough) and I was lucky enough to bribe Gin into previewing her chapters ahead of posting. I know. I'mma h00r. I mean, really fucking hot. How she manages to give us new yearning between the two of them each chapter is beyond me, but she does so beautifully.

The characters that she's given us are so complex in their histories - each of them built around traumatic events...both harboring guilt over something that was neither of their faults. While it plays a large role in the story, it isn't the only thing it's got to stand on. Gin has assured me that though this might seem like a really angsty story, it's going to be heavier on the smut than the angst. And, there just isn't anything sweeter to the ears of a Wussperv than that.

While Gin develops the bond between B/E we get to see how they interact with one another and you can't help but notice the chemistry these two characters have together. Edward is fucking hot - with his ink and his piercings and his tough guy persona, but yet he snuggles with TK2 while making pancakes and loves the shit outta cupcakes. He really is the perfect balance (and I've come to realize my perfect Tattward). Bella (TK the original) is a complex character - soft most of the time, but with an edge that comes out if need be. If there's one thing I hate, it's weak Bellas and within the first two (2? I think...) chapters and we see Bella suckerpunch some douchebag in the throat, it's pretty fucking clear this Bella is not weak. However, she's not a cynical, jaded woman, either. Just like with Edward, she is the perfect mix.

I could really talk on and on about this story, but I'm going to stop and let you read. Before I do, I'm going to say that this is definitely within my top five favorite fics of all time. WTF Bri?!?! Yep, I said it. And, panties? I can't even justify my love for this with a rating..

Emily- Well holy fucking hell this fic is scorching hot! I have heard the PP girls raving about this fic for weeks now and I finally read it and I think I had a whole body orgasm from it. This is my first Tattward story and I do believe I have started at the top.

I have to agree with Kasey over the reasons to salivate over this Edward and gah the piercings just about killed me. Bella's portrayal is also very nice, not too soft and not to hard. The perfect match for Edward.

I don't want to spoil anything so stop reading our reviews and go read this super hot smoking piece of genius. 5/5 for me!

Emmy- Well really?!!! Can I just tell you lovely decent (aka sluts) ladies (& gents?) reading this, that Emmy is absolute fucking fail this week. Do I hear you ask "Why?" ? Well pervlings dearest I will tell you. I ignored Bri, YES Bri and her biteable, bouncing, baps who had been telling me for weeks to read this story. WEEKS. Ya, that is WEEKS where I could have been reading: the spinge-tingling tension; ANACONDAWard; the magic of cupcakes; and the cuteness of TK... So I owe Bri a shed loads of snogs... AND I WILL NEVER-EVER-NEVER not read something she recc's straight away...

So the story.. Do you care?You have heard all the AMAZING stuff my slags have told you. ITS BEYOND HOT - its a-sizzling! No sex - yet - but what has happened is fire-y burn a hole through my doo-dah hot.. I adore a ficc that can get tease me into a flutter without being schemey scleazy and unsavoury...

I don't think I can quantify why her Edward is so hot. Maybe its the honesty in his speech (& frequent expletives), maybe its the fact he's a wee bit of a fragile cupcake beneath his rough tough, rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr exterior. Or maybe its his hot tatt's and piercingS (plural). Maybe its the affectionate and gorgeously cute nickname for Bella or the way he wants to protect her.. Maybe its his addiction to the sweet sugar cream that Bella enables and encourages him to pursue.. Who knows, and to be quite honest - who the fuck cares... HE.IS.HOT!

& I love hh's characterisation of Bella. A complete dichotomous blend of fragile and feisty. Opinionated and shy. Withdrawn from and closed off to love, lust, pleasure and contact yet absolutely desperate for it.. I love her descriptions, often best in EPOV, of Bella's body oozing emotions - be it hurt, need for comfort, or actually physically longing and crying out for contact....

Now there is also a fabbio storyline - that I will not reveal. . But these guys are not able to just say "get your coat, you've pulled" ~ Life is certainly getting in the way of them and what they could be... & the storyline is revealed, expanded and tightened to an increasingly perfect tautness in every chapter. There are obviously plot twists a-plenty coming up, and characters are going to show new sides and actions me thinks...

One of my favourite scenes? When Bella goes along to see Edward who has just been exercising and she's obv entranced by his sweaty rarrrrrrrrrrrRness and he gets himself in a tizzy over her outfit and calms himself with a ridiculously fabulously possessive gesture..

The bond these 2 are forging through one inking the other is incredible and very personal. I love seeing it strengthen and evolve each chapter. Normally as Edward fecks something up like the (hung like a)bull in the china shop he is... I find the ever increasing glimpses of TenderWard in this story just wonderful: sexy AND cute. Bella is the only one to elicit that in him... for a long time...

I am going to say it again though, in case you missed it.. THIS IS A HOT STORY! I LIKE THE SMUT! I love the tension and build up in this story.. Its never overplayed - even with Edward thrusting his Anaconda against Bella at almost every opportunity presented.....

I really cannot fault this story - only my own dumb arse for not reading it SOONER! Durrrrrrrr.
In case you cannot tell. I really love this story.. & award it 4.5 knickers carefully chosen to sit below the tattoo and more importantly to provoke The Anaconda, out of 5!

Kasey- I started reading this mainly because I've been dying for a good Tattward-type story. But not just any story. One that paints a particular type of Edward in a light that isn't a complete burn-out or wastoid, but one with depth despite having a less-than-perfect past.

Here's where CW&IA delivers.

I found myself salivating for this Edward.

Tats? Plenty of them. Meaningful as well as beautiful. In strategic spots, too. Piercings? OHMYFUCKINGGAWD, YES! Viperbites, anyone? Look up the word "Apadravya," people. OHMYFUCKINGGAWD! Yeah, this Edward is HOT.

And Bella is no smitten kitten either. She's got sass.

In a word, "DELISH." That's my assessment of this story. A must read, Pervlings. MUST. FRICKIN'. READ. It's a schmexy, gritty, slightly angsty, slightly fluffy tale and I do a little happy dance whenever a new update hits my inbox because it means that I get to drool over this Tattward again. 4 out of 5 drenched panties from me.

Kathy- I confess; I'm a late-comer to loving Clipped Wings and Inked Armor - I only signed up to get alerts two chapters back, I believe, and I have been completely remiss in reviewing (I swear, HH, I will go back and do it!). This doesn't mean that I love it any less, however. I fucking love this story. The UST is masterfully done, and hunterhunting is excellent at the “show me, don't tell me” rule of writing. We don't learn everything about every character in chapter 1 – it slowly unravels. I love that beautiful unfolding of information. I drop everything whenever this story updates, and I am never, EVER disappointed.

I love the foundation and groundwork laid in the beginning chapters. Chapter 2 is especially angsty for Bella, and we learn a fuckton about her. I adore that this Edward is confident and sexy, he's not virginal and afraid of his feelings for Bella.

Chapter 15 had me rejoicing at “I just want to touch.” -- who would have thought that I'd just be happy with that? Oh, but I was, I really, really was. Because it was what was right for the characters.

That is another essential element to this story; hunterhunting doesn't simply write two characters who meet, fall madly in love, have really good sex and live out their HEA. These two people are very complicated, very layered, and we haven't even uncovered everything there is to know yet (thank GOD because that means there's more story! Did you hear me squeal?). I feel like these two are really starting to take off together. They're letting each other in, and even though Bella totally distracted Edward last chapter from having to tell him about her parents, I'm willing to bet that she will tell him soon. Edward isn't the type to just let it go, but he is the type to understand the sort of pain Bella is in, and let her explain on her terms.

I love each of the fringe characters here, too; Esme and Alice, especially. I can see each chapter in my head as I read, the words and descriptions fleshed out in fantastic detail. I absolutely cannot wait to see where this goes and enjoy the journey with these characters. This story easily earns 5 out of 5 from me.

Nina- *thud* That pretty much sums up my reaction to each and every chapter of this fucking story. Once I've picked myself (and my pants) up off of the floor, I facepalm myself in an attempt to regain some semblance of fucking brainpower. It usually takes at least an hour before I stop thinking about viper bites and dick piercings (thanks for the fucking education btw) Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Rob Zombie, I can't take the UST in this story.

How good/bad is the UST? I searched the internet for fucking kitty panties (hate that word btw) after the infamous 'let me just check your tat in a purely innocent way while your god damn mother fucking adolescent pussy panties taunt me' scene. Twat's the matter? I'm not making sense? No fucking shit I'm not. I can't think straight after reading the god damn story.

Cupcakes have taken on a completely new meaning for me, I swear to god I fucking smell frosting as I'm reading each chapter, even if the word cupcake doesn't appear. I've contemplated getting another tattoo in the hopes that there is an Edward at the joint. Hell I'd take Em or Jasper at this point, I just want to find a guy covered in ink and steel to bone. TMI? Fuck off, it's HunterHunting's fault, blame her for my sexually charged verbal diarrhea. (BTW the tattoo I do have was given to me by Syd, a wonderful Albino man that stuttered and had one leg longer than the other) While I'm blaiming Gin for shit here, I'll also blame her for my trip to the fucking SPCA in search of a cat. My husband is allergic (so the pussy is both for me to enjoy and to kill him with hehe).

I guess I should actually talk about the story huh? Hmmm, they're both deliciously angsty. What? Nina said deliciously angsty? Let me explain. In my feeble mind there are two types of angst. Deliciously angsty characters are those that are flawed but still carry that magnificent undercurrent of redemption. They've got fucking issues but they're within the realm of possibility that given the proper circumstances, support, therapy, fucking...twatever, they can overcome or at least manage their issues and embrace a future with their lobster. Then there is the Closet angsty characters. No, it's not because they're in the closet, silly. It's because they're written in such a fucking annoying mother fucking way that they only thing to do with them is shove them kicking and screaming into the closet and forget they exist. I don't read that type of angst. Gin's angsty characters? Yeah, gimme more of that please :)

Tangent again, I blame Gin for the brain mush...bite me. Anyhoo, so Bella's got some history and it's fucked up and sad and she (thankfully) wants a huge ass tattoo to make her remember the fuckery of her past. Eddie is already tatted up (and pierced) within an inch of his life (thankfully) because of his past and fuckerific issues. Sounds like the perfect pair right? Yeah, they are.

The UST in this story is extraordinary. Panting-check. Drool-double check. Urge to actually bone my husband? Not quite, but I have a feeling that once E/B fuck while covered in frosting I will. I have faith in Gin.

There is no panty rating because...
A) After 8 months of this shit I'm telling you finally that I hate the word panty/panties or derivitive of it.
B) I highly recommend you not even wearing any underoos while reading this. Oh, and keep someone/something close by to fuck.

“What are you doing?” I frowned at him.

He leaned down, so that his mouth was next to my ear, and his hot breath fanned across my neck, eliciting a shiver as he whispered, “Taking control.”

For the love of God.
For the love of fucking God indeed. That's how I feel about this whole thing. A few weeks ago, one of the girls rec'd this in one of our 10000 fic rec emails we send out to each other. I checked out the summary, added it to my tabs, and there it sat. Till I talked to Nina at Twicon who basically told me to pull my head out of my ass and read it. Ok, y'all, next time there's something this fucking good someone better fucking slap me upside the head repeatedly until I read, 'k?? The only good thing about waiting, is that there's been more for me to read and enjoy all at once.

I love angst, when it's done well. CWaIA is done well. The angst serves a purpose here, it's not just there to fuck with us. My God, my heart fucking breaks for what these characters have been through. Not just Edward and Bella either, because it's obvious the others have as well. I absolutely love how well the secondary characters are developed. You care for them just as much as Edward and Bella. It's easy to see the integral role they play in the story. Rose? I love what she's done with her, though I will admit I'm not overly thrilled with what she does in chapter 13. I can see why she does it, but it still kind of makes me irritated with her.

Then there are just the little details that pulled me in. Anaconda. TK and TK2. Cupcakes. Fucking Cap'n Crunch and how it tears your g-damn mouth to pieces. And I haven't even gone into all the motherloving ink and piercings. Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. I can't get enough. I love that Gin's showed us visuals when she can and I'm dying to see Bella's design.

That's not even to mention the killer UST we've got going on. It's so thick you could cut it with a knife. And holy fucking Wankward; we see lots of him here and it makes me all tingly and gooey every.fucking.time. Sigh. Now, I don't know if there's any smexin' yet, as I haven't read the last 2 chapters that are up (hey, it's 12:30am and I'm fucking exhausted). If I wasn't passing out asleep here, you can bet your ass I'd be finishing it tonight. It just gives me something to look forward to in the morning. I do know that all the little moments, the accidental (and not so accidental) brushings with anaconda, the unintentional flashing of boobage, the sniffing, the licking, the... you get the idea. Drives me up the wall in a good, good way.

Now that I've rambled on long enough, hurry up and finish reading our reviews and then hurry off and go read this brilliant piece of work. Do it. Do it now, pervlings. 5/5 from me for this fucking amazing story.

Stephie- I am like mentally chanting "I'm not listening, I'm not listening, I'm not listening" as I write this (tho really it should be "I'm not reading") because I'm not caught up. I am late to this story (aka huge idiot for putting off reading this) and have been reading and savoring every word so far.

There is so much to love about this that I don't even know where to begin. Half of me wants to say "fuck it" to this review so I can go back to reading, buth then I wouldn't be showing proper love to, IMO, the best Tattward known to ficdom. Who can resist a man with a sweet tooth? God his love of cupcakes makes me giggle. Plus, there's TK and TK2. TK2 is likethe cutest fucking addition to the story. The detail of the ink and piercings is perfection and you can totally start to visualize everything that's being done (of course, pics totally help). I love maternal Esme, somewhat psychic Alice, big scary dimpled Emmett, and "the south will rise again" Jasper. But most of all I love the Anaconda. Who doesn't?

I'm gonna stop before I blabber on and on. Go read this if you haven't yet, or you'll kick yourself like I did for taking so damn long to start. You won't be disappointed. 5/5 from me.


barbarito said...

I just started this story last week and instantly became obsessed with it!! It is beyond amazing and just so well written. It is fuckhot and downright sexy as hell. I have never been into tats or piercings but this story has changed my mind completely!!

Wycked_Dream said...

I am right there with you ladies as to what this story does to me. It is FuckHott and done very very well with it's many layers and depths. HH's one-shots for the tattward & inkella contest are equally as good.

Denise said...

I completely agree with y'all. I rec'd this fic a while ago over at LJ twilight enablers because it was the only way I knew to pass it around. I made all of my friends read it... I swear, this is my #2 favorite Edward of all time. *sigh* Thanks for reviewing it over here... hh totally deserves for her writing to get out to more people. (And if you haven't read her one shots for the tattward/inkella contest - fucking shame on you!)

Amy said...

After reading this story, I have this overwhelming urge to get a tattoo...and maybe a few piercings as well.

mrs. black said...

OK can I just say BEST EFFING FANFICTION STORY EVER!!!! And if I was honest BEST STORY EVER, period.I loved it from the get go. I am obsessed with this story, my Edward looks and acts like this. I cant even begin to tell how AMAZING this one is. I would rate it 12 out of 10. Must read.HunterHunting is AWESOME!