Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Steph loves her One Shots

I start sifting through my email this morning and find one from Nina, reminding me that I have the One-Shot Wednesday rec. this week. My first response? "SHIT." Then I settled the fuck down and started pouring through my "New Stories" folder which contains a fuckton of new stories to read. And it's crammed full of entries from the LTL and Tattward contests. Score.

I've got an inbox full of one-shots, I just have to find a really fucking good one to rec. (And oh yeah, my sailor speak still hasn't calmed down yet from Twicon, not that I was speaking like a nun or anything before, so bear with me as I'm sure this will be littered with lots of fucks.)
I start sorting through them, opening new tabs for ones whose summary intrigues me. When I got to about 10 I figured I'd better stop and do some actual reading. And there were several that I totally fell in love with. I'm totally stealing a page from Nina and Emmy's book and giving you more than one.
Title: Office Liaison
Author: Nan McCullen
Words: 2644
Reviews: 12
Summary: My entry for the LtL contest. A month of watching... a month of wanting... and a month of no action at all. How will it turn out? Slash. MA for sexual content. Extremely OOC.
This story was wonderful and I was shocked to see only 12 reviews. The surprise at the end was amazing, and no, I'm not going to tell you, go read it for yourself. ;) Just something about the way this one played out tugged at me and sucked me right in.

"That was all before he’d walked in to the cafeteria
several weeks ago. I haven’t been the same since. Suddenly I was insatiable.
While I had been able to achieve orgasm, I was still left feeling slightly
unfulfilled. The craving never died. Today was the culmination of several weeks
of building lust."

Title: Thinking Ink
Author: Jewels64
Words: 6063
Reviews: 19
Summary: "How come everyone thinks they know me?" Bella is determined to shake off preconceived notions about herself.She meets Edward Cullen the enigmatic keyboardist for the Coven.Can Bella discover herself with Edward or will his past come back to haunt them?
I was drawn into this one with a Bella who doesn't back down, who doesn't let Edward "dazzle" her, even though she was enamored of him prior to meeting him in person. I thought the story was great and you got a fair bit of background for being just a one-shot.

“Tell me Bella --what do you desire? What is your truth?
And do you have the freedom to express both those enigmatic words?” he asked,
his brows drawn together as he attempted to pull my deepest secrets from

Title: First Time for Everything

Author: nerac

Words: 9714

Reviews: 37

Summary: Entry for the Tattward/Inkella OneShot Contest: I was the first and only man who's skin she'd ever inked. And she was the first woman who had ever marked my heart... RATED M FOR EXPLICIT LANGUAGE AND LEMONS. AH BxE OOC.

She calls him Doc and it owns me, as well as him. The
whole thing is just fucking brilliant, IMO. Now go read it. I made my way toward
the door to my office, waving at her as she stayed perched against her
motorcycle. I didn’t trust myself to be able to carry on an actual conversation
with her without blurting out something stupid.


madame fictionator said...

Thank you SO much Steph!!! :)

Nan McCullen said...

I was told I had a rec over here and came running to see for myself. I can't even tell you how honored I am. Really. Y'all are all kinds of fucking fabulous! Thanks!

Jewels64 said...

Thank you so much! I can't believe how thrilled and honored I am that you rec'd my one shot!

I was wondering why I had been getting so much traffic lately...

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I am so freaking doing the happy dance right now!

Love=EDWARD said...

Damn it, woman! Like I need more crack to read! Gah! MUST.GO.READ.NOW!