Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Team Real Life Loves Par Amour


Now it's time for Team Real Life to have a go!

Title: ParAmour
Author: ArenGoLucky

Summary:For par amour, I loved her first ere thou. -Chaucer; What if Myspace's Artist/Artist interview with Rob Pattinson & Hayley Williams was not the first time they met? What if there was much more? A love story for the ages. Rated M for LEMONS.

Emmy-When I first started reading Par Amour, I thought it was a funny, punchy, what if - inspired by the amazing chemistry in the interview and the trailer for the interview of Rob and Hayley.. It still is funny and punchy but as the chapters develop it is so, so, so, SO much more... Arengolucky has added real depth to these two characters and presents a side of Rob often missing from some 'Real-Life Fictions'.. (AS YES I do know it is fiction! ;] ); the light hearted Rob... Aren has a natural gift for humour, with some scenes being hilariously snort out loud funny..... But this story is not just funny, it has real emotional impact too.. In this story Rob & Hayley get together before Twilight is cast and have to deal with the crazy press junket AND their own issues..

Now the smut quota.. GREAT!!!! :). My fave smutty scene so far is the possessive Rob after he meets Hayley's surprisingly close to home ex... YUM-MY!!! But there is smut for everyone in here.. (everybody legal of course). Romantic, hot, funny, emotional. (just like me! LOL!).. Aren takes 2 real life people and turns them into brilliant characters in her fic, putting them into realistic and engrossing scenario's and making you believe in a relationship that initially you could have been sceptical of. Watch the author interview and trailer on Aren's page and then come back and read this story. Aren has great things planned for the future chapters and you would be missing out to not read the funny, pacy, lemony delight that is bursting with love and honesty, that is Par Amour...

Steph-Yeah, so I'm one of the beta's for this story, but don't let that make you think I'm unduly biased. Par Amour fucking rocks hard, literally. AGL takes Hayley Williams from Paramore and pairs her with Rob. AGL's done a fabulous job crafting the story of how they met, how their relationship developed, and then how things progressed. Chronicling the time period prior to Twilight and then on past it. We get a great Rob here, full of his British-isms and just enough of the quirkiness we've come to love about it. It's a really fun change from all the Robsten fics out there. And because people probably know a lot less about Hayley, she is really developing as a great "other character" (thank you fic panel @ twicon for the term). This story is really under-appreciated IMHO. And let me just tell you now, the lemons are completely and totally drool worthy (or, finish reading and go have some private time in your room with your favorite toy worthy).

Nina- It's hard writing RL fics, having an original character is usually the way most RL authors go to make it slightly easier (imho it's still fuckhard) but imagine having two celebrities to write. That's what AGL has accomplished with Par Amour. She creates a great, funny, smutty, real life story using the lovely Rob and the lovlier Hayley Williams, all of it stemming from a video of them together from an interview.

The story has it's ups and downs but it's never boring or contrived, AGL does a fantastic job of capturing what we'd like to think are their characters, personalities and mannerisms (especially in the sack.)


fanpiremama said...

I am totally a fangirl for AGL and Par Amour. I pimp the shit out of that story...even in my sleep. It is true that I have a girl crush on her and that we may or may not have an online love affair that we may or may not flaunt through several tweets, fb notes & texts several times a day...but whatev.

I saw the interview before I found the story & I thought that Rob & Hayley would be cute together. When I stumbled onto the story I had to read it! I fell in love right away, have read & reviewed every chapter...everything stops at my house when I get the PA update. Truth.

I love the humor AGL uses, I laugh out loud and my kids look at me like I'm crazy. The lemons are delicious. The characters are real and I sometimes forget that it's fiction because I want these two to be just the way she writes them in real life!

I bow at & kiss the feet of my beloved, ArenGoLucky and her amazing story, Par Amour. They both pwn me more then words can say.