Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MsKathy Loves A Good Change

Guess what? I'm sticking to the rules this week. I'm bringing you one hot, sweet, delicious morsel of a oneshot.

Title:Before the Dawn
Author: MagnificentSin
Words: 6,506
Reviews: 56
Summary: Bella finally gets what she wants most from Edward- eternity. Spoiler for all books- set after Eclipse. Rated mature for adult audiences.

Okay, I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a little contest burnout. I love the oneshots they produce, but one of my challenges to myself this time around was to pick a great oneshot that WASN'T the product of a recent contests. Think this is easy? Try it - I dare you.

I've read a fair share of 'turning' fics, some of them were fucktabulous and some were ... not. This one? Fucktabulous.

The author completely blew me away with lines like this:
My body was tuned into his frequency and every muscle tightened in anticipation of his touch. His fingers intertwined with mine, covering my hand easily and he slid them further up on the glass.
and this:
I sucked in a deep breath as I felt his fingers dip inside of the dress to retrieve the neat bow holding the dress closed. “You don’t mind, do you?” His breath was cold against my flesh. “If I undress you?”
Safe to say, none of us minds.

I think the line that really killed me was the most simple:
“Forgive me,” he murmured.
I can admit, I was completely crying by the end. I hope you enjoy this beautiful, smexy oneshot as much as I did.


Sin said...

MsKathy, thank you so much for saying it was fucktabulous and pimping my short of Bella and Edward on your fantastical blog. I enjoyed writing it and it's nice to hear that others enjoy reading it. :)

This totally made my day.

plumfanatic said...

Sin is an amazing writer with a special gift. This one shot is barely a tease of what she truly can contribute to the readers of the world.
Fantastic job Sin...BRAVA!
Reading this again certainly made my day.

misskittyj said...

What a great rec! This story was beautifully written and sexy. Loved it!