Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Team Fuck Canon Enjoys A Happy Birthday

This week it's time for Team Fuck Canon to bring you a bit of delightful goodness.

Team Fuck Canon is made up of Emily (OIPEm), who is sitting out this round, Kasey (LoveEqualsEDWARD), Kathy (MsKathy), and Steph (PurdueLiz)

Title: Happy Birthday To Me
Author: Cdunbar

Summary: All Bella wants for her birthday is to commemorate becoming a legal adult with her family physician. ... an OOC Carlisle/Bella one-shot.

Well, well, well...lookie what the cat dragged in! Pervlings, I got my Hot Bitch-lovin'-cherry popped with Happy Birthday To Me (which I affectionately refer to 'Hot Bitch Takes Me'). I used to be a hard-core E+B 'shipper and couldn't fathom anything different until I came across this little gem. It left me so hot and bothered that there were many a nights afterward where I dreamed that I was being a baddy (in the biblical sense) with the good doctor. Great job cdunbar!

Besides, who at some point hasn't come across a hot, young doctor and fantasized about being ravished right on the exam table? Okay, so maybe it's only me, but yeah...Doctor Cullen, I've got this leg spasm...right here...where my thigh meets my groin...yeah...right...there. Dear lawd! Tee-hee-hee! Eighteen year-old Bella is one lucky beeyotch...gad! Straddling Carlisle on a stool in an exam room, anyone? Me, me, me, PLEASE!

Love this sexy little piece of debauchery!

Kathy- So, I confess - Kasey, it's totally not just you! I suspect most of us have had a hot, young doctor at some point. I am a total sucker for a well-dressed guy, too, and this line had me at hello, "He looked fuckin’ mouth-watering in his white lab coat, off set by a light blue shirt, a diagonal crimson and navy striped tie, and dark blue slacks." -- yes, please. I love that when Carlisle asks her why she's really there, all pretenses drop and she slides right back into being a normal 18-year-old ambivalent young woman. There is no mention of Edward, no mention of Esme, so there's no cheating or other debauchery going on - just an adult and a slightly older adult having some smexy, hot times. I loved the straddling on the chair moment, as well as them moving to the table, but the kicker for my silly romantic heart was the ending, and mentions of a "next time".

Not only is this a hot piece of a oneshot, but it's well written and edited, something that can be slightly hard to find when looking for non-standard stories. Finally, cdunbar does a great job, imho at describing certain aspects of a woman losing her virginity - for example: "There was a ball of pressure growing in the pit of my stomach again. The faster I went, the more it grew."

Steph- This hot little piece is just as good the 2nd (mumbles or maybe 4th or 5th) time around as it was the first. Read this and tell me you don't want to be Bella? If you said that, you'd be lying. Fuck, who wouldn't want a piece of Dr. Hot Bitch. That's just what Bella sets out to do on her 18th birthday. And by God, she gets her man and the promise of "next time" as well. Swoon. Seriously.
“Cum,” he growled

Um, yes sir, I'll gladly come for you, whenever and however you want me to. Happy Birthday indeed.

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cdunbar said...

*screams loudly*


Thank you so much! You can credit most of Happy B-day to Kristen (wtvoc) because she helped me out so much by beta-ing it and giving me helpful suggestions.

A "next time" has been promised. I guess it's just up to me to deliver.