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The Day the Earth Stood Still by sareliz

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Sare Liz




The day Edward finds his mate, his world grinds to a halt and starts spinning the other way 'round. Vampires mate for life, you know, and it's instantaneous, irrevocable, and involuntary. This is that story.


That instant spark that bursts quickly into flame. The immediate recognition of another’s soul as the perfect mate to your own. An instinctive confidence to trust in a bond that is “permanent, mutual, irrevocable”. Such is the alternate universe created by Sare Liz in The Day the Earth Stood Still (DESS). In this story, Edward can hear Bella’s thoughts. Bella is not Edward’s singer. And our beloved vampire-human couple fall in love (almost) at first sight. Rather than running away from Bella, DESSward runs toward her at full vampire speed. On the first day, Edward walks Bella to class, asks her to take a walk with him after dinner and holds her hand before saying good night on her front porch. By the second day, Bella has guessed (with lots of hints) that Edward and his family are vampires, and she agrees to marry and be changed by him. And by the third day (after the Cullen siblings have enthusiastically conducted condom testing night to ensure the new couple can have “safe” sex), Edward and Bella begin their Daily Vampire Mating Ritual.

Sare Liz boldly uses fantasy and wit to describe the intense sexual, and sensual, relationship between Edward and Bella. Edward is a newly mated vampire. Both he and Bella have the sexual curiosities and libidos of 17-year old virgins. They take great pleasure in exploring their sexual limits. Edward, for example, enjoys being chained to the bed. For hours. And he likes dirty talk. Lots and lots of dirty talk. He also learns that he can bite Bella safely, without producing venom, and discovers that tasting a mouthful of her blood is orgasmic for him. Bella likes it, too. This practice becomes an integral part of their lovemaking. They are equal partners in exploring their sexualities. And they explore daily.

But the intimacy shared between Edward and Bella extends beyond the flesh. For Edward, plunging into Bella’s mind is also a sensual experience. While he’s there, listening to her thoughts, he can shut out the thoughts of others. Through the sanctuary of her mind, she gives him peace. “It’s… delicious and erotic, like being inside of you,” Edward explains to Bella.

It is this connection that serves as the foundation of one of the most unique and creative aspects of the story: DESS represents a world in which the Edward-Bella relationship is so dramatically altered from the beginning that it not only changes Edward and Bella, it creates a ripple effect that significantly alters the characters and the relationships of those closest to them. Because Edward could read Bella’s unfiltered thoughts from the beginning and recognized the genuine adoration she felt for him as being akin to the love existing between the other Cullen mates, he accepts her love for and commitment to him, despite his vampire nature. He respects her autonomy and her intelligence.. He trusts her judgment. Through his words and deeds, he heals Bella’s insecurities so that she no longer feels like plain old boring Bella. She feels worthy and confident of his love. Because Bella is sure of her place in Edward’s heart and in their family, she has the ability to comfort him when he begins to brood, refusing to let him dwell in dark places. This new world order between Edward and Bella (with the help of Bella’s kick-ass diplomatic skills) creates a new world order between the Cullens and Quileutes (Jacob and the Pack eat dinner regularly at the Cullens, Leah is Edward’s “other girl” and Rosalie is named Midwife to the Quileute Pack); the Cullens and uninvited non-veggie vamps (rather than allow James/Victoria to leave the field to fight another day, the Cullens kill them on the spot); and even the Cullens and Charlie (let’s just say Charlie ain’t no dummy).

DESS is not angst-free, but it is angst-light. Rather than use interminable bias and miscommunication as mechanisms to create drama, Sare Liz cleverly tries something different. She explores the “what-ifs” that emerge as a result of open-minded, free communication. DESS is not simply a trite vampire and girl meet, fall in love, get married, have children and live happily ever after (well, the children and HEA haven’t happened yet… but Alice has “seen” it, and we never bet against Alice, right?) It’s a thoughtful and well-written story that’s also sexy and fun. And after a long angst-filled day in real life, I find that a romantic drama/comedy, with a lemon twist, is quite refreshing. I highly recommend that you try it with a Margarita.

The fact that this weeks rec was AU really appealed to me. I have missed the vamp side of the cullen equation and I was very happy to read this and step away from AH for a bit.

I concur with my fellow pervs that this fic is not only sexy, sincere, steamy, lustful but fuck me it is hot!

I don't want to give too much away but what really draws me into DESS is different spin on the vampire bite and lovemaking. Read this and enjoy the rush, you will not be disappointed!

4.5 out of 5 more me.

I absolutely now worship this story.

I think it was Steph who first raved about it - I cannot remember, but I kept it to one side as I was so behind with everything & then when I finally got to it I was just blown away... Just blown away! So do read it NOW. Do not delay! Ok thanks!!! :D

Its an incredible AU story. It is:
& so well conceived and thought out. oh & sexy!

These two do not hold back - the changes in their world allow a very different connection on all levels.. YES that means lots of hot & intense sexing, including some sexy blood play where Edward gets to tinker with his blood cravings in a lusty yet loving way... "Yummy yummy yummy he's got love in his tummy..." & it certainly made me very tingly and revved...

Sexy hotness and rarrrr vampWard aside.. I think more than anything else - what I love about this story is the lesson that just because Edward can hear others thoughts it does not mean that he can just get their emotions.. It was certainly implicit in the books and at times explicitly implied. Instead in TDTESS we learn that Edward needs experience of those emotions for himself to finally understand them... Its a life lesson for us all really isn't it? Reading about something does not make us an expert - we must experience, participate, get our hands dirty, taste all the wonders and horrors that the real world and real life has to offer to truly understand... Very impressive writing to so eloquently convey this truth to us readers.

I think story is an incredible achievement. The subtle amazing adjustments the author made to their world has tilted the story on its axis and made it soemthing unique, beautiful and so well detailed with all aspects of how they will be affected considered. Impressive.

4.5 once innocent now naughty knickers out of 5

Wow. If there was a word to fully encompass the core of this story, it's "unique." I must say that I surprisingly (and yet thoroughly) enjoyed the Alternate Universe of this vamp-love tale and Sare Liz's vision is not only excellently achieved but practically flawless.

Personally, I'm not one to indulge in Vamp AU stories. I dunno. Don't really want to deviate from the original concept in my mind, I suppose. What kinda perv does that make me? We've got WussPERVS in the house, so, would that make me a CanonVampPERV? But anyway, I digress.

Truth is that I really enjoyed the darkness in this story, but more importantly, the sex, lust, and indulgent manner in which Edward and Bella explore their love and bond, because after all, this is a love story. It was plausible, realistic, genuine, and told in a manner which made it easy to become invested as a reader.

I must say that Sare Liz's eloquent tale has officially made me cross over into the darkside of Vamp AU and what a way to really pop that cherry. The bar has been set high.

5 out of 5 lacey knickies from this reader, and I don't toss those babies out lightly, so THIS story, dear Pervlings, is a must-not-miss read.

It was either Jo or Kasey that found this story and immediately sent out a PPSS wide email explaining the reasons that we had to drop everything and read it. Like Kasey, I had been on an AH binge for so long that getting back into AU was hard for me. DESS is a perfect kick in the ass to get back into AU hardcore.

It's beautifully written, that's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this story. It's sexy as hell vamp AU, that's the second thing I can think of. Thirdly, it has hot smut. Yeah I know that's what you're here for!

I normally don't like when authors take liberties with canon powers and their effects on others, i.e. mind reading between E/B. Bella in DESS isn't blocked from Edward and it makes for some very interesting mental conversations between the two. I have since calmed a bit on my anti-altered canon stance thanks to this story.

Many of the most interesting variants of canon that Liz writes are during their love making. They're very open with each other, very early on and that aspect adds a wonderful dimension to the story. On top of the beautifully written sex there is one thing in particular that resonates as extra hot for me and probably a lot of others.

Edward bites her while in flagrante. It's another liberty that Liz has taken with DESS and Christ does it add some really erotic tones to the already spicy smut. He finds that he can take a nosh and a drink while orgasming enhancing the experience for the two of them. In all honesty, it's some of the hottest vampWard smut out there.

AU seems to be making a resurgence and I couldn't be happier. I find myself, thank to Liz, actively seeking out more AU stories. Curl up and enjoy DESS, sexy vampWard will NOT disappoint.

4.5/5 from me

I'm not even sure where to begin on this one. I fucking love this story and I was excited to reread most of it, and catch up on the chapters I was behind on, when I saw this come up for review. I'm pretty sure it was the lovely Jo who pimped this out in the first place, and I really should offer her a kiss or something by way of thanks.

I reread my review for chapter 1, where I said I read her profile, then I read the summary, and those sucked me in and I read the first chapter. The rest was history. I've told Sare before that I am in awe at her use of words. I wish I felt half so eloquent as she.

I'm going to post from the author's note, the 3 paragraphs that sealed the deal for me:

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced of three things. First, that Edward’s inability to hear Bella’s thoughts leads to the worst excesses of the negative aspects of his character. His autocratic bearing, his temper, his inability to respect her autonomy and her intelligence, his tendency to brood, and his basic insecurity – all because he has no concept of how much she loves him, how much she knows her own mind, and he refuses to give her the benefit of the doubt. He treats his lack of experience of her thoughts to be the actual lack of thoughts, in many ways.

Second, that Edward’s overwhelming bloodlust when it comes to Bella significantly alters his experience of her in a way that even he, in his over analysis of all things, has never considered. Like a newborn who must learn to control their bloodlust before anything else is dealt with, so it goes with Edward. He is left completely at the mercy of his instincts, thus his grip on reality is really quite tenuous, leaving him entirely unable to apply to his situation the vast intelligence that he has and the century of experience and insight into the mind of vampires and humans alike.

Third, that these two things combined serve to cut off Edward, and thus, Bella, and indeed, most if not all of the Cullen Clan, to a basic truth that I have put into the mouth of Esme in this story. That truth is this: Vampires mate for life. The bond is formed in only a moment or two, it is permanent, mutual, irrevocable, and there is no possibility for it to be mistaken for anything else, as vampires otherwise do not fall in love. Further more, the only vampire in the Cullen Clan who bonded with another vampire instead of a human was Alice. Of these three things, I am absolutely convinced.

Is it terrible to say that I'm pretty sure I prefer Sare's version to SM's? Is that some sort of blasphemy? No matter, I find this one infinitely more enjoyable on so many levels.

This story was the first that I had seen that raised the question what if Edward could read her mind? And what if she was just another human in terms of her blood? I love how this opens up a whole new Edward for us. One who is still somewhat dark and twisty, but one who isn't so afraid of the possibilities, who is able to embrace that change within himself. And dear Bella, she's not so self-conscious and doesn't feel as if she's unworthy, which makes her so much easier to read.

But dear Lord in heaven, the sex?? Gonna say it right up front, this story caused me to have more than a few ahem, quiet moments with myself. I don't want to give too much plot away, I will just say that I completely and utterly adore everything about this story.

Unequivocally 5 out 5 from me

I'm a 31 year old priest in the Episcopal Church who is on a crusade to change and heal people's understandings of gender, sex, and sexuality. I'm also a fanfic writer and an original fic writer and even now I'm transitioning from full-time parish ministry to full-time writing (with possibly some parish work on the side) because that's what I feel I'm called to do: write intimate relationships that are healthy, reasonable models of interaction that model healthy helpful behavior for profit, and not-for-profit (um, that would be the fic). And you'll notice there's no lack of really lovely, creative, and interesting sex. :) So, yeah. Look for me in the future, either to be drawn up for an obscure heresy, or on the New York Times Bestseller list. Or possibly both at the same time.

I've been actively writing and reading in fandoms since I was 15, and I'm in Twilight right now because my spiritual director gave me the books and wanted my opinion on them. I read them, nearly threw the second one across the room (how many times does Edward have to violate Bella's autonomy before she rips him a new asshole, I ask you!), and eventually decided to rewrite them, after ranting about Meyer not following her own rules about vampire ontology on my blog. I'm about 250,000 words into that process, which is my proof to myself; if I can finish this (not so great at finishing my fic), then I can finish my own novels, which is absolutely my goal in life over here. So I'm in this for the long haul. This fic will be finished. Oh, yes.

Why AU over AH? The only reason I started writing fic in this fandom, which I promised myself I would not do as I was happy in my last fandom, and in the middle of two large WIPs, was because I got to wondering about certain aspects of the whole vampire mating thing, as well as the unspoken, unacknowledged impact that Bella's being his singer and Bella's being a shield had on Edward's basic personality. Once I started thinking about that, I was done for. And so it became my largest work by far. I wouldn't write an AH because if I was even remotely tempted... I'd just turn it into my own novel and try to publish the sucker.


Katja said...

i have read this story so many times, but for some reason i felt the need to read the rec even so, and yes. this. so true. going to reread now. :)