Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Team Anything Goes has Just One Day

We are Hopey aka manyafandom, Kathy aka MsKathy, and Steph aka purdueliz.

Just One Day


For just one day every decade the Cullen family opens things up in the bedroom. AU lemon-fest. Canon and non-canon pairings, but no permanent splitting of canon couples. This story contains very adult themes and includes F/F slash in earlier chapters and some M/M slash later.
If you're one of those people that doesn't like to see The Cullens' with anyone but their canon mates, then this is most definitely NOT the story for you. It's a veritable swingers party in this story. It's not pure smut, there is a story here. A damn good one too.

The basic premise is that for one day every decade the Cullens' mix it up a bit. It's ladies choice and there is no peen to vag penetration. The swapping is not just to 'Spice' things up, it's also helps to reaffirm the bond the mates have with each other. If you have a bond so strong that it lasts for eternity, apathy and unappreciation are bound to set in. That's the real purpose of the one special day a decade. And also because it's fuck hot.

There are a variety of lemons in this story, all kinds of configurations and pairings. They're dirty, rough, sweet, tender, kinky, loving and intense. Sassy does them all so very well. My favorite is the Emmett/Bella scene where Emmett does something very, very naughty in the pool. I'd never read that specific act done in fanfiction and now I want even more of it. I'm also partial to the Edward/Bella/Jasper chapter. I'll let you discover what happens there on your own, it's so worth the read btw. There's promise of an Edward/Esme encounter soon and I for one can't wait.

Hopey said it best when she said that Just One Day isn't for you if you require all canon pairings all the time. If, however, you can read something a little bit different? Enjoy this something a lot bit hot.

Now, I confess: when I began reading this, I worried that it would be like some of the other partner-swapping stories I've read. To steal the clich̩ cheesy line, it's like nothing you've ever read before. There's a nice little plot twist that makes this story unique, but beyond that, each of these pairings/groupings are so fucking hot together. But also? Intensely emotional. None of them is a fuck-and-walk-away situation Рeach experience brings the participants closer together in a lasting way that will resonate far beyond this period of wonderful debauchery.

Chapter 5 and 6 have a special place in my heart, ngl. UNG. Just when you think it's going to be smut and love and fluff, SW hits us with chapter 7 and 8. Man oh man, it was a really well thought out plot point that is resolved with some excellent bonding between Bella and Rose (in a non-pervy way, this time). Each and every chapter in this story stands on its own, but they all tie together beautifully. Give this story a chance, but be sure to have a willing partner, a large stock of batteries, or perhaps both, on standby.

Well, I'm a bit flustered and in need of, uh, some release, after reading that. Lemon-fest indeed. But it's not just a bunch of lemons thrown together, there is a great story underlying it all. And it all comes back to reaffirm how much each pair of mates truly loves each other.

And seriously, who wouldn't enjoy a little sanctioned play-time. With the rules that are set in place it's pretty much a win-win situation. It was quite fun to see the different configurations and I look forward to the Esme/Edward chapter to come.

I don't know if I could pick a favorite scenario, they were all so good for different reasons. The one with Emmett, first touched me, then was just fucking HOT. But oh dear God, at the end of what's currently posted? I do soooooooo love some Bella/Jasper/Edward action. UNG.

I've seen similar premises in the fandom before, but none have touched on the quality of this one. None have had the incredible story line to go with it.

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Sassenach said...

Thanks guys! That's an amazing review! You're awesomely pervy, wonderful ladies.

The Esme/Edward scene is *almost* there! I'll put it up in the next two weeks.


GreenPuma said...

Ooh! This is one of my faves :) This review is inspiring me to reread it. In addition to the great scenes you mentioned, I love the first Carlisle/Bella scene. And I can't wait for Edward/Esme!

jennifer said...

turns out, i'm not as pervy as i thought! i just couldn't get through bella/carlisle. in my mind carlisle is the essence of the prime time 50's dad. i just cannot picture him with bella or any of the "kids". especially with edward watching. am i the only one?

that being said, i wish no disrespect to the authors or lovers of this story. just wondered if i was the only one...

Anonymous said...

jennifer, you are not alone. I can rarely stomach non-canon couplings (and never B/E with others), and the few times where I had to admit that a non-canon couple worked in a story, I didn't like what they did to the character. But yeah, I face a similar dilemma with Carlisle's non-canon pairings with any of the "kids" even if they're not really "kids" in a particular story. It grosses me out. I'm extra wussy when it comes to that stuff. What I don't get is why this fic was recommended. I mean I get that it's pervy, but I thought a "wussperv" was "tragically canon." This story doesn't strike me as fanfare for the tragically canon pervs, and even consensual swinging leaves me with angst-ridden holes, but that might be different for other people. I guess one or two out three is good enough for a wussperv rec?

This is my first visit to this site, so maybe stories that push that wussperv boundary are often recommended.

Anonymous said...

And to avoid seeming like I have a double-standard, I find Esme pairing up with any of the "kids" to be ... there are no words to adequately describe the amount of bile that churns in my stomach with the thought of it. Man, I must be the biggest wussperv there is.

GreenPuma said...

I think Stephenie Meyer left us with enough holes in setting, character and plot that the sex lives of Twilight characters are *totally* subject to interpretation. Sex is barely implied, much less portrayed in any of the Twilight books. I have been married for 2.5 years and hubs and I have been together for 6. I am already taking it hard that he is the last person I will have sex with for our comparatively short lives. Now, imagine I were a vampire and being married to him meant I would only sleep with him for all eternity(!) I think it's possible that vampires (who are not actual family but who merely *pose* as family) would choose to swing one day every year. Particularly since vampires as mythical creatures are always portrayed as excessively sexual beings. I'm just sayin'...

karen said...
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MsKathy said...


I wanted to clarify -- this was not a Team Wussperv rec. There is no way in hell this would ever be a Wussperv-approved story, simply due to the non-canon pairings.

This is a Team Anything Goes/Fuck Canon rec. I'm pretty sure the Team name speaks for itself, but we select stories that are very obviously NOT canon pairings and/or can include any sort of non-standard setup or situation :)