Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Team Spank Me Gets the Handcuffs Out

Team Spank Me is made up of myself, Kathy aka MsKathy, Emily aka OIPEm, Jo aka ECullenitis, and Steph aka PurdueLiz. We have a special guest addition to Team Spank this cycle, Nina aka Ninapolitan.

It's pretty clear what Team Spank is looking for and rec'ing, right? If not, we want your well-written BDSM/roleplay stories. They can be serious, light, hardcore or one-time fluff playing.

The second Team Spank Me rec on the PPSS is the delightfully real-life story most of us can relate to, Handcuffs and Heartstrings by Britpacksuccubus

Handcuffs and Heartstrings


Kids and work have a way of pulling a couple apart. Can Bella and Edward find a way to reconnect and keep the love alive? Entry into Ninapolitan's DILF Contest. AH/OOC, *Mature Adult for Language and Graphic Lemons.

Handcuffs and Heartstrings is a cute and sexy, fluffy and naughty, rompin' good time. Anyone that has even one child and has been married at some point can relate to this. The kid is sick, you're out of coffee, step in dog poo, and your sexyass husband wants alone time. Reality seeps in, but there's still plenty of time for fantasy, right?

After a panty-exploding hot shower wank, Edward goes to work. The kids are asleep, Bella's alone, and a few dirty texts bring domineering Officer Cullen out to play. Oh, what a treat. Brit runs through several positions and acts (all while Bella is handcuffed), each of them hotter than the one before. I know, anal is everywhere right now, but trust me on this one: the beads + dominating Edward just make you wanna go UNG.

Not only do we get this rawr-tastic look at some fun roleplaying, but there's slow, sweet, tender love later. I really love the balance of this – the harsh fuck against the backdrop of love, and the sweet lovemaking for a reconnecting experience.

Obviously, I'm a fan of the DILF or I wouldn't have run the contest. A man that is a fantastic father, a great husband and a hot guy that likes to play dressup with his wife, in the driveway of their house? Yes, please.
Brit did a great job with H&H giving us two completely different lemons. A tasty, dirty treat of a humpfest in the back of Officer Cullen's (swoon) cruiser. Handcuffs, anal beads and a man in uniform. Authoritative Edward role playing was nearly killed me. Really, the one shot would have been great with just that one but then she added the sweet and sexy lemon at the end which in my opinion, rounded it off wonderfully.
It wasn't even just two full lemons though. Edward had some really great wanktime in the shower while his wife watched through the glass doors. Then add in some tubtime for Bella while she's dirty texting the hubs while he's on duty. The one-shot is literally bursting at the seams with smut!

Fuck! Finally, those damn monsters are in bed asleep!

Um, Brit, are you in my head, bb? Because that's pretty much what I'm thinking every night of the week.

I love how we take a stressed out Bella, who starts off her day in the shittiest, literally, way possible. And my god, but there is no good reason on earth to be awake at 5am, except leaving on a jet plane to some exotic island. And even that is testing my limits.

So we get Edward, the amazing hubby and father, and it's the little things that just make him so delicious. Offering to stay with the kids so she can go to the store alone (my God, that's heaven, it really is). Then she gets to watch him jacking off in the shower and nothing gets me going faster than a wanking Edward.

Then, dear Lord, come the lemons. I have never wanted to be cuffed and ravaged in the back of a police car as I did after this. Edward in uniform with his pants around his knees, pounding into you? Hell yes, please. And you know what Brit did then? She added anal beads. OMFG, kill me now with the GUH. The rest of this particular lemon, you'll have to read it for yourself.

But wait, it's not over. No, no, no. First she gives us hot and rough and wild fucking. Then she brings Edward home for some slow, sweet, tender lovemaking. The contrast back to back is enough to blow your mind.
If you've got a good & naughty BDSM-themed rec for us, send it to me at kathy@pervpackssmutshack.com


britpacksuccubus said...

Umm..can I just say how much I fucking love you right now? OMG I'm so shocked and honored to grace the pages of your blog! Thank you so very much, I'm kinda speechless and that just doesn't happen to my filthy mouth very often.

BamaBabe said...

I loved reading that one - so fuckhot! I love her stories.

Miztrezboo said...

Wow Wifey and such well earnt praise! That one shot blew my MIND and only goes to show that you really are a freaking SUPER STAR when it comes to smut!! Great choice Ladies!!

Nostalgicmiss said...

SO glad to see such an awesome writer get an amazing review for her writing. Thanks for bringing this smuttastic piece into the light!