Monday, October 26, 2009

Jennde wants you to explore the "Rabbit Hole"

Rabbit Hole

Chapters 7 & 9

Let's just get this out of the way right off the bat; Rabbit Hole is not a smutty fic. It's full of mystery and intrigue and brooding Edward. However, the smut it does contain will make your girlie parts tingle.

I always thought it slightly ridiculous that Canon Edward never had sex. Yes, in a novel where vampires exist and sparkle in the sunlight, I thought Edward's virginity was one of the most unbelievable aspects. I can only suspend my disbelief so far. Sure, he was raised in an era where pre-marital sex was verboten, but to abstain for over 100 years? Especially when hot female vampires are throwing themselves at him.
No one is that pure. Or stupid.

Thankfully, Profmom72 took care of that for me in her AU called Rabbit Hole. Now, Edward is no whore here, but he does have some sexual experience prior to meeting Bella. I won't get into who he's been with. Go read, I think you'll be surprised.

But sex or no, he's still the broody motherfucker we have come to know and love. Edward is aware of his sexuality and enjoys being intimate. Yet, he's looking for more. He wants love and sex to intermingle. He wants his mate. And in the interim, Edward is bored. Bored with school, with his family, with life in general.

So, why did I stay? Why did I continue to live this half life, or rather half dead, existence?

It was simple really. My family. I loved them. Yes, even Rosalie. I have tried to live without them, and I simply don’t work. None of us do. All of those negative qualities balance each other out. We are only whole when we are together. Or in my case, at least not empty.

Sure, I could get into more trouble, have more fun, even gain a little more pleasure on my own, but there is one thing I’d learned in over a century on this earth. Without someone to love, none of it mattered.

Boredom, then, was a burden I would bear.

Enter Bella. You know some of what happens next. He can't read her mind, she smells like a lobster dinner and there's that "spark" when they touch.

But this isn't your momma's (or SM's) vampire tale.

Edward stays, fighting his urges, which soon turn from wanting her blood to wanting something wholly different.

Sure, Edward. Just one more day. We all know how well that works for you.

They spend lunch together in the library. They hold hands, they talk, they touch. Bella asks Edward if he would like to take things further. He knows he should say no, that no good can come of it. But this is Bella, and Edward doesn't have a lot of restraint when it comes to her.

Oh hell I couldn’t do this. I shouldn’t do this. I willed myself to consider the logical seventy five percent. To tell her no. To remind her I was no good for her. To walk away and never come back.But because I was no good, I didn’t say or do the right thing. Her insecurity filled eyes were my Achilles’ heel. I was staring that them when I asked, “Are you free on Saturday?”

This becomes Edward's central struggle. Knowing he's no good for her, knowing he can't answer her questions about who or what he is, knowing that he'll have to leave, but wanting her in very way. He wants her touch, he's intrigued by her wit, fascinated with her intelligence.

I'll let Edward tell you about his struggle when Bella touches him intimately for the first time:

"...instead of saying stop, I uttered an “Oh fuck.”

He knows they should stop, but the draw is too powerful. They spend the day in the meadow. There's touching. There's kissing. There are orgasms. I like to think that Edward gets that lobster dinner, just not the way he originally planned.

After their day together, he decides to leave, but not before visiting Bella's room, where she dreaming, and things take quite a turn. It's intense and hot and makes me happy he made a pit stop on his way out of town. It's as if Edward got a decadent piece of cheesecake to round out that lobster dinner.

Oh, and I think Bella enjoyed herself too.

Go read and see what comes next. You won't be disappointed.

Jennde is the author of "Finding Home" , a wonderful and expressive historical fic that stemmed from the Age of Edward contest. She also reduced the masses to tears thanks to the beautifully written "Unplanned" the 3rd place winner in the D.I.L.F. contest. I may have teared up a bit just thinking about that story again. xo Nina


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