Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Team Slash learns how actions speak "Louder Than Words"

Now it's time for Team Slash to have a go and give you a reach around. We love the man-love and enjoy a little girl on girl on the side.

We are Hope aka manyafandom, Kathy aka MsKathy, and Steph aka purdueliz.

Louder Than Words

Beautiful Figment

AH/AU Fresh out of a doomed relationship, Edward meets Jasper in a coffee shop. Jasper likes what he sees but Edward can't bear the thought of what it could mean. Rated M for potty mouth and slashy lemons. Long winded one-shot.

I must admit for this being BF’s first foray into writing, she knocked it out of the park with Louder Than Words. It’s sweet, funny and all kinds of steamy. Extra Gold Stars for use of lube and prep!!

From the first time that Jasper sees Edward he is immensely attracted to him, even though Edward throws a gay slur at him. Jasper puts Edward in his place in a big fucking way and I couldn’t help but cheer for Jasper when he did.

I kinda love the fact that Jasper putting Edward in his place turns Edward on. The ‘Angelic Anomaly’ as Edward refers to Jasper in his head remains in the fore front of his mind as he travels a confusing spiral where he finally admits that he may be all about the peen.

A series of funny event leads Edward to Jaspers front door by accident. Let’s just say that things progress from there and its hella steamy and smexy.

Not to give too much away but there’s a leg hitch (hot damn do a LOVE a good leg hitch), a little bit of grindage, the use ‘Baby’, admission of wanking to the thoughts of each other, a smattering of dirty talk and an aggressive Edward who goes after what he wants (in this case Jasper).

And that’s all before they get to the bedroom. After they’re there…all bets are off. Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t just a random fuck. There is deeper feelings and a connection there. They’re new and tentative, but definitely there.

BF mixes the smut with the sweet and funny to make a fuckawesome one-shot that has us wanting more from this duo.

I really love the beginning of this oneshot: the way Jasper puts Edward totally and completely into his place, after Edward explains to Jasper that he's not a “fairy” had me dying (and cheering!).

I love Edward's completely confused, entirely caught off-guard reaction to Jasper. Jasper's thoughts kill me, making me giggle and squirm. Jasper thinking about Edward in the shower? HAWT.

The backstory for Edward is interesting, and the comparisons between Jasper and Tanya are realistic, I think, when the boys finally get together. Edward's description of Jasper as J gives him a blowjob is fucking hot. Something about the description of the noises involved really gets me.

Praise Jesus, Beautiful Figment understands the proper and necessary use of lube and warm-up time.

“Pull your knees back, darlin’. And hang on tight.” – MMPH. Yes, please.

The tender moments at the end of this oneshot are just that – tender, loving, and wonderful. This wasn't a quick fuck with no meaning behind it.

Effort, energy, love, and patience are all evident through this piece, and Beautiful Figment deserves much praise for penning and delivering this to us.

Reading this for review is not the first time I've read this gem. I read it shortly after it was first published and I'm pretty sure at least twice in the interim. It's that good. I still find myself in shock that it was BF's first fic.

I utterly adored the way Jasper put Edward in his place in the coffee shop. Not many would have the balls to stand up for themselves and do that. Jasper did and it gave Edward serious pause and cause for reflection.

I still laugh at him being chased by Kujo, although it's not actually funny. That stems to childhood memories of the neighborhood dog we called Cujo chasing us bratty kids and biting my step-brother. We weren't so successful outrunning him as Edward was.

That both of them wanked to images of the other is enough to get me good and worked up. Then BF has to go and make them all flirty and sexy-talking with each other and I'm fucking done for.

“Yes, Edward I want to fuck you. I want you on your back in my bed, your legs wrapped around my hips as I bury myself deep inside you. You don’t know how bad I want that.”

And now I'm fucking done for. I'm not gonna give any more away; I'm just going to tell you to go read this fucking brilliant story. And then, go read all the rest of her stuff too. Because it's all fucking amazing.

(And I'll add an AMEN, Praise Jesus indeed, to what Kath said about proper use of lube and warm-up. Parts of me cringe and clench up tight to read stories that don't take that into appropriate consideration.)

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