Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jo Does Darkward.... What, you're surprised?

Author: dyedinwool
Words: 8,705
Reviews: 155
Summary: In the clutches of a vampire, Bella is immersed by a force that ignites her body and binds her to a union of darkness, desire and destiny. One shot. AU ExB OOC Dark themes, mature content, warning inside.

One of my readers, Mortangel, rec'd this to me through the Dungeon, and I have to say... barring the occasional inelegant line, this is some of the most fuckawesome vamp-fantasy poetry I've read in a long time.

La Petite Mort, which means, "The Little Death" could be construed as an almost double-entendre for the intonation of Bella's quandary in this story. It is a truly adept title, if ever there was one.

Bella is attacked by one human-eating, unashamed Edward. What would be a simple meal for Edward, turns into something completely different when Wool's take on 'la tua cantanta' comes into play. The exchange that these two experience as a result of that bond is what kick starts the brilliance in the writing.

It's long, but it's a two-shot lemon and the imagery and melodious tenor of her writing is just beautiful...depraved, imaginative, visual, and erotic.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about this story (aside from the poetic cadence and lavish symbolism) is Edward's voice. I truly enjoy when Edward is presented with all of the 108 years of experience he should possess, and well... she makes no excuses for his furtive yet unabashed nature, as well as his brazen and dare I say, cheeky? temperament. Make no mistake, he is a vampire, in no uncertain terms in this story, who feeds on humans unrepentantly, and has no qualms with meeting (and making) his next meal.

His interest in Bella becomes the catalyst for change, and despite the churlish nature of their first time together, I am pleased that the author makes no apologies for it and follows through with the story progression. In my opinion, this is Darkward at it's finest.

Run. Read. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Very flattered by this lovely write-up for my little one shot, thank you kindly for reading and recc'ing.