Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MsKathy Would Like to Welcome Edward Home

Welcome Home



Edward had to disappear to go hunting for three weeks, and this is his welcome home present. PwP, Lemon, MF NC17 for Smutt!


I found this delight by profile crawling – you know, clicking randomly on different profiles, checking favorites, moving on if you don't find something great? I really love to browse around this way when I have time.

The premise of this oneshot is that Edward and Bella have begun to have sex. Edward needs to leave for long stretches of time to basically gorge, in order to control himself when he's with Bella (still a human) sexually. He comes back from his hunt ready for her, giving monosyllabic answers, and there's some funny banter at the beginning.


He smells, then licks her hand – the implication that he's tasting the traces of her arousal from the last time she masturbated, thinking about him. Then he describes to her how he imagines her doing it. In detail. Yes, and please.

That much was delightful, but these crazy kids get down to business. Happy, fun, yum-filled times ensue. In my pants. Wait, I mean, in the oneshot. This is a nicely-rounded piece with just enough detail so that I don't think it qualifies as PWP (porn without plot), but the perfect amount for a delightful, smutty tease of a peek into a night of Bella/Edward.

The main fault I found with this oneshot is the mention of fangs. SM's vamps don't have them and I confess, I prefer them fang-less.