Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MsKathy Loses Her Inhibitions & Gets the Best Presents

Okay, we all know by now that I'm a rule-breaking h00r, right? Yeah, yeah. I picked two one-shots. I always have such a hard time picking my one-shots. I comb my favorites list, then I surf around and comb my BFFs' lists, and then I hit random faves, then I search on FFn... you get the idea, right? I spend weeks trying to find just the right gem to post about. This time, I had many potentials, but I picked these. I hope you enjoy.





Edward is in for a surprise when Bella comes home after a night drinking with the girls. What's happened to his shy, sweet Bella?

Okay, how can you resist a summary like that? I mean, damn, shy, sweet Bella takes a backseat? I wanted to know just how badass Cap was going to make B, so I dove in (twss).

"Tonight I want to tell you the things I want to do or that I want you to do to me. And I want you to follow through. No questions asked. Will you do that for me?"

Yes and please, oh, and thank you in advance. I knew right then this was gonna be good. Cap sets up the characters and background nicely, without overwhelming with information. This is AH, btw.

First time dirty talkers, Edward and Bella play it up. It's fun to be a voyeur as they go on this journey together.

"Make me come, Edward. If you make me come then I'll suck your cock."

Something about that line is just so. amazingly. hot.

From there, Bella goes on to keep begging him to make her come so she can have his cock... there's an unspoken tenderness there that was lovely. It's not just greedy sex, it's about mutual pleasure and enjoyment.

I looked at her, confused, and she smiled and pushed me so my back was against the wall. She dropped to her knees in front of me. God, yes.

I'm going to confess something: I'm not usually really big on the giving a BJ scenes. This one? I could not even bring myself to skim. Truth? I re-read it. More than twice.

She was no longer simply blowing me- I was fucking her mouth.

Dear God in Heaven. Like I said, I never usually get into the blowjob scene, but this one is outstanding.

Just before I lost consciousness I promised myself that I would make a run to the liquor store tomorrow. I wanted to get a bottle of Goldschlager to keep at home, just in case Bella got the urge to lose her inhibitions again!

I can only hope and pray for another installment of Drunkella getting her dirty groove on. Maybe Edward will even imbibe and let go a little. Let's go on our knees together, ladies, shall we?

The Best Presents

Amethyst Jackson



Edward saves Bella from her 50th birthday celebrations, and then he gives her what she really wants. One-shot.

What made this one win, over the rest of the really excellent choices? One single line, ladies:

"You want me to whisper filthy words while I pleasure you?"


"You should have said something years ago," he said. He pushed two long fingers inside me, smirk widening. "I've never felt you this wet."

Why yes, Edward, yes I do. Fuck. Me. Running. Seriously, DTE always has been and always will be a major weakness of mine. Yours too, right? I mean, when well written, it is just sublime. And this short one-shot? Very well written, not only from a technical aspect, but just the way even in this small amount of space, the characters are built. Oh, lines like these don't hurt:

"You shouldn't tease me," I panted as his fingers continued to play with me. "It's my birthday."

He grinned devilishly down at me. "But you cum so much harder when I tease you."

UNG. I've quoted this story all out of order, but I'm sure you'll forgive me.

The plot is nice here, because without having to expressly state it, we know Bella is a vamp, the Cullens are there, but background characters, as is Renesmee. Bella and Edward are playful and fun, light and loving. Then dirty, and salacious, in all the best ways.

My only complaint? I want more. So, so much more. Pretty please, with sugar on top, AJ?


Lindsay Rae said...

You did not disappoint. Jesus. I thought the first was fwamazing, but then I just had to go and read the second one. I think, I need to get this office chair reupholstered. There's bound to be some damage after all of this lady bit burning.