Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sssssssh! Emmy Won't Tell.........

Don't tell Alice



FGB for SS and RC. Geeky Edward has a thing for the popular girl. Will he get the girl and once he has her, will he really want her? AH/OOC

Ok, folks. Brace yourselves. This isn't quite Wussperv(tm) safe. Yup really. No, really its not a sunshine and flowers fic. BUT. It is, in my book, bloody good. Geeky sweet Edward finally gets a shot with his twin sister's best friend - the cheerleader and lust icon - Bella Swan.

It is not a union of love, a coming-together of hearts, souls and minds. Bella and Edward run in very different crowds. Very different. But for the virginal and geeky Edward its a dream come true. But does Bella feel the same way? . . . . . . .

I don't want to give the game away with this fic, and tell you all its secrets. But I will tell you that I enjoyed this Edward - his portrayal was very realistic. It was very real high-school (secondary school if you are UK based) to me - people don't get on, life doesn't suddenly turn perfect because you both drink at a party or because you leave school and are about to go off to college.. But I will tell you that the sex is very convincingly done too. Edward is insecure, Bella is a very attractive and popular cheerleader, and out of his league, so every thrust means so much more to him. That comes across loud and clear. The sex is intense for him and therefore for us too.

It was a different read for me. One that surprised me in how much I enjoyed it... There is a follow-up - that I haven't dared to read yet... I might venture in now I've reminded myself of just how much I enjoyed this one-shot...

Go on give it a whirly too. But Wuss-Perv's don't cry - I did warn you... (you can always email/tweet me if you want the details before you try it). Everyone else - go get stuck in, and PLEASE DO TELL instantkarmagirl in a REVIEW that you loved it and that Emmy sent you..


Anonymous said...
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firestarter said...

There is actually two follow-ups Don't Tell Peter and Tell Me. Go read, it will be ok. :)

Anonymous said...

This story sounds great ~ anybody know what happened to it? Thanks!

Emmy said...

Hi Anon.
So sorry, but the author seems to have pulled this fic....

And the author seems to have removed herself completely too, so we can't even ask her if she still has a copy. Sorry! :(

It can be really frustrating when good fics vanish.

Thankfully great new fics are going up all the time.
Keep looking through the blog and hopefully you will find some available gems!
Much love.