Monday, March 22, 2010

Breaking Trinity had billie.ze.kidd all hot & bothered.

Snarlward. As VvDeadRosesvV has brought me to call this beloved Edward. Is the best way to start the review I think. The story she has painted is nothing short of absolute brilliance. Filled with love, angst, drama and some maga Hot sexin'

I must admit that Snarlward is pantie changing worthy. It's not so much his physical appearance as it is the in image he exudes. His troubled sex god-esqe leaves me mentally drooling. Really a wonderful play on our typical Edward.

And oh, the snarls:


Edward snarled. Deep and low. And slid two fingers into my dripping sex.

“Oh God!”

“I’m your fucking God!” He growled so deep, so primal--I arched my back. “You’re mine, do you hear me?

You’re fucking mine!”
I've found that sometimes Dom/Snarl-ward can become a little border line abusive. However, when reading this story you just can't help but anticipate Edward's caveman moments. This rendition of Dom/Snarlward is foolproof in my opinion. While still holding on to the rough possessiveness we all love, he has a certain desperation for Bella. It's rather enduring that he obviously cares for her so much.

Tear-filled chocolate eyes held mine. Overcome with joy, lust, desire, contentment.

I feel it to.

I leaned down, gripping my twitching dick. Her small hands gripped my shoulders.

My free hand slid along her cheek. “My other half…”

Moving on I must comment on the immediate attraction between Edward and Bella. It's so powerful and intense that neither one can deny it. This quote from Bella I feel sums it best :


I never felt so liberated, so out of control and yet, still comfortable with it. Edward didn’t force me to do anything I didn’t want to do. And I wanted to do it again and again and again.

This idea of being out of control yet free, floors me. Neither one of them truly understand what is happening, but they can't stop. I believe this is beautifully handled in this story. Truly isn't this how many of use would react if we found ourselves in a similar situation? We dream of finding out soul mates so to speak but really could we truly handle the pull between two people who know no more than each others name? I think VvDeadRosesvV handles this scenario extremely well.

I also like how VvDeadRosesvV touches on the theory of scent:


“Alright,” I sighed and squared off close to him, desperate to shield myself from being overheard. “Let’s say there is a girl and the way she smells--not her shampoo or soap but her very personal fragrance--made you react…in a very primal way.”

There is something about personal fragrance that can indeed drive you wild. And I love VvDeadRosesvV spin on this. It's not “Oh you smell good, let's screw” It's more of an...instinct. A reaction that you don't really understand.


I took her hips into my hands and dragged her to the edge of the bed as she released her hold. My eyes took hers captive and I knelt down in front of her.

Tangerine. Honey. Wet Wildflowers.

Fuck. It was intense.

Of course there's also a little hint of that Possiveward that we love in here:

He inhaled sharply, passing his nose against my cheek to my ear. “Do you like wearing my mark, Bella?”

Edward’s free hand gripped my hair, his eyes feasting on his mark. I could feel his hot breath, burning the shorn flesh.

I hissed in desperation, my nails biting into his skin.

“Mine.” He snarled in lust, twisting my hair violently in his grip.

And oh, the ANGST. To love someone so desperately and yet have this sense of self hatred, where you won't allow your self the pleasure is heart wrenching. They both don't feel they deserve the other, when they do. It's maddening and amazing, all wrapped into one.


I wanted to punish us. Too good. Too right. We could never fucking be!

We already were.

"Edward!" Her cries were agonizingly beautiful. Her hips pressed forward.

I lost my self control.



"I'm begging..." Tears of pure release streamed down my eyes.

"So am I," his cries were strangled. "...don't ever stop."

Hands in my hair. Emerald eyes.

Sun. Sand. US.
The last thing I want to touch on is the switching of POV's. Sometimes when I'm reading a story and I see the author doing this I get concerned. Sometimes things get left out, it confuses you more than clarifies. However VvDeadRosesvV has brought me to appreciate this much more. I've found that with this story hearing Edwards Pov (along with Bella's) Gives you much more insight as to what is actually happening.

To me this is one of those stories ,with something in it we all can love. VvDeadrosesVv really knows what she is doing with something this intense. I definitely recommend all to check it out!

billie.ze.kidd is a reader and mega fan. She claims Twilight Fanfiction changed her life, hopefully for the better.


fricnfrac said...

Have to admit I have a very BIG weakness for "Snarlward"/"Darkward"/"Domward". This accomplished all of those with sigh-worthy completion. YUM