Monday, March 29, 2010

Mrs.The King wants to play in Fort Awesome & the Den of Sin

Fort Awesome and the Den of Sin


Hey all!

I was very excited when Nina contacted me about doing a Lemonshot. I was totally onboard. I thought she and I would be drinking alcohol.

Then she explained it to me and I said, “yes”, closed the email and panicked. Because sex lemons make me nervous. Reading them makes me blush, writing them makes me sweat.

So I felt unprepared. I asked a few friends (Hey UU Ravelry girls!) what their favorite lemon was and I was directed to the Parkaward Contest entries. (Do you remember that contest hosted by Algonquinrt?)

The one that I loved the most was Fort Awesome and the Den of Sin.
Megi-B gave me everything that makes me blush when reading a lemon, but the delivery was so touching. (hehe) No, really.

Even though this was a “ward” contest, Megi picked Jasper and Alice as her main characters. The dialog between them is so witty and sweet and real. This one shot’s lemon is entirely on a web cam. Instead of making the lemon feel impersonal, it feels intimate, under the covers with a flashlight intimate.

Alice squealed and reached for her pink earbuds as the iChat bubble bounced in it's dock. A green circle glowed, 'I'm here but fuck off.' Jazzled was now online.

Alice clicked the camera icon next to Jasper's user-pic and tilted her computer screen so the top of her breasts were visible instead of the top of her hair.

He said hello and waved at the screen but didn't sit down. Jasper was still straightening his room.

"Fuck off? Even me baby?"

"That's directed at you darlin'," he said before he bent over, ass centered right at his webcam. Alice sighed. He had the red plaid boxers on again. There was something endearing about the way he dressed, the plaid boxers especially. They left so little to the imagination, just one thin layer of fabric, loosely draped over his cock.

Now, I have already talked about the blushing, right? Well, in order for me to read a lemon completely without skimming over it, some of the plot development must be in there with the genitals.

"Found it!" Jasper shouted as he ran back to his desk. "Okay the guys are locked out and I've got my envelopes."

"Proper attire?" Alice asked.

"One piece of clothing for each envelope, boxers, tee-shirt, and socks, and I'll take off one for each school we don't match on."

"Wrong! One for each school we get into. Do I need to repeat the rules?"

It was Jasper's idea to turn their college acceptance letters into a game. Both were so let down over Jasper not getting into the conservatory at Oberlin that they wasted a cam date feeling sorry for themselves.

"I made sure to nail all my interviews. I'm going to be naked."

Megi kicks it up a notch and gives Jasper and Alice obstacles to overcome in order to show themselves on camera to one another. Jasper has a parka (of course) and is reluctant to show his new love. Alice has to show Jasper something that scares her as well.

“…More about your cock. God, I love it." Admittedly Alice was much more excited about Jasper's cock than their admissions letters. They would've worked it out somehow but she was going to explode if she didn't see him naked. "I want to kiss you. I want to climb in your lap and kiss you. I want you to reach up and grab the girls and kiss me."

"There's nothing I want more than to be kissing you Alice. Nothing."

"Damn. We disagree. I think I'd rather be riding your cock."

"No way. We've talked way too much. Next time I get to see you I don't even want to say a word. I'll kiss you the whole time." Jasper circled the head of his cock with his thumb as he spoke. His voice became stilted and breathy. "I don't want to tell you what I'm doing. I want to do it."

Of course, I don’t want to give away too much, because I want you to read it, but I will say that Megi’s entry contains not just a lemon but the feelings that make you want to have sex in real life.

She has the lust, the tender romantic feelings and for this couple, the trust that has to be unfaltering in order to achieve true intimacy.

The other aspects of this one shot are kick ass as well. Her dialog is so freaking witty. Jasper speaks like a man. Alice has enough cannon that makes you just want to keep her. I highly recommend crawling under the covers with this couple and watching their screens.

Mrs.TheKing is the creator of Poughkeepsie, Crushed Seraphim and Gynazole. She is by far the oddest person in the fandom, & God we love her for it!


MaleficentKnits said...

so deliriously happy for you to recommend this little known gem... megi is a fantastic writer and this was so different from her usual style (read slash) but it was definitely original and fun... hopefully more readers will discover her and her crazy sense of humor as well.

rosmarinastar said...

Little-known gem is right - this o/s has been one of my favorites for a long time. Check out her other stuff too. Megi has a fascinating take on some of these characters, truly.