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The Tide comes in for SweetDulcinea

I am pretty open-minded when it comes to shipping the Twilight characters in fanfic, especially AH stories. I like reading different pairings when an author writes the characters in a way that makes you forget about canon and enjoy the ride. It’s something I like to play with in my own writing as well. That being said, you still can’t beat a really great Edward/Bella story because, seriously, isn’t that what brought the majority of us to the world of fanfiction in the first place?

That is why I’m grateful for lambcullen. I’ve learned that I can count on her for canon pairings, captivating stories, creative plots, addictive characters, and the reason you’re reading this post: hot hot lemons. There’s no lack of loving in her stories, which I’ll admit made it a tough choice. So sit back and let me tell you why Chapter 16 should come with an HoC warning (that’s Hand on Crotch, darlings).

"Wear a skirt, BB."

I blinked rapidly, wondering why the hell he wanted that.

"Huh? Why?"

He sighed and grabbed my hips, pulling them towards him. His nose nuzzled at my navel, where it peeked under the edge of my tank. My legs almost gave out. The smallest touch set me on fire and had me wanting so much more.

"Can't you just do as I ask? There is a reason, but I can't tell you until later." His tone was clipped.

He meant what he said, and I would upset him if I came downstairs in jeans. I smiled down at him, and nodded, wanting to keep that smile on his face.

A skirt, you say? Well, you know that a man’s mind is in a dirty place when he requests that. It’s a good thing we’re all into that sort of thing! While we could probably predict Edward’s plan, Bella was still quite clueless as she entertained their barbeque guests.

"Follow me," he whispered, squeezing my hand tightly.

I didn't look back at the others, as he tugged me around the side of the house, and out of view.

"What was that all about..?" I tried to ask, but his lips fixed forcefully on mine, stopping all conversation.

He shoved my back against the wooden slats of the house. His mouth met mine aggressively, as his hand gripped my waist tightly. I could taste the hunger on his tongue, and feel the need rolling off him. Edward needed reassurance. Right now he was nothing more than an abandoned, hurt little boy who was seeking solace the only way he knew how. I wanted to weep for him. Aro had been right, he wasn't any more certain of himself than I was. Edward just hid it better.

I fumbled with the hem of his shirt, pushing my hands underneath and laying my palms flat against his abdomen. He nipped harshly at my bottom lip, growling and pushing me harder into the wall. He was being more forceful even than he'd been before, and I knew it was what he needed right now. It was arousing me beyond anything I'd experienced. The more he bit at my mouth, the more I wanted it. The tighter he held me, the tighter I wanted it, and the more he ground against me, the more I ground back.

I whimpered when his lips left mine, to torture my neck.

"Shush," he crooned in his velvet smooth voice. "They'll hear you."

Oh my… Now that I have your attention, let’s pause for a little background information.

Tides is set in La Push, where Bella returns after years away to claim her late grandfather’s home and start a new life for herself. Enter Edward, her childhood friend, who just so happens to be presumptuous, cocky, and frequently naked. Fuck. And. Yes. The house on the beach is an integral part of their history together and their current relationship, and that theme runs throughout the entire story. When the Vanity Fair photos of RPattz came out, I immediately connected them to Tides. They were perfect! High grass, overcast sky, and the scattered stones much like the Pacific Northwest beaches had my mind creating a hundred great possibilities for these characters. Need a reminder?

Do you see where I’m going with this? I’m sure that photo shoot inspired many lemons…and perhaps a few private moments around the fandom. Come on, admit it, ladies.

But I digress. Between the beach house setting, the explosive chemistry Edward and Bella shared, and those photos, I knew what I wanted, and I told Lambie waaaaay back in my Chapter 9 review:

So I was thinking...they need to do it up against the house. How hot would that be? Come back after a walk on the beach...all needy and hot. Yeah... I think it would fit Edward's somewhat dominating/possessive tendencies. Just a thought =)

Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice romp up against the side of the house, listening to the waves crashing on the shore just a few hundred feet away? Yum. Add in the taboo of being just around the corner from your friends and possibly getting caught, and this scene was on fire.

His mouth moved back to my neck, and he latched his teeth against the flesh and sucked hard. I mewled and hitched my leg around his knee. His fingers immediately snaked to my wet needy pussy. Edward parted my folds and delved his fingers inside, groaning when he met my slick heat. He didn't stop sucking on my neck until I whined a little in pain. I knew that was going to mark, but couldn't bring myself to care. His fingers were playing with my pussy, and making my body hum with need for him and him alone.

I lowered my hand to his jeans and unbuckled the belt, before popping each button open. Edward pushed a finger into me, as the last one flew open and my hand touched his hardened cock.

He cursed into my neck, my fingers wrapping around his erection tightly. We began rocking in unison against the house, both consumed in each other.

"Another?" he questioned, but before I could comprehend what he was referring to, he pushed a second finger inside me, stretching me deliciously.

"Oh!" I whimpered.

Our breathing was becoming heavy and fast. I needed more than his fingers to sate me. I needed him filling me, thrusting into me with force.

"Edward," I gasped softly.

"I want you now, BB. I can feel how wet you are for me. So fucking ready for my cock. Tell me you want me."

"Oh yes," I breathed.

He pulled his fingers from me, making me want to cry, but I watched in fascination as he brought his shining fingers to his lips and lapped at them, tasting me. My legs almost gave way. How could something I would have found repulsive only a few months ago be so arousing now?

"Divine," he crooned, before hitching me up and around his body, my back flat against the wood.

Is that it? No, definitely not, but this is one you have to read for yourself. While I can’t say that Lambie wrote this scene because of my review, she and I did have a good laugh together when she told me she was in the process of writing this chapter when I sent her that message. Coincidence…or fate? *evil grin*

So go on, darlings. Browse through those Vanity Fair pics again and get yourself a nice mental picture to work with. Then head over to Tides and apply those images to lambcullen’s delightful story. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m pretty sure you’ll never look at those photos the same way again, either! And if you’re the type who doesn’t like to read stories until they’re complete, then you’re in luck – Tides was completed last week. These characters will be missed, but you’d be smart to check out some of her other fics as well!
Thanks for reading, and enjoy your lemonade!

SweetDulcinea is the author of 19 stories. Including the fabbio Toxic a Peter/Bella story. A lover of Jackson and an all around cool ass chick!


Anonymous said...

lambie always brings it fierce and citrusy...the woman gives good lemon. j/s. Great Review! x

fricnfrac said...

This was another story that kept me up reading until the wee hours of the morning. I could not stop reading until I'd absorbed every single word. First of all, the whole plot idea of Edward waiting sooo many years for Bella causes me to just *sigh*. Secondly, the snarky quips between E/B made me laugh out loud. Third, the lemons left me shivering and really craving freshly squeezed lemonade (*giggles*). Lastly, the whole story was just gave me the "warm fuzzies"!

Lovely read.