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Getting Warmer by eiluned.price

Getting Warmer





After their honeymoon on Isle Esme, Bella gets to spend more time being human with Edward as they travel cross-country to New Hampshire and beyond, and learn about art, love and temperature differentials. AU. BxE. Newlyweds being newlyweds, so lemons.


Getting Warmer has been one of my favorite human Bella/vampire Edward stories for awhile. The story takes a different approach to the sexual component of their relationship. Almost every story I've ever read has forgotten about the fact that Edward is cold and Bella is, well, not. This story not only remembers that, but makes that the focal point of the plot. The writer comes up with several inventive ways for Edward to keep warm enough to make love, and while not always greatly successful, it always results in a lot of fun!

Chapter one brings in some elements of the honeymoon in Breaking Dawn, but it didn't feel like it was just a rehash of the original story. There is enough difference to make it unique and interesting, yet still similar enough that the reader knows the story. That can be a hard thing for a fanfiction writer to do, and this one pulls it off brilliantly.

There are other aspects to the story that are done really well. Bella's interactions with her family and the rest of Edward's family feel natural and definitely in canon. Sometimes Renee can be hard to write, but her appearance in chapter two is the Renee we all know and love. Charlie, in chapter one, is the quiet, almost shy, Charlie from the books, but still a strong man. Alice and Emmett, two of my favorite characters, are terrific as well. Throughout the story, the reader feels like they know the characters well, which is a great positive in my book. Sometimes a writer can make Alice too spastic or Emmett kind of dumb. But this story brings out the best in all the characters.

The lemons in this story are extremely well done. There are enough of them that it could get monotonous, but so much is going on that it doesn't. They are hot and sexy, and unique enough that each time is a rush. The first time Edward tries something new in chapter two, I held my breath and could almost feel what Bella was feeling. It was quite an experience!

Throughout the story, Bella and Edward experience things unrelated to sex that are fun for them as a couple and fun for us as readers. The story isn't just about sex, but alao about them learning to be a newly married young couple out on their own. It's a happy-go-lucky story so far, and I look forward to reading each and every chapter. The updates couldn't come fast enough for me!

Definitely a 5 out of 5!

I have to give big props and thanks to Amethyst Jackson for rec'ing this to the group when she was hanging out with us h00rs in January. It's rare that I really enjoy an AU story, but given that the rec came from one of my absolute favorite AU authors, I had to listen.

Getting Warmer is the story of Bella and Edward after their wedding - the Breaking Dawn that wasn't, if you will. However, the author takes us on a slightly different route and weaves in great details that really make this story her own.

I'm going to agree with Hopey about the way this story develops and what it's about. The communication and growth that we get to see B & E work through is really nice and refreshing. So many times Alt-BD fics are all about the sex. And, believe you me, there's a time and place for that, but it's also nice to read something that has a little more thrown into it.

In GW, we're just getting to the part in the story where the Cullens really try to mingle with the rest of civilization, specifically at Dartmouth. I'm interested to see where the author takes us, as she's had some unique differences woven into the fic already. I'm particularly interested to see what (if anything) comes from what a certain little lady says to Bella in the bathroom of a restaurant. And that's all I'll say about that. ;)

As for the smut, it's there and it's great but it's not over the top or gratuitous, and honestly, that's what I'm looking for more and more. Sometimes less is more, kwim? Also, I'm loving the real and honest quality of it - so many times in fics reality takes a back seat and I'm happy that the author manages to keep things realistic while also keeping them sexy.

I'm also really, really interested to see what the crap is going on from where she left it. Do I see a Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnn!! in our future? I think so...

4 out of 5 electric blankets from me

I owe huge big thanks to one of our January's Honourary Perv's Amethyst Jackson -as it was she who suggested it to the pack to recc. I REALLY really enjoyed this fic. I know its slow build style is not to everyone's liking. But I love love love the development and exploration the author's pace and detailed style permits.

To me, this fic is all about the details. I delight in finding out all sorts of things about Edward and about all the Cullens that this fic provides. As I read it - I forget its not Twilight lore established fact. They seem such genuine details and information that they should be. (if that makes any sense at all!) The kind of detail I mean is Edward explaining he doesn't know how to tell jokes, that he has no experience of them. Or the kind of detail when Edward tells Bella that Esme went to university with Bill Clinton. - See what I mean? It just so bloody works. That now I just kind of think they are twilight saga truths. There are so many small interactions that seem significant to me. Alice and Edward squabbling over share prices and stocks and bonds. Bella's thoughts on all the Cullen's have missed out on in modern life is another example. This latter example to me highlights just how good eiluned's Bella is written.

Yes she loves and adores Edward. Yes she loves all the Cullen's. But, this Bella - has a critical/objective eye. She can see what others perceive of the Cullens and what or where the Cullen's have missed out on. BUT she is also increasingly seeing how much she wants to be a Cullen. How whilst her experiencing the world before her change as a human and all a human can get from it is enjoyable. She is feeling more and more what SHE is missing out on - with regards to her interactions and relations with Edward. Don't get me wrong - they play and devour intently (more of that later!). But Getting Warmer's Bella knows she wants more from her life than to be alive. She wants to be an equal partner to Edward and an equal member of The Cullen Clan.

But she is getting every last drop of enjoyment from her human experiences. Not just for her but also for Edward. I also love this Edward. He's much looser and livelier than the saga Edward. Dare I say it - he's living his life now. Now he's married. Now he knows Bella has truly chosen him and they will have forever he can relax. His humour comes through, his sexiness, randiness and sense of adventure comes through. He is determined to share every part of himself with Bella. His feelings, his hopes, his experiences, his knowledge, his passions. It makes for such a wonderful read. As Edward in this is not just taking Bella on an educational tour en route to Dartmouth. He is taking us the reader with him too. Eiluned writes with such amazing, painstaking detail of their trip and experiences - she could have almost filmed them doing it & reported it verbatim, apart from its more than a report - we get to experience it along with them. I applaud the research Eiluned must put into her story! Quite impressive.

So how about the sexy sexy then? Darling pervlings, you will be most chuffed to learn that there is lots and lots of sexy yummy goodness. The lemony delish runs the gauntlet from tender and loving right up to intense and frenzied. I love the inventive ways Edward approaches their temperature difference barrier. Sauna sexing anyone? OH FECKING YES PLEASE! Sexing in public? More than once? Um yummy! This fic excites me and warms me in one fell swoop. The sexing gets a double thumbs up - a fandabbydozy (that reference is for any brits reading this!) - thumbs up.... I'll leave you this to ahem *wet* your appetite. It nicely illustrates their A) tenderness, B) exploration, C) Edward's relaxation, D) Edward's playfulness and E) HOW ITS NIPPLE DRILLING HOT! :)

He turned onto his side and pushed me to my back. He ran his wet finger from my lips down my throat and torso to my sex, abruptly sliding it in and then replacing it with his cock. I inhaled sharply when I saw him suddenly hovering over me, in me, ohhhh….

"Don't I get any … kisses…or compliments?" I managed to stutter out as he moved slowly above me. "Don't I deserve a little foreplay?"

"From all the evidence, you found warming me up quite arousing. And now I'm … going to give you a …. demonstration of my … remarkable powers of recovery," he answered. He gasped even though his movements were gentle and small and then still as he arched and released in me with a moan. I gulped in a breath and gazed at his face, fascinated by his fugitive expressions of tension and bliss and calm, and then, well, lust again as he stared back at me.

His movements in me had been so gentle, I realized, that he must have been in that end of the spectrum that was beyond my senses, that he found fulfilling and I could not yet. A shudder ran through me at the thought. His face was curious.

"Was that A to B?" I asked, remembering our conversation about the range of vampire sensitivity, about touches that were too delicate for me to feel, and touches that would be fatal.

His face cleared. "Maybe B to C? It's not a hard and fast delineation."

"No, that wasn't hard and fast at --"

He shut me up with a kiss.

"Now you deserve a little foreplay," he declared when he'd released my lips. He buried his face in my neck, and I could feel him hardening in me, his recovery time elapsed. I moaned before I remembered the rest of our family.

"Edward, are they gone?"

"What would you do if they weren't?" he asked, his lips murmuring into my shoulder.

"Maybe you could gag me," I said as a joke, but Edward tensed, and turned his face to look at me.

"Bella, we can't now," he said, his voice serious.


"It's too dangerous. You have to be able to talk to me. Afterward, I'll happily tie you up … well, chains seem to be slightly more durable …"

"What?" I squeaked, but suddenly I remembered a French movie I'd come across inadvertently one day when I was channel-surfing. When I had seen shots of chains and ropes and whips I'd hastily switched, because I figured it was one of those torture movies that were so inexplicably popular. Those chains now took on a whole new meaning. "People really use chains for … sex?"

"You've never heard of that?" the 100-year-old voyeur asked.

"I'm a teenager who's had one, extraordinarily cautious, boyfriend. No."

"And what do you think?"

"I don't know. It's so…" I hesitated, because I could tell from him in me that this didn't fall in the category of food sex for Edward. Not unappealing. "Unexpected," I finally said, then realized, "I could tie you up, though, now…"

"No," he grunted, smoothly turning us so we were side by side, my right leg propped on his hip, "not now. I can't do this if I'm tied up," he said, his hands now caressing my breasts, his thumbs tracing circles of heat around the circle of pink, the spiral of desire now tighter; each circuit made my muscles clench around him. One hand eventually made its way to my bottom, squeezing me there, pushing me closer. I was beyond ready, but this position seemed impractical.

"Edward, this doesn't work -- I can't move this way," I whispered as I tried to shift my hips, showing him.

"It does work, because I can," he said, and showed me.

mmmmmmmmh yes please.

Four and a half electric blankets out of five from meeeeeeee.

I'm not a big fan of After The Wedding/Honeymoon/Alt BD fics, because well, I feel that it's been done, ya know? But I was pleasantly surprised by Getting Warmer. It's a different take, but still keeps true to the book characterizations. It's more than Bella & Edward discovering their sex life, though that's in there, trust me! It's about Bella and Edward discovering themselves as adults, the new world they inhabit and the limitations Bella's humanity and Edward's vampirism has on their relationship and how they interact with the world. It's quite lovely.

I love that Edward is communicative with Bella. Gone is the keeping her in the dark and surprises looking around every corner. Well, for the most part. He does keep her in the dark about a few things, but not the important stuff. It truly is a partnership between them. The openness and honesty between them is quite refreshing.

The author slips in little details from the Cullens past, filling Bella and us in on what life is like for them, but it's not a chapter long hashing out all the gory the details type thing. It's natural and realistic, coming up in conversation when it applies. Like did you know that Esme went to Yale Law at the same time as the Clinton's? The Cullen's used to own Applebee's? Or that the Cullens own almost all the forested land on the Olympic peninsula? Edward really has a talent at managing their portfolio? It's the little details that enrich the story. I read, waiting for the next one to come up.

She also has done her research, anything mentioned in the story not pertaining to the Cullens is in fact true. The art, buildings, history, etc... Again the setting and details enrich the reading experince and allow one to fully immerse themselves in the world created.

Of course there's smut. These are two young newlyweds, they go at it a lot. When they're not having sex, they're thinking of having sex. But don't think this is a pure smut fic, it's not. The smut is nicely balanced with the rest of the story and each scene of intimacy seems natural and needed, not gratuitous at all. And another thing about the smut, it's not graphic at all. You get a sense of the action but not all the nitty gritty details of every touch or thrust. The focus is on the intensity of sensation and emotions involved. Again, it's quite lovely.

The two have a few issues with Edwards temperature. He is one cold-assed bastard, literally. It's handled in the most clever of ways, but they can't just go at it. There's prep involved that only drives the sexual tension and anticipation higher. The limitations set on them hint at what it will be like when they are both vampires, and I hope we get too see it in the story. Because damn it's good now and that's only the tip of the iceberg. To se it with out limitations and holding back woud be spectacular. Not to say it isn't now, because it is.

My favorite lemony scene, from chapter 3, takes place in a small roadside rental cottage in the middle of North Dakota. As they are driving cross country the need to be with each other is so intense that they search out the closest hotel to do just that. There is an urgency as Edward takes Bella up against the wall and they verbalize a previous experience on Isle Esme. Edward making Bella recall the incident to draw out both of their pleasure. But more than that is the connection and depth of feelings conveyed as well. unf.

For the first time, he pressed the naked length of his body against mine, his erection against my stomach.
"You put your hand under my bottom and … lifted me up," I went on with some difficulty. He complied, and I curled my legs around him, and now I could feel his erection teasingly close to my sex. With one little movement he could be inside me. "You slid me down a bit --"
"I don't think I did," he said, in a reprimanding tone. Crap, of course he was right. He was going to make me lose my sanity.
See, unf. And that's only a little snippet.

4.5 out of 5 electric blankets from moi.

I have to be honest when I saw the summary for Getting Warmer the Evil Demon in me was...concerned. I didn't really like this part in the series, I know shock horror. So I was concerned about reading an eight chapter version of it, but we all know that I'm wrong a lot of the time.

Boy Howdy, do I love being wrong. This story is sweet, funny and HOT!! The sex scenes start out subtle at first, but as we get further in they are descrptions had me clenching and whimpering for more. Edward and Bella are adventurous, communicative and so fucking sexy. The title eludes to one of the primary conflicts in the story, and this pair are rather creative in how they tackle this temperature issue.

In a lot of ways this story is very simple and unassuming. It's a detailed account of the Happily Ever After that I think most fans of the series had hoped that Breaking Dawn would be. Here we find a drama free Edward and Bella, that talk to each other. They laugh, relax and get time to just be in love. How fucking refreshing is that?

I found myself being seduces by the beauty of this Edward and Bella. Part of me morns for that fact that I never got to see this kind of love, intimacy and humor in the final book of the series. eiluned.price showed me a world where Edward and Bella could just be husband and wife. A place where that was enough to carry a story, and it made me smile.

Fuck, what the hell happened to me. *slaps self*

Okay, Team Evil maven is back. The lastest chapter ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. I think that everyone that's reading the story knows where it's about to go (not spoiling shit, so go read if you want to know what I'm talking about). I'm curious to see how she handles it. If the care and love that she's shown in the crafting of the story, so far, is any indication, I think she'll do a great job.

All right, I've waxed poetic long enough. Go read the fic for yourself, and try to NOT melt into a puddle when Edward solves the issue of feminine lubrication in a deliciously inventive manner. *crosses legs*

3.5 out of 5 electric blankets

I love Getting Warmer.

Chapter 1 made me both pant, and giggle. I love it when stories can perfectly combine the sexy and the funny. Chapter 2 has delicious citrus and more giggles.

Through these chapters, although there are plenty of lemons and citrusy moments, the more prominent feeling is that we're seeing Edward and Bella opening up to each other. They're getting to know each other's wants, needs, desires, and it's really beautiful.

Chapter 4 killed me with this one:
"If it weren't for our temperature problem, do you know what I'd do right now?" I shook my head, suddenly unable to speak. "I'd slide my hands into this sexy new dress and around your waist, and run them up your body until I had one of your beautiful breasts in each palm, and I'd touch them until all you could think about was me having my way with you on that bed over there."
UNG. Yes and please, and fuck the temperature problem.

UNF. Chapter 4 just gets even more hot as it goes on, as well. Fave chapter yet, for sure.

I love the double-meaning of this exchange, from chapter 5:
He nodded, rueful. "She's also glad you decided to wait on your change, and still shocked you came back from the island in the condition in which you left."
"I didn't," I smirked up at him. "True. I didn't either, thank God."

One of the lovely qualities of this story are the small, flirty moments. They're woven in throughout and I love seeing playful Edward and Bella. I love them teasing each other, and bantering and talking about what life will be like, post-change.

Loved the recent chapter, and Bella almost passing out from heat stroke. I giggled at that, the absurdity of it, but also the reminder of her frailty.

The story is at a very suspenseful spot right where it was left, and I'm anxious for an update, ngl.
5 out of 5 electric blankets.

Sometimes my nursey, scientific brain does evil things to me while I'm reading fic; it can be difficult for me to suspend disbelief. While the premise of Getting Warmer was interesting, because it is a genuine issue in vamp/human love, my mind got stuck in the details. The author mentions that Edward's body temperature is 62, necessitating the use of space heaters, fireplaces, and electric blankets while Bella and Edward schmex it up. However, if Edward truly was 62 degrees, Bella wouldn't be able to touch him; he'd be WAY too cold--when we stop a human heart during open heart surgery, the body is cooled to 90 degrees. It is this knowledge that had me flinching a bit as I started "Getting Warmer," but my fellow Pervs loved the story, so I set that concern aside and tried to simply enjoy the ride from Forks to Dartmouth.

I truly enjoyed their trip across the country on their way to college. Eiluned.price names each chapter using the airport codes for the city they are visiting (e.g., "ORD" for Chicago, "LGA" for LaGuardia), which was very clever. I loved how she weaved their cross country story in with each city along the way. In Chicago, Edward shows Bella his childhood home, and it provided a very interesting glimpse into his past life, for both Bella and the reader. The nature of their travel allows them plenty of time to learn more about each other, both physically and temperamentally. There are stories of how the Cullens determined whether or not vampire jizz is harmful to humans via animal experiments, girl-on-girl home porn by the Denalis, and a cute attempt by Edward to tell a joke, all of which serve to broaden and enhance the story.

In both Chicago and New York, the subject of art comes up, and Edward takes Bella to art museums in both cities. His perspective on how art changes between human and vampire vision was genuinely interesting. It's almost like a mini art history lesson, and it is fun to see the differences between what Edward and Bella enjoy.

Edward and Bella, being typical newlyweds, cannot keep their hands off each other. While Bella is portrayed as quite naive sexually, she is a willing student, and gets up to speed quickly. I was a little surprised that she had difficulty asking Edward to, as he phrases it, "would you please fuck me silly again," until he gives her "permission" to do so.

There was an instance where Bella's body temperature was used very much to the advantage of the plot line, in a scene where Edward is roaming over her body and determining the exact temperature of different areas. Her navel is cooler than behind her ear, her neck is warmer than her belly. When he gets to her pussy? The words, "here, you are fire" certainly made me melt!

The idea of Edward getting warmer via hot water or electric blankets reminded me of a hot stone massage. For anyone who's never had one, the smooth, heated stones are rubbed into your skin using oil, and it is heavenly. Thinking of Edward being as warm and smooth as those stones made my mind go to very bad, naughty places. Or, depending upon your perspective, very yummy, erotic places.

My favorite part of Getting Warmer was Edward (surprise, surprise). So often in fics he is portrayed as dark and brooding, even once he and Bella get together. This incarnation showed so little of the mopey side of Edward, and really focused on his joy in loving and being married to Bella. His little fits of jealousy are delightful, and so are Bella's. The growth they see over the course of the story is charming.

3.5 out of 5 electric blankets

What can I say about Getting Warmer that my fellow pervs have not? For me, GW is what BD should have been. There is a romance present that the last book severely lacked. There is humor, warmth, growth, and sex. Lot's of hot, steamy, make my lady bits tingle type of sex.

As Edward and Bella make their way to Dartmouth, the reader learns so much about them, not just as a couple, but as individuals. So many little tidbits about their lives come out. I really loved the time spent in Chicago (and not just because of my fond love of the Windy City) but because Edward is able to talk about what life was like when he was human (or at least as much as he can remember). It's not just Edward's life either. You learn about all the Cullens in a way that makes their characters so much more real. Such a nice turn of events since they mostly got the shaft in the series.

For the record, I laughed at the citron presse joke.

The sex between these two is so hot. They're both learning what they can and cannot do. When Edward's tongue is introduced into their love the shower...oh fuck I think I nearly lost it. And in the cabin, with the mattress against the wall...sweet baby Jesus. And yet, it's not just about the sex. The smut in this story is used as a way to bring the couple closer together. Like I said before, this is what I wanted in BD, our favorite couple growing closer and being able to *cheesy alert* express their love. LOL. Seriously though, the fact that they can talk openly about what they like and want is so refreshing.

As far as the latest chapter, and the cliffie...yes we've been speculating and have some good guesses as to what may happen. I can't wait to find out.

4.5 out of 5 electric blankets

I could spend all day talking what could have made Breaking Dawn a better book. I’d venture to say most of us could. It wasn’t one thing that made it weird - there were a lot of things that I would have liked changed. Because of my love/hate relationship with it, I tend not to read BD fics, even when they’re smart enough to omit Renesmee. So I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked Getting Warmer.

Bella and Edward - as strange as it sounds - act like normal honeymooners. As they travel across the country, Edward takes her to galleries and operas, concerts and landmarks so that she can experience the human world to its fullest before her transformation. They talk, and not just about her desire to become a vampire. They discuss art, poetry, music and their family histories. None of it seems forced. It makes me wonder if this is what could have been in BD, had they not spent a month training just to stare at the Volturi. Sure we get the famous twenty-questions in Twilight, but wouldn’t it have been nice to delve a little deeper? He is a hundred and eight. I’m sure he had some opinions.

Like honeymooners, they have sex. A lot. And that’s pretty awesome, too, because we aren’t just told that a pillow is ruined. They’re learning about each other, and fortunately for Bella (and the reader), Edward wants to practice as much as possible. The lemons aren’t forced though, because their relationship is so balanced. And he’s so sweet.

In chapter six, Bella worries that she’ll forget all of the things she’s experienced with Edward once she becomes a vampire. He tells her that he won’t let that happen, because he’ll never forget.
"But that's it, I can help you with that," he said, quiet but strong. He moved so that our legs were entwined under the table, and I looked at him with a question. "You may not remember what you felt now, after, but I will. I can catalog your every reaction for you – what you thought about a painting or a movie or a play, how you reacted to foie gras when you tasted it the first time, how it felt to be tired, how your hair curled when you were somewhere humid. How wide your eyes were when New York first came into view. How adorably you yawned. The sounds you made when you slept. How your body would twitch when you dreamed." I was blushing, knowing that there were some interesting ways my body moved when I had some interesting dreams.
"How beautiful you looked when you blushed." He reached over to brush his thumb across my cheek. He continued in an even lower voice. "How your skin felt when I touched you. How relaxed you were after we made love. How your face looked when I kissed you. How you would smile when you saw me waiting for you after gym. How warm and soft you felt when you woke up next to me in the morning. It's as if I have a photo album in my mind. When I was … away, I would flip through it constantly, every ineradicable image I have of you. If they had been real photographs, they would have fallen apart from being handled so much."
Oh my God. Swoon. I like Getting Warmer because it’s a glimpse into what could have been if Bella hadn’t been knocked up on page two of BD. know what I mean.
4.5 out of 5 electric blankets for me

I love when a story comes along and fills the gaps in time that were left by the book. This one isn't cannon, but am enjoying the AU spin on their time of getting used to each other as a married couple. Not only are these two recent cherry pops learning and experimenting with sex, but we have two species figuring out the tricks of having sex period without it being uncomfortable.

What I do like is seeing a loose and carefree Edward. We see a bit of the boy that he is frozen as. He is playful and lustful. I love seeing him finally cut loose. I like Bella in this story, because she seems to be more aggressive and sure of herself.

This latest chapter didn't surprise me so much, because you have been building toward this moment that I think you are about to reveal. I am anxious to see what you do with it. It has definitely triggered a lengthy discussion at the Shack!

4 out of 5 heating blankets


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Wow! Now I'm the one melting in a puddle of goo! Thanks so much for your kind words for my story... I hope there are hot-stone massages for all of you in the near future!

Also, can you tell me who did the art? GW is honored.

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