Monday, March 1, 2010

Just Thinking with Jet-Puffed.

Just Thinking


Imagine this: You wake up from slumber to find the other side of your bed empty. He’s not there. Curious, you wander through the halls of your apartment until you find him alone outside on the back patio that overlooks the city.

One of the things that catch your attention is that he’s in his thin-as-hell pajamas.

I took a moment to take in his form. He was barefoot, the chilly night air not making any difference on his feet. Loose, grey cotton pajama pants hung loosely from his hips, the drawstring tied just enough to make sure they didn’t fall down. His strong arms folded across his chiseled chest, tendons standing out as he tensed himself from the breezy wind.

Another is that he’s smoking.

Every few seconds he’d move a hand to the cigarette and free it from his lips, blowing out a puff of smoke that disappeared into the air rapidly. The white smoke matched the color of his complexion in the full moonlight. His brow was furrowed, green eyes in silent contemplation about something as he perused the skyline. He ran a free hand through his tousled bronze hair and tugged on the ends, making it stand up.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Smoking’s bad, cancer stick and all that. But still, watching someone smoke a cig can be a very sensual experience.

Then there’s the actual physical activity…

I bit his lower lip, soothing it with my tongue as I sucked it into my mouth. He growled against me and I shivered into him. Breathing became a necessity at some point, and he broke away from my lips to attack my neck in harsh bites and soothing laps of his tongue.

I moaned against him, tangling one of my hands in his hair while the other went to grasp at his back. He knew that my neck would always get me worked up.

I won’t give everything away, but I will say that it’s filled with dirty, naughty words and other schmexy things.

There’s no real purpose behind the story, other than two people coming together to share the physical pleasures of each other’s bodies. Which, I mean, who doesn’t like a random shag every once in a while?

It’s all human, alternate universe. No names are uttered, so technically you can pretend it is yourself and… whomever… you’d like it to be, though Bella and Edward are implied.

I hope you all enjoy it at least as much as I did!