Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's "No Ordinary Appointment" for EJ_Santry.

No Ordinary Appointment




Jasper's bad day takes a turn for the better at his evening appointment. My entry for the "For the Love of Jasper" contest. One-shot. Rated 'M' for language and explicit situations.

"I may be Jasper Whitlock, 6'2', almost 200 pounds, and known to make grown men cry for their mamas with just a change of my tone, but that woman scares the shit out of me."
pange sets the tone right away as we watch a frantic Jasper debates whether the greater crime for his Nana Whitlock is his scruffiness or tardiness. He decides to stop for the haircut in the end. Entering what looks like a sexually ambiguous salon, he enters to find himself the sole patron of an obviously feminine establishment. He questions the choice when he spots the beautiful proprietor in the back. After practically begging, who we find out is Bella, to cut his hair, the rest of the hair cut is a magical combination of descriptions both specific,

"...digging into my scalp with her fingertips and massaging."

to lyrical descriptions,

"Hell, she smelled like sin, like temptation in a jazz club with Ella singing on stage."

I could feel the tingle of my scalp as Bella washes and cuts Jasper's hair as if I am the one sitting in the chair, only second to how she builds up Jasper's arousal. By the time the hair cut is complete, and his cape is removed revealing his...enthusiasm. I am reading to crawl onto him myself. Luckily, after a quick lock of the shop door, Bella does that for us, leading Jasper to the massage room. The lemon that ensues is sexy and fun, leaving me sated with the story but in desperate need for my own peen.

My favorite thing of all, is the twist at the end. It made everything in this story even better.