Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Very, Very Happy Birthday from Team Anything Goes

"Team Anything Goes" is pretty self-explanatory. Anything Goes and we do mean anything.

We are Bethis aka EJ Santry,Hope aka manyafandom, and Jeanne aka einfach_mich.

A Very, Very Happy Birthday

Why Am I Covered In Feathers

Bella gives Edward a birthday he'll never forget. M for threesome smut. All human. Now extended to include Emmett's birthday.

A Very, Very Happy Birthday indeed! Normally, when I wife notices that her husband's eyes have been lingering a little longer than is socially acceptable on another female, the shit hits the fan. But not Bella. Instead, she is secure in the love of her man and treats him to something he has been fantasizing about for a while.

This gift turns out to be more of a show than a hands on experience, though it is that too. It is apparent to me that maybe Edward hasn't been the only one eying Rosalie. Now that they have had a...taste, it sounds like there is more to...come.

Fav line: "He didn't mind sharing me for a night. He said to say happy birthday," Rosalie giggled. I smiled. Best brother ever.

Plain and simple, this is pure, fluffy smut...and every man's fantasy. No really it is; the wife or girlfriend inviting their bestie into the bedroom for some group fun. And this group happens to be comprised of Edward, Bella & Rosalie. Yumm. Like Bethie said, it seems that Bella might be getting more enjoyment out of Edward's present than Edward is. But, that may be a present for Edward as well ;)

This is a fun, smutty romp and worth the 10 mins it's gonna take you to read. Enjoy!

I’ve said before that sometimes you just need a good fuck! Well, sometimes you also need some silly, smutty, self-indulgent fun. This is a quick hot read that will…er, get that job done. *grins*

Bella and Edward are together, but she has a little “surprise” in store for him for his birthday. Oh, what a surprise it is. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I like girls. I’ll give you a second to recover from that revelation. Better? Okay. I like girls, and I especially like seeing them happy and getting it on, so I can really relate to Edward in this situation. Though, I also like the idea of a naked Edward tied to a chair with a raging boner. In fact, that’s going to be my moment of zen for the day.

Take a quick break from you day and spend a evening with Edward, Bella and Rosalie. You never know what might come up. ;)

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