Monday, May 31, 2010

The Succubus Loves "Late Night Encounters"

Late Night Encounters


Long distance relationships—everybody’s heard of them, some people have had them. The question is… how do people manage to be apart from their significant other? Does the sexual aspect of the relationship disappear completely? Well, my dear gals, kyla713 knows the answers to these questions and she illustrates them for us in her story Late Night Encounters.

Edward is a very busy doctor in Chicago, he has no time for relationships and if he ever does, the women don’t have patience to deal with his full agenda. Bella is a shy student in L.A., she is not very outgoing and needs a couple of drinks to be daring. One night—while Bella is drunk and Edward is curious and frustrated—they stumble upon each other in a sex chat room (cue for our very favorite DTE—dirty talking Edward). 

That’s how their relationship evolves. A little naughty words here, a few dirty whispers there, until they dare to use the webcam. From there, their relationship becomes serious until they meet in New York for the first time. It’s New Years and they share this holiday together, creating memorable times and amazing physical sex.

Then, the hardest thing comes—the parting of the ways. Knowing how it feels to touch, to kiss, and not being able to do so. How does one retain her man when he’s in Chicago? How can they find umm… release, until they see each other? Well, Rosalie knows how and she gives some advice to her friend Bella.

"It's still good, Rose. I'm not complaining. It's just that, after actually being with him, I kinda always want more. And this week, I've only gotten to talk to him once, and a couple of text messages. But that's normal, right? I mean, I love him and I want to be with him so much."

"I think I'd be more worried if you weren't feeling this way. But you still have a while before you can be with him, so why not make the best of what you have?" she replied casually with a shrug. "Get inventive."

What do you mean?" I asked with a furrowed brow.

"Spice things up, Isabella Swan," she persisted and looked down at her watch.

Now that Bella has some things under control… considering, Edward is frustrated and finds it hard to be away from her now that he’s finally gotten to know the real deal.

It was my first week on call since returning home from New York, and if I'd thought it was unbearable before that trip, I'd been entirely mistaken.

After having Bella beside me almost constantly for an entire week, feeling her lips against mine, her body writhing both above and beneath me—this was the unbearable part.

But to his surprise, Rosalie’s advice and a certain shopping trip keeps him going through a hard day of work. He starts receiving text messages throughout the day, along with attached pictures that make him a bit uncomfortable under his jeans and scrubs (Edward in scrubs… don’t we all love kyla713 for that?).
You tell me. Get home safe and this will be there waiting. :P

Opening the attachment, my breath caught in my throat at the image displayed on my screen. Even without the face, I would know that body anywhere, and her attire was not helping my uncomfortable predicament. She was draped across her bed, no longer in the snug t-shirt, but now in a silky, dark blue negligee with lace encircling her ribs. The swell of her breasts and the soft curves of her waist were accentuated beautifully by the provocative garment, and I physically had to swallow down the moan that threatened to escape me.

And this is his last response before he gets home. 

Damn baby, you are killing me. This shift can't end soon enough. Can't wait to see you. Love you.  

When he is in front of his computer, she has a surprise for him. Role-playing, Bella leaning against a brass pole. Ha! This is how she keeps her LDR interesting. Bella is mah girl! 

"I have rules, Dr. Cullen," she began in a deep, sultry voice as she slowly circled the pole. "Even if this is a private showing, there is a level of decorum required. There is absolutely no touching of any kind, I'm entirely off limits. And if I notice you touching yourself inappropriately in any way without my consent, I will stop immediately. Understand?"

I groaned and nodded, unable to remove my gaze from the sensuous woman before me. This wasn't Bella; she was completely in character, and it was one of the most arousing things I'd ever seen.

And as things progress, of course Bella couldn’t resist to see the effects she was having in her effing hot and sexy green eyed Doc. I don’t blame her, I would like to have my beautiful visual, too. 

"And fuck professionalism. I want to see that cock and see if it's as beautiful as the rest of you."

Her throaty tone caused my stomach to knot and I swallowed hard at her words as I unfastened my jeans, lifting my hips off the chair.

She shook her head in response, waving her finger in front of her. "No, leave them on. Just take it out."

She hasn’t even gotten undressed, yet!

"What would you like to see first, Dr. Cullen?" she asked, her fingers dancing over her breast and down over her skin to the thin straps of her panties.

"The top. Take the top off," I grunted softly, my hands lowering to the arms of my chair again, gripping them firmly.

And things get rather… umm…  intense from that point on. Bella is a tease and a naughty girl and Edward enjoys her actions a little bit too much. At seeing her man so aroused because of her—not to mention the enthusiasm she’s putting into her role in this game—she gets rather bold. 

"Is this what you would do if you could?" she taunted as she lightly pinched them between her fingers, her soft moan resonating through my entire body.

My hips shifted again at the view on my screen and sounds echoing in my ears, my cock throbbing for release. "No, I would have them in my mouth."

Bella smiled, raising her hand to her lips and gliding her tongue over her fingertips, then returned them to her breast and began circling the skin again. "Your warm, wet mouth would be right here?"

Finally, Bella can’t take it anymore; she needs to complete her hot visual (and ours) by having his hand around himself. She knows Edward is desperate, but he is restraining because of the rules of their role-playing. She also is provoking him to speak, to show her how much the sexy Doc wants her *SLS fans herself at this point*.

"Show me. Touch yourself," she said as she began massaging between her legs.
"I thought this was against the rules," I mumbled.

"No one needs to know. And I want to see those fingers wrapped around that long, hard cock," she replied in a commanding tone and I brought my hand to my erection, groaning as I squeezed it gently. "Now slowly move your hand. I don't want you to come until I can feel you deep inside me."

Things get hotter from there, but I’d rather you go read the chapter—or the story if you haven’t—because it is simply a sin not to (or maybe it’s a pleasurable sin doing it). What I really love of this story is that even though it is very sexy, has tastefully done sex scenes, it still has a plot and awesome moments between our favorite characters. Kyla713 has done an amazing job with her cyber sexy story. 


Eagles17 said...

Great review - I've been addicted to LNE since it was first recced back in December. I do love this fic! =)